Monday, April 26, 2010

Heather's Visit H.I.M. Show & Vegas Fun #1

So my friend Heather came to visit me from Idaho & She was here for a good part of 5 days.
She came in on Thursday and her Plane has so many delays D: I'm guessing it all had to do with the E15 Vacano eruption and all that stuffs :/
So she was suposed to be in at 10pm it changed to 10:45pm then changed again to almost 11:00pm
When she finally arrived I figured that night might as well be spent getting sleep and planning out adventure for Friday.
so with that being said I didnt get any pics from airport pick up other than this one XD

I would have to say on a positively funny note the next day was better I'm not gonna lie everything with the lack of sleep has all become a big huge blurr of days I mean heck Friday we spent shopping at the Fashion Show Mall and she picked up some mac products and we got food and wee just screwing off getting kids clothse and then somehow endedup at walmart buying a bunch of twilight shirts for a dollar XD
I'll have to just do nothing but a picture blog for part two and try and sort out the jumbled hodge podge into something of what I think or remember from the lack of sleep and how the week went XD
Saturday was the HIM show and we met up with heathers uncle before getting ready for the night of Debatury round two XD we were running a bit late to the show between getting ready and then jetting out to the showso the only pic I got pre show was this:

Mom and I decided to dress in tank tops becasue we were gonna be getting the tour shirt from the show so we didnt bother dressing heavyXD
which is fine by me because it was freaking hot that day any way D:
the only true thing I hate right now I'm getting so dehydrated and I'm drinking alot of water but I still feel worn out and blah Damn you heat DAMN you!!!!
*shakes fist in anger*
so we get to the show & we go thru check n and all that jazz and I'm all about getting the merch before the show specially when it comes to tour shirts I'm missing from previous shows I have wentto of HIM that I really needed to get one before they sold out so I was all about MUST GET mode for sure.
I'm walking twards the merch tabel and I'm just all Blahed out and wondering what else to get bcause apparently the dang man didnt have HIM messenger bags D:
blasphamey! *more angry fist shaking* on a cool note he did have this super awesome light weight HIM scarf that was just sweet so I got that XD
as we are paying I get grabbed and threatened by te little Monster child friend of mine Chibi XD
she glomps me from behing and says "gimmie all your monie!"
I'm like dwah who be this strange mugger and I turn around and its my buddy I was so happy I squeed XD
we then proceded into the show and watched all the sets and then finally HIM!
the opening bands were Drive A, Dommin, and We Are The Fallen, Idunno whats up with HIM's choice of starter bands that gets every one all wound up into a riot but meh I would ave to say they all did really well and Im givng super big props to Dommin they were excelent and I mean excelent ^_^
By the time HIM came on I was already running around all over the place and tried to get some decent pics with my phone D:
its a little impossible when the competition your up against is a Samsung 8mega pixl cam phone D:
mine is a simple 3mega pixl but meh we were all just having a blast and snapping off alot of photos and I must say was a really good show for HIM by far and there was alot of joking inbetween songs and it was super funny ^^
so that was all saturday night after the show we hit up the welcome to vegas sign nd took a bunch of pics of alot of things...
I'm really tired for right now so I think i'm calling the blog a night and I'll make a fuller better blog tomorrow XD


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fixed ipod & Updated It With New Music

so im quite pleased with my little endevor of trying to save all my songs off my ipod back to the comp then back to itunes it was a pain in the butt but i think it finally all paid off.
i downloaded this free 7 day trial program that helps you get your music off your ipod and puts files nto your compy... only problem with it is seeing as its a 7 day free trial it only lets you download your music in a 10 songs per limit at a time and i had 4568 songs D: so that was a drag in a half to deal with but im happy i took the time to do it otherwise all my stuff would have been lost and gone forever :/
so after i got it all back up to par i was deleting all my duplicate music and albums u could live without which was alot!

but the end results were outstanding i even got the oppertunity to put my new moon movie on there to go with twilight XD
i put some music that i had on my external hard drive onto it and well in the end i changed all my settings and set my ipod back to its factory settings by default and all was not in vein.
which was what i was fearing the most and im so silly i was freaked for nothing but it was a big something of a nothing to me lol
my new issue however is that i have 37.65 gigs of music and last time i checked *runs and looks at ipod back* yep its still only a 30 gig storage capacity XD
so im really in need of a larger gig ipod now :/
even if its only a 60gig or whatever other gigs they have available for cheap XD
i think this requires a good ol fashoned hunt of the lovely website known as ebay :)
other than that lovely bit o info i really dont have anything else of much importance to share.
i still need to fix some minor issues but then it will all be splended.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a Quick Update XD

No I'm not dead lol I'm actually working n a manga and alasI only have 2 pages done but I'm trying to figure out what area to make the character in and wht she should look like and all that jazz... I have a feeling I'm gonna scrap a bunch of em and they ae just gonna remain one or two pages till I get this down right but I am starting to do alot ofart and I'm gonna be setting up paypal and all that fun stuffs I'll do custom things too if anyone is interested after I have it allset up more I'll be updating my DA frequently as well and comming up with alot of things in the process of working on my cosplay this time around I'm just trying to be proactive and keep busy in hopes to get accomplished and not have such a big black cloud over my head.

I'm gonna be doing alot of things and offering alot of stuff and hopefully people wll take me seriously and want to buy my art.
I'm not gonna be over priced either everything is gona be reasonable and remain that way I'm already thinking my prints will be $10- $15 unless you want an image larger than basic print size I'm gonna be shopping down prices on getting art printed onto a poster so after I find all that out youll be able to get postersized things too tho it might be a little more costly but they wont be the size thats typical for hot topic or walmart so thats cool... unless thats the size you want then who am I to say no XD

after I get my cosplay built this time and if I win my 3rd award its a big huge IF but if it all works out I'll be taking orders for cosplay costumes too so if any of you are interested in that i'll have alot of examples up but I'm not limited to just my examples.
I'm trying to jus do a whole lot of things that are positive and helpful and fun I'll also have a donation thing set up as well so if any one wants to donate they can and with whoever donates depending on how much they want to donate I'll pick a scale of freebies you can recieve from me personally so I do have alot I'm doing and getting into the gears of things and just having fun ^_^

Life is short and I want to make the best out of my time here before its my time to pass on and I figure what better way of having fun that to be creative ^_^ hee hee

thats all I got for now I'll update again soon and have some images hopefully by then too if any one has any ideas please feel free to make some suggestions dont be shy ^_^


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bloop De Blog

so its been a rough week i don't really know what to say other than that...
sometimes things happen that we have no control of and when faced with the delema we dont know how exactly how to handle it.
life works in mysterious ways and well so does god...
in other odd news im still busting my butt slowly on reformating my blog layout and changing a few things around...
such as the makona (mokona) project. i took alot of time taking screen shots of my imvu avatar for the banner and im still unclear on what banner im actually going to use...
im thinking about setting up a whole new blog for this suposed project so that should be interesting to say the least.
im going to set up the blog for more of my other odds and ends art pieces and ideas in hopes someone will be ingerested in buying my art.
ill be also taking requests on custom pieces if anyone wands anything done involving anything your heart desires.
other than that i dont really know what else to talk about im not much in a blogging mood i just needed to make a quick update just to keep up with my goal i have set for myself...
tho i must admit at times it gets kinda hard XD
hope everyone is well today and well tomorrow is TGIF!
till my next post take care all of you peoples in blog land.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Contraversy With Adam Lambert's Makeup Line For Men!

Adam Lambert

So this subject is getting mixed views for sure and well I just felt like blogging about it.
I was watching Better and well they were talking about how Adam Lambert is in process of making a whole line of cosmetics for men!
And alot of the topic was over just plain "Guyliner,"
fortunately for all you War Paint wearing men out there it's not just about the Guyliner.
Adam has said he will have alot in the makeup area for men including Eye Shadow, Foundation, and Nail Polish just to list a few things hes gonna be putting out on the market.

I did a quick search on the web and well alot of sites asked "Would you buy Adam's Makeup line for men?"
shockingly I don't know if these responses were from homophobic people or just straight up rude people but just to list a few of the comments by these people included:

"Ummmmm….YUCK!!! Sorry, I prefer my men to not try to out female me! He does NOT look good, neither does Navarro! (Of course, HE is a tiny thing and is hardly what pops into mind when I conjur up manly men)!"

"only if i wanted to see a guy get beaten up – then sure yeah i’d make him wear it"

"Legend? Really Janet, what are you smoking? The guy is a total joke. His voice is horrible and all he does onstage is ram his sexuality down everyone’s throats in a desperate attempt to be “shocking”. As for men wearing makeup I think it’s gross. Gay or straight a man should look and act like a man. If you want to be a woman get a sex change and be done with it."

"Every decade or so someone tries to launch a line of men’s cosmetics. It happened ten years ago with the “goth” look, and it also happened in the 1980’s, when guys like Robert Downey, Jr. were wearing eye makeup.
No big deal and the fad never lasts long."

And the list goes on and on and on...
the last comment I quoted hits close to home for me on a few levels.
first off with the whole statement of it just being a "Fad" if it was a fad then why to this day do alot of men still wear eyeliner?
whats so wrong with goth?
Personally I love goth it's not a look for everybody and you have to have the balls to go out in public with odds and ends and you know what no matter what way you look at it it all takes courage to stand up for what you believe in and quite frankly who cares if Adam wants to make a cosmetic line for men to a bunch of people he could be God.

whos to say hes not paving the way to a new view on how people should or shouldnt be?
no matterwhat you do theres always going to be people to judge you and put you down for what you would like to accomplish with your life.
I dont know why so many people hate the damn man hes just someone who wants to do something fun with his life nothing more nothing less I truthfully give him props for his courage to do something not alot of people would atempt to do!

There are alot of gus that look good wearing makeup that are in bands or just crazy enough not to be a cookie cutter mold of the "typical" dude.

Bill Kaulitz!

Bill Kaulitz would be one of these people that looks good with makeup and well he looks good without it too XD gotta love the Tokio Hotel hee hee

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp being my number one fave for men that wear makeup and well he just rocks even when hes a crazed mad hatter in Alice In Wonderlad ^_^

the mad hatter

Honestly it doesnt bother me at all that hes caked full of makeup its freaking Johnny Depp I wuld still makeout with him XD then again I have this Mad hatter and Alice complex too so it really doesnt help that SyFy had made Alice and she ends up hooking up with the sexy Andrew Lee Potts XD


okay so its still not fully determined if he wears "guyliner" but he still looks hot and hes got pretty eyelashes XD

Moving on to other War Paint Wearing Dudes

David Bowie

Yes thats right kiddies David Bowie a man that no matter how old he gets is just effwordingly SEXY!
I have chosen a more toned down makeup look for him but we all know the man has done everything and pulled it off awesomely ^_^

Criss Angel

Criss Angel the Midnfreak that blows us all away he looks quite pleasand sporting the guyliner in all its glory

Ville Valo!

My super all time fave man of eyeliner stats *swoons* Ville Valo of HIM XD
he has the most beautiful eyes ever and I honestly think guys thatwantto accent there eyes with eyeliner to make them stand out more well then cool more power to them it works its the first thing I tend to notice ^_^

Davey Havok!

The Lovely Davey Havok of AFI and we all know we love AFI so yeah ^_^

Davey however leadsme to someone I really am not that fond of and I find Him to be kinda not right... but I will say this much for the dude I do like some of his makeup styles and hes got a really pretty face wen its not caked with all that foundation and thick heavy eyeshadow...

do we know who I'm talking about?

Jefferee Star!

yep... :/ honestly I dont know what to say...

so yes with that I conclude my strange rant about men in makeup I would post more dudes but I just lost all my motivation XD
a few other guys include bands and peoples:

Malice Mizer,
Nikki Sixx,
Jared Leto,
Pete Wentz,
Dave Navarro,
Kurt Cobain,
Billie Joe Armstrong,
Ect Ect Ect...
yeah I would have to say we all know the guys in the world that wear the "Guyliner" "war paint" ad whatever else we all like to call it ^_^.

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