Monday, May 31, 2010

And So Now For A Non Twilight Related Post

Yes so be it its that lovely time yet again and I figured I would make a new banner thats transparent and cute soyou can see my project in progress and ny original banner still I think its quite ammusing really ^_^

and I have also changed my heartagram layout to Vampire Knight Symbols that are also the transparent type my only problem is my Arrow bg wallpaper I havnt decided what I'm gonna do with that yet XD

But yes its finally Cosplay time again and I even listed the characters I'm making ^_^

I shal be Fai D. Flowright and the lovely mom will be Alice ^_^

Fai D. Flowright is from Tsubasa Chronicle its an amaizing series made by clamp.

and Mom is Alice from Alice In The Counrty Of Hearts its a manga thats only up to Volume 3 at this moment but the characters are cool and the cheshire cat's name is Boris XD

any how yes those would be our characters and please stay tuned for more info about the cosplay and other fun goodies.

If all goes accordingly this year I will be selling my Fai cosplay if anyone is interested by the end of my Building ^_^

I'm also going to be having a blog up about my Hujoo dolls BJD its going to be a page dedicated to all different sorts of BJD and other fun doll things ^_^

Stay Tuned KIDDIES

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma :(

Well what a waste of Mom and I's time we went out of our way and bought two Daniell steel books prior to her saying not to spend money on her for her B-day and if that didt make matters worse I'm still mad about the "That Thing" comment she made twards me but yet i still manage to muster up a bit of someting inside of me to make her a nifty birthday card.
and I prepair with mom a wonderful Dinner yet AGAIN still no thank ou or anything I made really yummy Chocolate Mouse for dissert and well I don't think we are gonna eat it due to the fact of it went like this.

Grams comes home sits down on her chair she always sits in and sees I made her a card and all she said was Awww happy birthday to ou.
then looked at her books got hella pissed off we bought them lets forget th fact we didnt spendalot on em becasue we got them from the used book store t half price!
they are still expensive book so we had to listen to her gripe about us spending cash on silly things and we cant afford it so way bother.
then back on the phone she goes talking to Bobbys mom mary and just talked to her the whole time we were prepairing her her Birthday dinner and never once got off the phone to socialize with us after getting her gifts or make her dinner and heavin forbid the woman to say thank you its pointless.
so mom and I ate the dinner e made in silence and I just got really depperessed and then we went and walked away.
the only thing i got out of her was a "here heather" and its because she was handing me her plate.

shes still talking on the phone right now and I'm beyond pissed off.
I 100% guarientee shes not gonna do a damn thing for my birthday on the 28th of June and well you know what she always expects me to say thank you for everything I'm not gonna say a damn word to her.
she had ordered me more immatrex and shes like "gee thanks grandma for buying my immatrex for me"
and its like oh yeah thanks i guess...

shes an ungreateful BITCH!
she sent a bunch of cash yet again out to the satanic breeding grounds knowin as buffy... we all know my story on that psychopathic looser I dare not speak anything else of her for fear I'm going to taint my own name just thinking of her...
but yeah so again another useless day and alot of greif.

an to make matters just that much worsein mom and I's personal endevors Verizon is at it again and didnt even call to warn us of anything and completely shut off our phones!
no supprise there tho really it happens every 3 weeks so thats a new fun thing to look forward to every month woot!

mom is so fed up and angry from today becasue of that alone we thought grams and birthday ness would brighten our mood slightly... Guess nt.
so on going sad BS in a hand basket continues.

I don't know why i even bother any more waisting my time trying to even make that woman happy.

she doesnt make me happy and the last thing she bought me I already owned so that was dumb.
I give up all hope on her and if she thinks about giving me anything a gift card or cash or a stupid dollar store gift item im gonna do what she does you can bet your sweet ass and I'm gonna hand it back and say "what a waste"
why effing bother with your dumb crap if you dont really care...
give your money to your precious Buffy becasue I will not tae anything from you out of pitty becasue you spoil her and give her everything to your damn name you cow!

correction I'll gladly take the immatrex becasue its the only thing I can take that gets rid of my migranes and I really dont like my migranes and all the nausious crap they put me thru....
but I'll be damned if I'll take anything else from your sorry ass!
Heck if i had a job I wou;dnt need you to even buy me my pills so your pretty much useless yur just there to do nothing and give mom and I greif.

which you do quite well so good job grams


Thursday, May 20, 2010

By now we are all sick of me and my constant Twilightness :/

Sorry I know I must be annoying with all this stuff i'll try to post something thats not twilight related this weekend ^_^
in the mean time try and enjoy this trailer I found sadly the sound is shotty and so is the pic quality i cant find it in good condition so hopefully this will do XD

also there is a new bella Eclipse poster as well ^_^

yep thats it for now I suppose XD

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie PICS!!!!

so again with my crazy surfing of the web I stumble upon some awesome movie clips from the upcomming movie Eclipse XD
and as we all know I cannot resist the urge to shre and blab about said images becasue I'm a crazed maniac (my rabies is showing in full force now) *cleans frothyness off her face*

Newborn Vampire Riley looking pretty dark and sexy tho hes a villan XD

we all know the Volturi no need to explain whos in the pic...
ummm I'm hoping not any way XD

the 3 prominant characters in this crazy world known as Twilight.
I must say I'm unclear how I feel about these posters it looks like they are looking down a well O_o maybe the same well where Samara is no?
lol just kidding I had to poke a little fun at these its a really intense angle thats for sure lol

New Movie Posters are in order and have been granted XD
But when oh when can we be expecting to buy one of them the movie is a little over a month away and my goodness I'm gettin so antsy I could scream XD

And here is a new clip from that was shown on Ellen XD

And for now thats all I got for you kiddies my comp crashed 7 times in the process of doing this blog so I'll update again tomorrow T_T

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Updates!!!!

As the Saga draws near there are a few things that have happened in the last 24 hours!
Oprah had the cast of Twilight on her show everyone went wild Robert and Taylor got sent out to meet uber fans and we also get to see new clips and an extended trailer for the movie ^_^

the trailer looks the same to me but meh I'm excited about the third clip hee hee

This is the extended Oprah trailer and well I still love it tho it looks similar theres a bit more action and words crammed into it but roughly the same.

the new Volturi Movie clip I would have to say Fanning makes a splendidly painful Jane. I know I wouldnt want to meet up with her in a dark alley.

and my all time SQUEE factor I love how Edward gets all aggressive and at the same time pained by Jacob's behavior.

God I cant wait for the movie its not soon enough!

and in more awesome Eclipse News the list of songs and bands for the Twilight saga Eclipse Motionpicture soundtrack have been released!!!!

And the list is Drumb Roll Please *Drumbs rolling XD*

1. Metric — “Eclipse (All Yours)”

2. Muse — “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)”

3. The Bravery – “Ours”

4. Florence + The Machine – “Heavy In Your Arms”

5. Sia — “My Love”

6. Fanfarlo — “Atlas”

7. The Black Keys – “Chop And Change”

8. The Dead Weather – “Rolling In On A Burning Tire”

9. Beck and Bat For Lashes – “Let’s Get Lost”

10. Vampire Weekend – “Jonathan Low”

11. UNKLE — “With You In My Head (featuring The Black Angels)”

12. Eastern Conference Champions – “A Million Miles An Hour”

13. Band Of Horses – “Life On Earth”

14. Cee-Lo Green – “What Part Of Forever”

15. Howard Shore – “Jacob’s Theme”

The only thing I wanna know now is what about the Eclipse score soundtrack D:
in the mean time alot of exciting things will be comming out to feed our hunger to get a grip on eclipse...
maybe take a bite would have been more appropriate XD

Movie Tie in book will be out on May 25th

We also have this lovely Eclipse board game comming out on May 27th which is quickly approaching XD
tho I must admit I'm still missing the sweet tin for New Moon with the pewter pieces to go with my beautiful Twilight one D: so from some aspect I'm a tad bit sad I'm behind on that :/
I must catch up maybe I can get mom to get me the New Moon board Game next week ^_^

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella
will be comming out on June 5th
this gives everyone enough time to do a speed read and know more insight on the lovely short lived newborn vampire before seeing the movie!
I would have to say thats pretty cool there ^_^

then for everyones amusement the soundtrack will be out June 8th

and then finally the illustration guide to eclipse will be out a day before the movie hits theatres June 29th
if that doesnt make people squeemish about the movie I dunno what will XD
I know after I read the New Mon illustration companion I was super excided about the wolves on how tey were made and what they would look like on the big screen.
Lets just hope that this one is packed full of awesome yummyness and eyecandy of the Vampires vs Werewolfs XD

and tho I'm unclear about when these lovely beautys are gonna be released I'm tinking its gonna be after the movie premiere it says they will be all over this summer so who knows XD

Also in june before I forget if we loved the New Moon stuff at Burger King keep your eyes pealed people theres gonna be Eclipse stuff and a supposed game to win cool stuffs.

thats all I got for now Stay tuned for more updates.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Issues In The Works

I wake up to the most saddening news ever when mom tells me that official News has reported today that Summet is having "issues" with two of the beloved characters of the Twilight saga.
she couldnt tell me any more than that becasue they will be announcin it on MORE at
4pm today...
so I kinda freaked out a bit and got really bummed about this seeing as they already had issues in the past with Rachelle Lefevre and the reported more money thing when it came up then.
They hae given her the boot and replaced her with Bryce Dallas Howard!
which okay cool you gotta do what you gtta do but when your used to familiar faces and now changing it all up its sill a bit upsetting.

Tho supposedly from what I have read up on in the past news reports of this issue they origonally wanted Bryce Dallas to play Victoria but she was too busy at the time to actually play the role thus why they got Rachelle,
when she got the boot they brought on Howard and reported that she took the job for much less than they were even offering to Lefevre.

so now the drama begins again!
We all know that all over the place they wee thinking of giving the two main roles the boot for unknown reasons and the fact that Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
were going thru alot of there own issues.
Be it "blossoming Love" or whatever the case may be there have been alot of rumors and speculations that they were gonna give Pattinson the boot a while ago before Eclipse even surfaced to be in the making.

so now with all this drama that has come to a boiling point the only thing we do know is Breaking Dawn will be released by November 2011 and the second part by the summer of 2021...

this leaves some tme but not a whole bunch seeing as they have said Breaking Dawn is in worksthen its on hold then its on again then off then on and now it seems its at an off point for sure.

I can understand these actors concerns with there pay the movies are a big hit and they do rake in alot of cash from the films.
The sad part about it all is who would they find to replace Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene?

Thats going to be verry hard on alot of people and quite frankly I dont think anyone could make a better Alice nor a better Emmett.

Honestly I don't want to see Jackson Rathbone on the big screen as Jasper with some other funky chick as an Alice imposter that would just break my heart.

Summet has reported that they may be forced to replace Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene
due to the fact they cannot agree on a pay check.
Summit has reportedly offered the stars 10 times what they made in the first film to appear in Breaking Dawn. But sources say Lutz and Greene deem the payment "offensive" considering the amount of money the studio rakes in with each release.
"We may have a situation where one of them is thrown out on the street to make a point," Said a Sorce.

So no matter what way you look at it it looks like its becomming a big drastic thing and a big gamble.

they are also undecided if its going to be a 1 or 2 part move...
Again also saddening due to the thickness of Breaking Dawn the book,
I don't see them jamming it all into one movie and if they did I would be appaled it would be lacking of so much substace and its going to be butchered to Hell.

I believe that it should be a Two part movie end of story.
I'm still angry that they cant make them into 3 hour long movies apparently its too big of budget ad it falls into new catagorys and rules and regulatons and all that legal crap...
its just odd that Twilight was only an hour and something minutes and New Moon is two hours and twenty minutes long and now what with Eclipse?
we dont know much of anything about it nothing has been fed to us and we are stuck with the same images as before a few new things here and there to get us all wound up but the hype isnt as high and nor is the images and crazy madness about the third installment to the saga :/

At this point I guess only time will tell what happens to the cast crew and other odds and ends with Breaking Dawn D:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Cherry BOMB!

Lol as promised I have finally got some wicked pics of my new flaming red hair and I must say I'm in love with it fully tho all my towels are now pink O_o

I updated my Deviant art account and finally made a good avatar not invloving my IMVU avatar and I now just have to shrink my Deviant ID to fit my area its Effing HUGE XD

If you want to see other deviant related stuff I have done
Feel free to wander and give me love ^_^
Alot is photography and I'm gonna be updating my page with old school me and makeup ideas I have done over the years and all that crazy awesomeness ^_^
in the mean time here are a few things your all missing out on by not looking at my DeviantArt account ^_^

this was fun and it took place on friday I was just all over the place with random crap everywhere XD
I was trying to use my cannon and well it wasnt working out too well for me and mom's new nycon is like god!
so yeah ^_^
nothing is photoshoped and its a bent piece of mirrored metal on a slot machine thus the Anime Eyes XD

reasons why Izzy shouldnt drink always drunken random pics and oddness XD
I wouldnt have it any other way tho XD

and the one that got the most atention would be nicely named "look at mahi pussy"
it was all for humor and well shes my baby and a squeemish butt head when it comes to camaras XD

any way thats all I have for now I'll have more up on deviant art soon ^_^

Friday, May 7, 2010

New Twilight Saga: Eclipse Merchandise!!!!

So I'm doing some more surfing of the lovely web and I have come across these lovely beautys ^_^

I might have to break down and get my first Twilight related book mark...
I missed out on the first two batches of awesomeness when they were out T_T

Also to go with the Aesome edward, Bella and Jacob Barbie Dolls they now have:

Victoria!!!! Awesomeness

ALICE^_^ ME wants so bad woo hoo they need a Jasper one squee ^_^

they have also cme out with Eclipse Party supplys ^_^
just in time for my birthday woot ^_^

They also have released Bella's Engagement ring and have a price range from $59-$1999
they come in traditional gold or silver or white gold there is also a cheaper prop replica one available for $35

Nordstrom is again going to come up with a suposed Twilight saga: Eclipse line of clothing as well to go with the New Moon high-endy stuff...
things I might not ever own XD

we also got the Eclipe 2011 Calendar:

there will also be a ton more movie prop replicas
we should already know about a few of the items already if not own them ourselves XD

Music off of the New Twilight saga: Eclipse soundtrack
has Muse to back them up with the song
Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) which will be comming out May 17th

Most everything lately for this movie ias been super hard to obtain and I dont go to Twi-Con so I'm kinda up in the air and clueless.
I'm trying to keep all you antsy little Kiddies amused the best I can by Updating with anything helpful that I find and or see personally.
more will come later

I'm gonna be posting images soon of my new hair I dyed it Super red and mom is now Purple XD

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Just Found Out and I'm so happy Im in tears SQUEE

Stephenie Meyer is continuing with some twilight books and it starts here with

I'm so happy I went to her website and I'm so happy she made this and I'm beyond happy we can see Twilight frm Bree's perspective its going to be an awesome book I know it if you look it up on her page theres alot of info about it Amazon is selling it for $7.69 if you pre order it now and a dollar of the books profits go to the american red cross that is the sweetest information I have gotten I loved Bree in eclipse and I wish she could have lived longer and now she can :D
I'm going to be updating my blog frequently with other awesome Twilight related news


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

As Twilight Becomes A Bgger Pop Culture Icon For Vampire Lovers Across The World...

We are all stuck having to wonder if what thy are doing is right...
I'm not trying to make an antiTwilight blog so please dont think that I am I have just been doing alot of thinking and well sight seeing just to get a feel on what we fans can expect from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse and for the future of Breaking Dawn, and lets not forget the prequil that Stephanie Should really release Midnight Sun.

I would love to talk about that topic first Midnight Sun is supposed to be twilight from Edwards perspective but why on earth stop there?
much like underworld rise of the lycans why cant she make midnight sun the prequil of all prequils?
it can be Edwards story from his childhood and getting turned into a vampire and then lead into now time at forks high school?
I think it would be a lovely setting and give people a stronger love and liking for the characters at they have come to be dont you agree?

as of now we are all left to wonder about alot of things and left to make our own fanfics and make our own conclusions I would really love to see stephanie step up to the plate and make some more twilight books or twilight esque books.

I would love to know what renesmee goes through growing up and if Victoria ever dies or makes some sort of peacewith her loss and moves on.
I would also love to know more about alice and her gifts along with everyone else for that matter.

I just dont want to see the twilight saga end with breaking dawn when there are alot of other authors who have made tons of books and are well known and feed the need for the characters.

I dont know about you guys but 4 books and 4 or 5 movies isnt enough for me to live with, I'm still struggeling alot trying to find something to replace my twilight adiction and quite frankly its freaking hard to do! D:

well thats all I have to say about that one I dont think we can all join forces and convince her otherwise to continue the books or not its her own choice tho I really wish she would, it would be a happy thought.


On to other awesome twilight related news
(I'm really thinking of changing my blog banner)

With everyone so hooked on this beast known as Twilight who knows when its finally going to die down hopefully never.
we have been gifted the oppertunity to own alot of awesome twilight related stuff from shirts to blankets and pillow cases and cutouts birthday cards to candy,
(oh how I love the candy)
we have also been given the lovelyexperience to visit forks and see thru the eyes of Edward and Bella if even for a breif moment it is there and it is real,
its not some made up place like never land that your never going t see in your lifetime you have plenty of oppertunitys to hop on a plane and go to italy and to Forks and to be drawn into a real life world of which alot of us have come so atatched to.

there is awesome new stuff being made for Eclipse and a bunch of new things that are awaiting us with the constant change of directors for the Twilight Saga Movies,
tho there is one thing that I wish the would do for all the movies like they did for Twilight.

I'm not a huge fan of Catherine Hardwicke but I will say this much it was an unexpected explosion of fandom at that point and its now an untaimable beast that is engulfing us all.
I would really like to see a director's notebook for all the movies and as of right now its only available for Twilight.

we do however have:


and and and

which will be on shelfs all over the place june 29th the day before the opening of The Twilight Saga Eclipse ^_^

with that being said Eclipse has shown us a few more new items to expect and to enjoy for our upcomming glance into the twilight world.

New movie posters:

we got to see this lovely poster from the release of New moon in the movies comming soon boards and I'll tell you what i was so excited about seeing this I cried XD

we also now have this one to be looking forward to that looks exactly like the illustration companion and the lovely new cover for the movie tie in books

I have posted in my last blog abut these book covers by far this one is m fave and I still dont like the cover art for the other book at all D:

not my fave at all its atually slightly dissapointing but whatever I do like the edward in eye ball thing but still too avatar and vampire diaries for me,
Twilight needs to stand above that and be its on and hold its victoy with pride this image justlowered its standards in my eyes and in my view I dunno about you al but yeah.

Twilight Beauty which you can access on my side bar of links has madea new twilight Venom Blush and I find it rather beautiful!

the breif caption it gives on the website is the following:
"Twilight Venom Blush was named for the romantic hue of Bella's blush which Edward loves and cherishes. It can be worn alone or layered to provide a deeper long lasting stain. Use in conjunction with any of our lip stains and also use under any Femme Fatale glosses for the perfect customized color."

I'm a little sad I wish they would have put something on the bottle that went better with the twilight theme of things like the vial tube for Lip Venom V (Twilight Venom) did
I'm still gonna be buying mine tho XD
to go with my set as of now :3

Eclipse has shown us more special things from Burger King and what they will be doing

I know I'm gonna have to go back to BK now and get my new set of stuffs as well Gift cards gift cards GIFT CARDS XD
and new crowns perhaps hee hee hee

May 13th on Oprah these were given away to the fans that were in line for her show.
apparently theres gonna be lots of spoilers and insight on eclipse that day stay tuned kiddies.

in the mean time I bid you all a fair well and leave you with the two movie trailers currently available for viewing ^_^

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Tie In Book Covers Finally Make An Appearance

So i have waited and waited and WAITED for this darn release of these pics of what the fracking movie tie in book covers are gonna look like for the release of the much anticipated ECLIPSE!
and i dont think it helped by any means that i just decided to ignore it for a while cuz i would have had this post earlier than March 31, 2010 if i was paying atention to stuff!
im kinda dissapointed in myself for the lack of blogging what i love D:
in any case yes i have finally seen them and they are beautiful!!!

this would be the one i will be getting to go with my twilight and new moon ones :)
bella is placed up front and edward is to the left and jacob is to the right.
im totally in love with the eclipse logo they have made and im tickled pink that they corrosponded it into the book cover.
its dark and has this gloom feel thats just beautiful considering what all takes place in book #3 of the twilight saga.

and this would be the other book cover for the smaller mass books... i would say i like it but honestly i dont :/
it looks too much like avatars movie poster and dvd cover...
its not that origonal and im verry dissapointed to say the least...
its bellas face obviously and edward is in her eye *sighs* it really doesnt look that well made like they were in a mad dash to slap together an extra book cover and its shotty.
it doesnt have the eclipse feel at all and its just blah i mean really its avatar meets the vampire diaries!
coppycatting isnt flattering if anything its boring and over used and over seen!
in any case the books are up for pre order now and will be released on May 25th 2010
just barely enough time to feed the masses of twi-freaks before the movie comes out on June 30th 2010.
honestly i would have to say at this point they have not fed the twi-hards enough data to actually cause a riot over the movie i mean ok they had cool added extras for the new moon movie release and special editions that have eclipse behind the scenes stuffs but honestly it was minor and not enough by now i would have thought more magazines would have been released to feed the hype...
its verry apparent that the economy is sucking if they are slacking on feeding the crowd...
who knows whats gonna happen when breaking dawn comes into the view... i think its still undecided if its gonna be a 1 or 2 part movie...
what will there be for that movie tie in book cover? is it gonna be a two parter or are they just gonna release one?
and with all that comming into view they finally released a new book cover for the host...
thats gonna be the next thing to be made into a film and who knows what thats gonna be like :/
they already have a movie out from japan called the host so who knows what type of confusion thats gonna cause XD
in any case i guess thats all i had to say XD its late and i want to get some rest
<3 izzy
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