Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There is Only Right Now!

Seasons change and people shift.
I know in my last post I stated things of happyness and sadness and evaluation on my life.
I'm now even prouder to say I have furthered making happier days for myself.
I have re connected with a good old friend of mine who I missed dearly.
Also found out a LOT and I do mean a lot of key factors on why we didn't communicate sooner,
Some good some bad and some just unbelievable and messed up, but the end result is we have been bonding and I don't know how it makes her feel maybe it makes us feel the same way all I know is I'm not a sick fucked up person any more. I may still be damaged and have issues but those are my own and I don't hash out that onto other people any more so its a super wonderful feeling to me that I was able to rekindle a bond with someone from my past I admired so much, I do admit I was a horrible person to this said person and we had some good hashings on eachother and the whole ordeal could have only went two ways. I ended up contacting her and suprisingly she reached her hand out to me and accepted me back into her life.
It was so overwhelming I can't even begin to explain all I can say is I was not expecting such kindness at all and I wouldn't have blamed her for noot being kind, but she was and its been beautiful!
She threw a party and I made my infamous jello shots and everyone ended up bailing out on us.
I think it was supposed to happen that way it gave us a chance to just babble about everything and laugh and be funny nerds and bronys.
She even brought me to tears with her squishyness and I have been so enthralled with more joy its unbelievable.

I feel more so with each passing day that I'm becomming more whole and more myself than I ever was.
I'm finally living and it feels great.

I have a wonderful boyfriend and girlfriend
I made a few new friends who are outstanding
I rekindled old friendships but its still new because we are changed people and all for the better.

I still don't have a job but that will change when the time is right there is a reason for why I havnt gotten one yet... tho truthfully I don't know why... I put in the effort but all I can think is its just not my time *shrugs*

Aside from the job issue I would have to say everything else in my life has been unfolding beautifully.
A few flaws here and there but its nothing major and its not devistating.

I see nothing more lately than a bright future ahead!

I feel so lucky to have what I have and to have gained so much from life.

I may not be charlie sheen but I still feel like I'm winning!

Thank you all who have entered my life and have bonded with me and have re bonded with me and have made me feel like a happy living human being.
Thank you for letting me into your lifes and showing you that I have a lot to offer to the people that matter and I care for most in life!
2012 just keeps looking up and it brings a smile to my face!

I honestly hope everyone can have and be as lucky as me!
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