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Makeup Report: Twilight Beauty Products

As we all know I'm just thoroughly OBSESSED with Twilight!
with that being said we also know I did this count down for and for some unknown reason they decided to not open on the 17Th which made me really really sad and with that being said they finally opened up on the 27/28Th at 12:00am and man the the site had issues as we all know from my previous post.
So that was my upper rant and now its done and I would like to start off this post as an extremely high note of beauty and things to look at at the website Twilight Beauty.

Please sit back and enjoy this tour of Twilight Beauty:)
(all the images are directly linked to that image on twilightbeauty)


Twilight Beauty Banner

This Image Does Not Link To Twilight Beauty

Luna Twilight Image

Gleam Metallic Mascara:

Black: Panther

Navy: Lapiz

Gunmetal: Mist
These three lovely colors are:

Rapture – Chrome Black
Lapiz – Metallic Midnight Blue
Mist – Gleaming Gunmetal

Price: $22.00

Moonshadow Eyeshadow
Snow Storm

Honey and Wine


Four Dual Shadow Pallets Come In:

Snow Storm - Deepest Gray Shimmer Powder / Snow White Cream Shadow
Honey and Wine – Rosy Copper Powder / Rich Burgundy Cream Shadow
Fancy – Warm Taupe Shimmer Powder / Pale Pink Cream Shadow
Bloom – Champagne Sparkle Powder / Nude Petal Cream Shadow

Price: $20.00

Femme Fatale Lip Gloss

Sheer Red: '53 Chevy

Nude Pink: Surrender

Golden Bronze: Hush

Burgundy: Myth

Clear Silver Sparkle: Drizzle

Peach w Gold Sparkle: Kindle

Pink w Rose Sparkle: Butterfly

Pewter: Vapor
Eight Shades Of Lip Gloss:

'53 Chevy - Sheer Red
Surrender – Delicate Nude Pink
Hush – Sunkissed Bronze
Myth – Rich Berry Wine
Drizzle – Translucent Silver Sparkle
Kindle – Fresh Peach with Golden Shimmer
Butterfly Kisses – Pink with Rose Sparkle
Vapor – Sheer sparkling Pewter

Price: $20.00

Just Bitten Staining Balm

Pink: Eye Candy

Peach: Lullaby

Red: Blush

Berry: Rapture
Comes in Four Beautiful Shades:

Eye Candy – Delicate Pink
Lullabye – Freshest Peach
Blush – Truest Red
Rapture – Very Berry

Price: $18.00

Mortal Glow Blushing Creme
Pink: Adrenaline

Beige: Swoon
Comes in Two Glowing Colors:
Adrenaline – warm and cool pinks blended
Swoon – the ultimate trio of nudes

Price: $22.00




These Palettes come in Four smashing collections:

Bella – Soft and Subtle with nude shadows, warm nude blush, nude lipstick and the sheerest cherry red gloss.
Victoria – Bold and Fiery with shimmering jewel-toned shadows and deep wine colored lipstick and gloss.
Alice – Eclectic and Spunky with shimmering blue and silver shadows, rosy blush and sheer hot pink lips.
Rosalie – Regal and Refined with peach toned shadows, a coral blush and apricot lipsticks and gloss.

Price: $28.00

First Light Body Glow
Luna Twilight Body Glow
Price: $34.00

Not A Link To

Volturi Makeup Line

Crown Metallic Mascara

Black: Black Knight

Cobalt: Blue

Silver: Silver-Plated
Comes in Three different colors:

Black Knight- basic black with a flash of shimmer
Royal Blue- Regal navy
Silver-Plated- Glimmering silver

Price: $16.00

Eyelid Primer
eyelid Primer
Price: $11.00

Labyrinth Eyeshadow
Hot Pink: Lover

Pewter: Myth

White: Frost

Baby Pink: Beloved

Eggplant: Dusk

Champagne: Dawn

Silver: Legend
This lose eyeshadow comes in Seven Colors:

Lover – hot shimmering pink
Myth – warm metallic pewter
Frost- Iridescent White
Legend – glittering silver
Beloved – iridescent baby pink
Dusk – Deep metallic eggplant
Dawn – Sparkling champagne

Price: $9.00

Enrapture Lip Gloss
Black: Arsenic

Pink: Obsess
Comes in Two Jazzy Colors:

Arsenic - Sheer back that goes on clear with a trace of gold shimmer and a licorice scent.
Obsess - hot magenta with gold shimmer and a raspberry scent.

Price: $12.00

Immortal Liquid Body shimmer
Pink: Tainted Love

Black: Black Magic
Comes in Two outstanding colors:

Black Magic – sheerest black with subtle gold sparkle.
Tainted Love – sheerest fuschia with a kick of hot pink shimmer.

Price: $20.00

Reign Scented Body mist
Green Apple: Forbidden Fruit

Vanilla: Bella

Musky: Wicked

Floral: Romance
This lovely fragrence comes in Four scents:

Forbidden Fruit– woodsy fresh and fruity
Bella – warm, delicate vanilla
Wicked – Spicy cinnamon delight
Romance – Fresh flowers

Price: $18.00

Twilight Venom
Twilight Venom
Crimson lip stain suspended in a venom-laced lip conditioner with an intensely potent bite.

Price: $16.00


And thus ends my tour for Twilight Beauty I hope you enjoyed looking through the website its wonderful and full of outstandingly great products and I hope it has inspired a few of you to go and pick some out and update your makeup collection with something magical.


Now Onto Giveaway News

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