Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cosplay & Vampires Suck

So I have been super busy busting my butt on my cosplay and I have completely forgotten to blog D:
Le Gasp say it aint so T_T
yeah yeah yeah well I was busy with birthdays and other odds and ends and wanted to take a slight break from the constant daily updates of blogging...
that and I dun think I really had anything to important to blog about.
I mean my birthday went well woot another year older yeah for 24 XD
ummm I saw eclipse which was awesome and I kinda feel bad for not posting about that but as of lately I guess I have recluced back onto my own little private dimension of sollitude and enjoying not updating things.
I mean I hella gave up facebook myspace and twitter and to be quite honest not getting ffty billion tweets a day has really just eased up on my phone life and has made it act a littlemore normal and I think that in its self is a saving grace.
i mean i dont get to tweet anti ai chan or update on funny things but if I really wanted I can hop on DA and leave her a message any way so really in the end what difference does that make?

I also kinda had to take a good breather away from my twilight habbits it was getting really bad rabies and all... dont get me wrong I still love twilight and the saga and everything about it but I was going way too overkill and it was worse than drugs for me.
I was mentioning that factor to my mom yesterday I saw something with something about eclipse on it and I didnt trip out and have a spazz attack like I normally do...
I mean I totally went ape shit on burger king won alot of free food but nothing more really.
tho I did get all the toys and an over abundance of twilight cups XD
I also got a few cool freebies when you purchace twilight gear at toys r us which is nifty as all heck I almost got a whole box of special edition twilight trading cards ^_^ I'm like10 packs off of what would be a whole box XD.
so yeah thats pretty much that and I have been working on cosplay of corse and I have tons of pics I just dont feel like spending hrs down loading and making img src codes to show it all off yet.
I will eventually get to it also have recipies to share with yummy foods I have been cooking ^_^
things that are useful and tasty for whatever viewers I do have D:

now onto TWILIGHT!!!
*frots at the mouth*
no no I'm just kidding actually its kinda the complete opposite its Vampires Suck XD
its a spoof on twilight and new moon and from what I have seen in the trailers its just funny as heck it only looks like it covers the first two movies so I'm thinking they will make a part two and hope its jacked up to hella crazy for breaking dawn and bellas birthing scene its gonna be funny shit whatever they come up with forit if the previews already look funny for the first one XD
heres some you tube trailers to enjoy as I bid you all a fairwell for right now I'll hopefully update soon again.

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