Wednesday, December 15, 2010

¡someone tell me if im going insane!

It's been a long while since my last post andd to spice things up im gonna talk about the holiday season :)
there is always time for loved ones and god damn it if you dont have time for them MAKE TIME!

I have been a busy bee making the jelly my mom and i have made every year lol some traditions never fade away XD
im also feeling pretty good about my path in my personal affairs,
i finally found the gift to get lavitz lol little does he know i plan on getting him a few more items...
he has gotten me hooked on wow like mad (wow= world of warcraft)
i made a wargen and shes a super bad ass hunter :3 whatever the case may be he already got me a 40$ video game... mmorpg same difference...
he loves all the same stuff i do so idk and im not really concerned if he gets me anything else for x mas or not... sad to say but i got used to not getting showered with gifts after a few huge lies and broken promices...
so its made me more thankful of what i have vs what i think i want or need ie the cool items of odd i collect XD...
im actually as squishy as this sounds im more glad and content with finding what i hope or have a good strong beliefe of any way is the right man for me.
yeah granted things are a little off wack im older by a goodly gap but its all ok hes not like hella baby young unless 20 is the new 15?
whatever hes still a good person and after having a good long chat with jenn who knows...
maybe ill have finally gotten lucky and found the guy i can end up having my happily ever after with...

i havnt been on such a cloud nine in forever its awesome and knowing i can breathe and not have to worry about anything cuz he knows im his and vice versa so its a pretty comfortable thing...
am i going crazy or have i finally just found the ultimate in happyness right now?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

outcome of things in a spiritual nutshell

as of right now I would have to say I'm a pretty content person... not to say i'm perfect i still have faults but we all do I'm just trying to make the best of my time while I'm alive or spending the best of my time with someone who really seems to enjoy my company.
its a wonderful feeling to be wanted its really sweet and nice all the constant hugs and snuggles and the cute little kisses :3

as of right now I would have to say i think i finally found mr right and not just a mr right the frack now thing so i'm quite glad for that but I really dont want to look too much into it IDK whats gonna happen or what time will tell but i would like to think that we are happy... O_o

i found the right person that has no problem just kicking back and taking his time with me and just having fun, hes gotten me into mmorpgs and whats cool is we are waiting for WOW to come out as of right now but i'm already excited about it.

i finally finished my first video game with group activity help from mr "perfect" we shal call him lol XD
fable 3 has been mastered and was fun to have someone else to enjoy the video game with ^_^.

there has actually been a whole lot of things going on in my life if we all have been keeping to date with my fb much like i had on myspace with the photo a day i'm gonna try and atempt that again i was doing good then a bunch of crap happened again the same concept will apply all the photos will be taken of my phone but not all of them will be of just me and my vanity it will be whatever random pic i decide to load that day which reminds me I need to set up a new mobil folder to do that or delete or move the photos I got right now.... otherwise we will have issues with past stuffs...

ummm idk what to get my boyfriend for x mas i was gonna make a scrap book but he doesnt like pics so i'm kinda like wtf sheesh dunno what his deal is but i think hes quite cute but meh maybe hell warm up in a few LOL XD
in any case I'm at his house right now we were playing a really cute new mmorpg and i'm getting ready to pass out i'm sleepy so woot good night kiddies

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Visual

I'm unclear if this is going to be a blog type post or just some rambelings as of the current mood I'm in...
I guess I just feel like typing up some stuffs who really knows... who really cares...
ummm I guess its just some food for thought or just a mental view point on standing grounds nd what not... truthfully it beats me what I'm gonna say I just feel like screaming to the world or at least to a small group of listeners,

whateer way you look at it its just a mood and a setting.

Try and step back and look at a bigger picture life is a long har road filled with many faultsand crossroads thatone will have to encounter throughout ones journey to the better points in life.

we all have our ups and our downs but in the end they are just momentairy things nothing but yourself is ever truely permanant.
on that note I think its best that people stay true to themselves no matter how much someone else might dissagree with their views, we are individuals and as such we all have different personas and qualitys that contribute to a greater cause weather we know it or not.

I ave come also to the conclusion that people struggeling for acceptane are ridiculed every day for what they want to stand for and or what they believe is right.

maybe the world would be a much happier place for everyone with problems if they didnt have to suffer such stref.

I'll admit I didnt help any causes in the past by ostrasizing certain people for my views and how they didnt want to understand them, I have realized so much over the last 3 years that I feel I have been more accepting of alot of faults in people and the human race, its not my fault people have bad choices in life and i shouldnt be so quick to go on a tangent when 1 its not my place and 2 someone wants to ignore advice of anything helpful to better ones self.

on that note I have decided that in order to maintain balance and equality and being judged myself is just the way of life and its what humans are programmed to do.
its a default mechanisim with everyone and well I can accept said faults its just life.

I know I'm personally sorry and really truely in regret for alot of jacked up choices I have made in my tween years but its not so much a deturant of whats happening now more of each step in life is a learning experience and its what you takewith you from each that guides you to a better being... if your willing to change that is... some arnt so willing to have this realization and or like to ridicule and slander others names just to save face...

in the end its similar to the bullying that goes on with everyone fo any type of thing, be if your gay, straight, have green hair, like to cosplay, have ambitions, are antisocial ect.

alot of fiews in the world are jacked up and really quick to judge based on outer appearances of others... to simply judge without knowing is verry hypercrytical and bias and is infact wrong on alot of levels...
but everyone has done it be it on a large scale or a small scale its still happening.

I try my hardest to not be said hypocrite due to I have had similar experiences with what people go through in these circumstances and if I havnt exactly walked a mile in their shoes I'm at least willing to listen and learn for the btter of self preservation.

I ave pretty much lived my whole life with the internet as a resource to channel in and out feedback between all likes of people and self expression to a certain extent is shunned down on in this culture.

I'm not saying everyone is right and I'm not saying everyone is wrong i just think we all need to start opening up more and not keep looking at the faults of others to make yourself feel better.

theres no difference when someone takes a stand without knowing the person and only hearing bad imput thats just not the way life should work but its what happens.

people that know me know me well I tend not to falter from my path and wll even tho I try not to I know theres times where I do but again its only human but I shouldnt be shunned for it we all make mistakes some bigger than others.

I think what I want to get at is to be more accepting and understanding to everyones feelings, peoplethat dont want to understand or immediately think oh said so and so is emo or lable it are just programmed to automatically become a trolling person and not care what has been stated in the words or eyes of another person.

when in copeing its really hard to handle an onlaught of emotions specially when all you ever hear is negative slander, why not take a step back and actually see what was going on to lead to said predicament.
instead of continuing the hurt why not try and heal with what needs to be spoken about?

hell it doesnt even matter if one is blunt or brutally honest as long as it doesnt affect the outcome of some sort of helpful words of wisdom instead of feeding on the hate...

i have come to the conclusion that the ones doing all the bashing also live in some insecure world that haunts their mind and arnt able to just step back a second and just let someone vent and or express themselves and just adgitate an already angry/sad individual...
thats not how it should be at all if someone is asking for help its not that they are asking to be ridiculed or shunned for what they feel,
its an ongoing thing in life today and chances are it wont ever really change.

to just bring some sort of peace and harmony to a situation vs feeding it more negativity can not only save lifes of others but maybe even open their eyes,
we all have moments of weakness and its not the best choice when someone verbally attacks one thats in such a state be them 13 or 56...

it changes not the matter that maybe someone out there can actually express feelings on the subjects that arnt so brash and harmful to ones mental pattern instead slowly ease the mind into a better wave of thinking.

you can always lead a horse to water but it doesnt mean they will drink.
some cases they rather just dehydrate and die than continue on.

thats when the doors close and so does all the feeling of good in a person slowly starts to die, willpower is only so strong when given the enviornment theyhave lived in be it a good happy place or the rough streets of a mean cuty.

I guess I woke up this morning thinking about alot ofthings and how people react to certain things some not so good others maybe really helful.

but the end result is if you cant say something nice dont bother saying anything at all.

you can just keep it to yourself and think what you want but it doesnt mean you should use the other party as a whipping post for amusement or to see if another person will crack and do something regretful later...
in the end if thats how you want to live life maybe the person snapping shouldnt feel remorse at all seeing as whoever pushed them to that edge has the full blame for getting them to that point in life vs trying to have an outstretced hand.

no one ever said life is easy but it doesnt mean we have to fight against the grain the whole way and create un needed violence or warfare without better understandings.

just some views of some wandering things on my mind.
nothing more nothing less...
feelings pass and you tend to try and grasp onto better understandings if they are in fact reachable...

step back for a moment now and breathe go out and take pictures of something beautiful in life and you can look back at it later and it can bring a smile to your face hell create something big go outside your norm and sculpt something paint draw do whatever it is that gets you out of a funk vs trying to fule a flame try to extinguish it and grow into something better than what you are right now.
theres always time to learn new things we constantly learn on a daily basis so why not just step back and learn and breathe in some air and live a more happy life... its not really that hard but its also not super easy,
much like alot of wonderful things in life it all takes time and determination.

dont expect over night results start small and work your way up, who knows you might actually enjoy what you have done.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life As We Know It And Then Some...

There has come a portion a big huge chunk actually of myself that has given up on a big percentage of humans to be more precise...

with that being said the last 2 weeks have been a real big eye opener for me there has been so much shit i have found out and ended up doing and exploring life.

I'm no longer with my now ex and its forever staying that way... we had way too many problems and i just needed out...
funny enough i guess everyone that hates his guts has a meeting at walmart and everything turns out Alex never stole anything that he said they did and this now explains why he never went to the cops over the shit... and apparently there's written documents saying he gave Alex's mom the laptop for 300 bux and even signed an agreement stating such and the same goes for his car.
honestly i'm just flabbergasted on this whole topic I tried my hardest and slaved for him to go the right path and in the end i wanted to kill myself rather than put up with that shit all over again...

recently if we all pay attention to my face book I have a new boo that has actually opened my eyes to alot of interesting things in life hes the best thing that has ever brightened my dismal outlook on life, he came into the picture just as i was cutting the final cords of pain and hate from the other one... slightly bad timing i must admit but he helped me through it and was really supportive I have never met such a kind hearted person in my life...
okay maybe a few but hes just so sweet he gives me cavity's XD

mom pretty much forced me to go to my buddy Trey's birthday party and that's where I met Matt another good friend of mine Julie and her hubby Aaron invited Matt to this party and shit was it the best choice in life i have ever made.
even funnier is i had an on going dream for the last 6+ months with him in it but he had a lime green cyber goth Mohawk... turns out Matt was sporting the lime green Mohawk all the way up till a week before Trey's birthday shindig XD
so that was totally strange as heck XD and that's not including the fact Trey loves to have lingerer party's so i was dressed as a belly dancer and Matt was in boxers XD

we were just chatting after steff got me completely shit faced on whiskey and some sort of rum XD whatever the case may be Matt was getting flogged to death with a "slut" paddle and so i had to save him he was in pain lol I guess it pays off playing superhero which is odd cuz normally it doesn't pay off I got lucky ^_^
even better is we had a super awesome chat and he introduced me to a new happier way to look at furies and made me realize i'm indeed a fur which has been the best experience of my life!
WARNING: if your quick to judge a lifestyle your not open minded and are insecure with who you are as a person.
we are not like what you see on CSI we are a really happy fun loving group of people that are very artistic and know the simple joys in life.

much like any other view of a culture there are some sick twisted types out there that are of not good to be around but i would have to say even the creepy furs arnt as creepy or as threatening as a rapist.

so Matt has made me think alot and i do mean ALOT.
I got my first tail made 3 days ago its a deep purple cat tail that looks cuddly and cute as heck so it gets done and my good friend shrimp said that i looked so natural and cozy with my tail and ears and just the whole fur set up of things like the best extension of my being finally out stretches to the better visual now its wonderful.

he recently asked me out at our fur meets Halloween party ^_^ it was the cutest thing ever he looks like a living anime character its adorable :3

okay I'm done being squishy I'm just glad to finally have some happy feelings and positive reinforcement in my life he has even managed to make me quit smoking I'm free from a nasty habit and its all thanks to the positive surroundings my life has taken a turn to thank god D:

I'll further more update you guys later as of now im gonna ask Matt to get me all set up to play LOL with him so I'll talk at ya all later



Friday, October 22, 2010

interesting hmmmm

I havnt blogged in a while XD yet again my bad I just have been really trying to get a handle on alot of things and I'll honestly be damned if i can figure it out without having a hemerage no joike D:
like really why are people so confusing and why do the people that supposedly love you smash your heart into a billion pieces and then claim its all your fault and just continue to verbally attack you in such a way that is like pain and abuse?
alot of things have just gone to hell in a hand basket and in the end its never ending and has played a huge ass role of fracking up of alot of things... I mean honestly I thought we were happy then all of a sudden wham I'm antisocial i cant do squat every time i turn around I'm some sort of sexual beast and a whore of some sort and well I just dont understand it and I dont think I want to there is honestly too much pain involved and its just full of wtf and wow really your kidding me... type of things and I just dont know how to handle any of it any more...
i try and try and try and help and give and slave and taxi and some how AFTER ALL OF THIS IM THE BAD GUY WTF... WTF.

I'm trying really hard to stay focused on positivity but its hard specially when I think I'm getting really sick D:
so the grand finali of all that was once a happy memory is nothing but a sad angry blurr and hate its fracked up and I really dont know what to say about it its just UGH frack people sometimes really :(

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cosplay & Vampires Suck

So I have been super busy busting my butt on my cosplay and I have completely forgotten to blog D:
Le Gasp say it aint so T_T
yeah yeah yeah well I was busy with birthdays and other odds and ends and wanted to take a slight break from the constant daily updates of blogging...
that and I dun think I really had anything to important to blog about.
I mean my birthday went well woot another year older yeah for 24 XD
ummm I saw eclipse which was awesome and I kinda feel bad for not posting about that but as of lately I guess I have recluced back onto my own little private dimension of sollitude and enjoying not updating things.
I mean I hella gave up facebook myspace and twitter and to be quite honest not getting ffty billion tweets a day has really just eased up on my phone life and has made it act a littlemore normal and I think that in its self is a saving grace.
i mean i dont get to tweet anti ai chan or update on funny things but if I really wanted I can hop on DA and leave her a message any way so really in the end what difference does that make?

I also kinda had to take a good breather away from my twilight habbits it was getting really bad rabies and all... dont get me wrong I still love twilight and the saga and everything about it but I was going way too overkill and it was worse than drugs for me.
I was mentioning that factor to my mom yesterday I saw something with something about eclipse on it and I didnt trip out and have a spazz attack like I normally do...
I mean I totally went ape shit on burger king won alot of free food but nothing more really.
tho I did get all the toys and an over abundance of twilight cups XD
I also got a few cool freebies when you purchace twilight gear at toys r us which is nifty as all heck I almost got a whole box of special edition twilight trading cards ^_^ I'm like10 packs off of what would be a whole box XD.
so yeah thats pretty much that and I have been working on cosplay of corse and I have tons of pics I just dont feel like spending hrs down loading and making img src codes to show it all off yet.
I will eventually get to it also have recipies to share with yummy foods I have been cooking ^_^
things that are useful and tasty for whatever viewers I do have D:

now onto TWILIGHT!!!
*frots at the mouth*
no no I'm just kidding actually its kinda the complete opposite its Vampires Suck XD
its a spoof on twilight and new moon and from what I have seen in the trailers its just funny as heck it only looks like it covers the first two movies so I'm thinking they will make a part two and hope its jacked up to hella crazy for breaking dawn and bellas birthing scene its gonna be funny shit whatever they come up with forit if the previews already look funny for the first one XD
heres some you tube trailers to enjoy as I bid you all a fairwell for right now I'll hopefully update soon again.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wendy And Her Good Earth Giveaway!

I have just read my blogger buddy Wendy's new blog giveaway and it is for Good Earth.

by far it looks really yummy and the bamboo dish set is awesome!
I mean really who wouldnt want these

they look outstanding!

the rules as always are really simple to follow and gives you a bunch of ways to win this yummy treat.

1 lucky reader will win a Good Earth gift pack like the one I received. The gift pack includes:

•Good Earth Mediterranean Chicken dry dinner kit
•Two sets of bamboo flatware
•Two bamboo dishes
•Bamboo utility board
•100% recyclable grocery tote

To Win:
Leave a Comment about which flavor kit you would like to try out...1 Entry

Tweet about this and Leave Proof...1 Entry

Follow My Blog...1 Entry

Add My Button to Your Page...2 Entries

BLOG About my Giveaway and Leave me the URL...5 Entries


Giveaway ends Monday, June 28th!!

there are four delectable meals: Mediterranean Chicken with angel hair pasta, Spicy Citrus Glazed Shrimp with angel hair pasta, Herb Crusted Chicken with mushroom risotto and Tuscan Chicken with penne pasta.

so you do have an option in this matter and well good luck! ^_^

thanks again wendy for having awesome giveaways of total yummyness and usefulness!
you rock !

Monday, June 21, 2010

BUrger King's Twilight Saga Eclipse Has Offically Dropped!

while everyone was a sleep in there beds and dreaming about what BK could do for the Twilight Saga Eclipse we awoke from our slumbers to find the coolest thing imaganable!

Twilight Saga Eclipse!

an inside look at alot of things to tantalize our eyes!
(Alot more of Edward v.s. Jacob)

Get your Face Book rated to see what team you actually belong to I was lucky I got team Edward XD

if you click this link BK Twilight Saga Eclipse you will se what the list of items are that you'r Burger King has to offer including commercials and what not ^_^

Alot of the sites have to deal with Burger King's Stock just seeing green right now but also said what was available Like the 3 new Twilight saga Eclipse Water Bottles XD

Twilight Saga Eclipse!

They are beautiful!

also to keep with the theme of things they have an online Eclipse Game Board for you to download and collect your game pieces on!
and now seeing as I'm feeling lazy had this info to say XD

Exclusive 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Premiums

Restaurant guests who can't get enough of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" can also get their fix with a variety of movie-themed premiums including:

-- A series of eight "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" BK(R) Kids Meal premiums, perfect for the ultimate fan's Twilight Saga collection, are available with the purchase of any BK(R) Kids Meals. The keepsake and accessory premiums include a charm bracelet, hologram crest ring, wristband, wallet and more.

-- Three new styles of eco-friendly aluminum water bottles, which can be purchased via . Available for $9.99 for a limited time, each bottle features an image of one of the three main characters and lets recipients declare themselves Team Edward, Team Jacob or Team Bella.

-- Also back by popular demand, Twilight Saga fans can show off their enthusiasm with two designs of collectible "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"-themed, recyclable paper Crowns that feature Bella, Edward and Jacob.

-- A series of four limited-edition BK(R) Crown Cards inspired by the movie's characters are available at BURGER KING(R) restaurants. These gift cards start at $5 and can be purchased, reloaded and used only at participating BURGER KING(R) restaurants nationwide.

which is pretty much wat burger king had to say but I just wanted to cover all my tracks XD

I tried to locate pics of the kids meal toys and the new crowns and gift cards and to no luck we are left in the dark there...
at least till you go into BK or they update there site again which i think will be happeing really soon now!

have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Eclipse Scene Clips Its Awesome!!!

First up Bree!!!! awesome I love eeeettt

Next Title explains it all LAWLZ

Old MTV movie awards stuffs

Yeah and as far as the music goes I was trying to figure out ummmm the rest of the Music is the score it sounds like in all the other clips that are available so I'm pretty sad T_T

I wonder if they were thinking that any one would catch the Jonathan Low song in the newest preview of the movie???

wow and I wonder when Burger King is gonna get the ball rolling on the Eclipse stuffs I cant wait I needs for my New Moon collection D:

bah a bunch of irratating bothersome tings that just erk me about this movie I mean really they could have fed us a bit more and uhhh I dunno release the victoria and Alice dolls so they have time to make more for eclipse seeing as they only made Jacob for NEw Moon XD
I want a carlisle doll and a jasper one and a... I want them all to be made into dolls BARBIE IS TAKING TOO LONG DANG YOU BARBIE COMPANY YOUR MEAN TO PEOPLE WHO WANT YOUR STUPID PLASTIC DOLLS!!!!!

well I guess thats all I got for now :/

New Twilight Saga Eclipse Sneek Peek!

We get introduced to Leah Clearwater and by far I think she is a good BITCH.
they picked a good actress to potrey her ell and wow shes got aditude that is just WOW!

and if you pay close atention you can hear the song Jonathan Low by Vampire weekend!
so I'm excited about that becasue at least now I know where one song is placed in the movie I'm gonna have to go back thru all the Sneak Peeks they have released and crank up the volume I'm gonna figure this one ot for sure ^_^

then i'll have a better blog with vids and corrosponding music lol XD

Wish me luck guys I'm gonna need it ha ha ha ha


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Twilight Saga Eclipse Soundtrack

Is amaizing the music has a different vibe and its all so pretty I already got a few favorites tho I'll be more amused with the album once I see where it plays in the movie so as of now all I get to know is its the Eclipse soundtrack and thats pretty much it XD

the songs in no particular order and a rating from 1 to 10:

Life on earth by Band Of Heros is awesome I give it a 6

Lets Get Lost by Bat For Lashes & Beck is a nice beat and I give it a 5

The Line by Battles is a bonus track and I have to say it sounds really impresive and I give it a 7

Chop And Change by The Black Keys is my fave all bluese/Jazz-ish I love alot I give it a 10

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep by Bombay Bicycle Club is another Bonus track and its good but not my fave I give it a 4

Ours by the Bravery is just wicked cool and up beat yet has a bit of a dark feeling in the lyrics I give it a 8

What Part of Forever by Cee Lo Green is really nice but I'm confused if I like the remix better I give it a 7

Rolling On A Burning Tire by The Deat Weather I can see bing played in like Band hero or one of those guitar games its dark and spooky I imagine someone hunting and catching prey but getting a little beat up in a scuffle too, sounds really retro alot of these songs do believe it or not XD I give it an 8

A Million Miles an Hour by Eastern Conference Champions is pretty haunting and awesome I give it a 9

Atlas by Fanfarlo is interesting it givesme the feeling I'm back in Hawaii for a while I dunno it also has a remix which is much better has more beat and rythm I would have to give it a 5

Heavy In Your Arms by Florence + The Machine I would have to say is my fave song off the album its verry strong and the lyrics are just wow I giveit a 10+

I was a heavy heart to carry
My beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced a crown
I was a heavy heart to carry
My feet dragged across the ground
And he took me to the river
Where he slowly let me drown

My love has concrete feet, my love's an iron ball
Wrapped around your ankles, over the waterfall

I'm so heavy. Heavy. Heavy in your arms
I'm so heavy. Heavy. Heavy in your arms

And is it worth the wait,
All this killing time?
Are you strong enough to stand,
Protecting both your heart and mine?
Who is the betrayer
Who's the killer in the crowd?
The one who creeps in corridors
And doesn't make a sound

My love has concrete feet, my love is an iron ball
Wrapped around your ankles, over the waterfall
My love has concrete feet, my love is an iron ball
Wrapped around your ankles, over the waterfall

I'm so heavy. Heavy. Heavy in your arms
I'm so heavy. Heavy. So heavy in your arms

This will be my last confession
"I love you" never felt like any blessing
Whisper it like it's a secret
Uttered to condemn the one who hears it
With a heavy heart

Heavy. Heavy. Heavy. I'm so heavy in your arms
(I'm so heavy) Heavy, heavy. I'm so heavy in your arms
(I'm so heavy) Heavy, heavy. I'm so heavy in your arms
(I'm so heavy) Heavy, heavy. I'm so heavy in your arms

I was a heavy heart to carry
My beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced a crown
I was a heavy heart to carry
But he never let me down
When he held me in his arms
My feet never touched the ground

I'm so heavy
Heavy in your arms

Heavy. I'm so heavy in your arms

Now thinking about it this could be rosalies Murder Scene Song its dramatic enough and I just visually saw it when I played back the song again ha ha ha ha ha

Jacob's Theme by Howard Shore is a piano piece tat really makes you feel for the sad changling and its sounds so lonely and distant i give it a 9 simply because I'm glad and sad he got his own theme song XD

Eclipse (All Yours) by Metric is really harmonious and beautiful I give it a 8

Don't You Morun The Sun by Mimi is really nifty its got a really hard drum beat and it needs a dance a really bad ass dance it gets you moving and awesome its worthy of a 10

Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) by the Muse which is the Single off the album is awesome and really dramatic kinda like Bella is about everything XD its an automatic 10

My Love by Sia sounds like something thats going to belong to Leah Clearwater its really sad and kinda like a memory I could be wrong tho but it does sound like something thats befitting of her and its just WOW its a 9

With You In My Head by UNKLE is ummmm I'm not sure its kinda O_o not that its bad I just cant really figure out how I feel about it and sadly my lowest score 3
my opinion may change once I see where it comes in in the movie but yeas as of now its kinda bad I feel like im stuck in a 60's acid trip

Jonathan Low by Vampire Weekend is kinda odd they are a good band but when I first saw it I really thought the song was Vampire weekend by Jonathan Low XD
I give it a 5

and that in a nut shell is the eclipse motion picture soundtrack and we now know my favesand where they rank in my head and the few that actually leave images in my head.
which now thinking about it "My Love" could be about Rosalie and her bad experence but you know what we will knw when we see the movie in 17 days now wont we ^_^

still doesnt change the fact I like what I like and not so much the others at this current state in time XD.

and of corse the score doesnt come out till the 29th of june which is also the same day that the illustrated companion comes out and I can hardly wait for that!
I'll be getting the companion and absorbing it as fast as I absorbed The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner so I can get more into the movie XD

and as of now there is some way cool Eclipse merch thats just to die for XD
like the replica of Bella's engagement ring thats just SWEET I think XD
and Borders hs these cute Edward and Jacob Heart pendant necklaces with a lion and a wolf which are pretty nifty too XD

there are also some pretty cool Eclipse shirts out now and I'll have to get my hands on a Jasper one and An alice one I want one of all the Characters eventually XD I own mostly Edward and I think one edward and bella one... No wait thats wrog its mostly vamp ones XD ha ha ha and Cullen Crest things :p

I suppose thats all for now I'll update you all later when I'm not so jam packed with a bunch of Crap XD

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

With Eclipse Drawing Ever Near Fans Are Getting All Excited

So with fans all getting even more wound up about eclipse the 3rd movie to the Twilight Saga I would have to say this is going to be the best movie by far!
the trailers already make it look Full of suspense and WAR!

It also appears to be much darker and more riddled with gore v.s. the past two movies.

Honestly I would like to see a little more blood and violence I'm not really caring about all the Tweens and other people that are obsessed with the saga but quite frankly at this point everything does start getting darker and graphic and it wouldnt make any sense cutting out those aspects just to keep a teen rating...
thats just me tho Breaking Dawn is gnna be difficult and I'm mostlikely going to be dissapointed with the outcome of that movie be it one or a two part endevor solely becasue Renesee's birth scene is full of alot of anguis and alot of oter things I need not remind people of that happens...

I really hope they do something good for a grand exit to say good bye to these characters we fell in love with.
ther is a debate that they might make it rated R I dont think they have to go that far with it but maybe a higher age rating like 17 and up type of thing R movies require you to be 18 and well thats just depperessing but then again with a legal guardian you can see pretty much whatever you want so who knows.
People will see it no matter what its rating will be I just want it to go out with a bang and not a short fizzeling pop.
in any case heres the new movie clip they released ^_^

its good everyones eyes are pitch black and the end to this clip is awesome XD
Bella is like I have jacob but couldnt say his name XD

Thursday, June 3, 2010

If I'm Lucky She Might Become Mine (Fingers Crossed)

Yeah so this is all depending on if I'm super lucky or something but she is really pretty and just too darn cute I love her alot already and I don't even own her yet XD
its one of those wishful thinking things as of right now XD which is okay I suppose but I really want her badly XD

but hopefully I get her shes way adorable and stands 14 and a half inches tall shes just the prettiest thng I have seen in forever and I like alot of different styles of BJD so yeah ^_^

she just looks so darn elegant and adorable :3

Lets all keep our fingers crossed that the PB unit will deliver ha ha ha ^_^




Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In Honor Of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland DVD Release

Yes yes yes Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland came out today and in honor of the dvd release I figured I would make a super fun blog for everyone involving alot of different Alice in Wonderland stuffs seeing as my biggest obsession is Alice in Wonderland XD

to start things off heres an awesome site that has a bunch of AIW related stuffs ^_^
Alice In Wonderland Fun Stuff

you can get your hands on a copy of the DVD anywhere Walmart has a good deal right now on the 3 disc bluray which is pretty awesome for all of you who have bluray personally I don't yet but thats a diffrent story all together.

Tonner Dolls has released a special line of Tim Burton Alice In wonderland Dolls that seem verry lovely!


The Red Queen

The White Queen

Alas the Mad Hatter is still waiting on approval of everyone including the actor which would be Johnny Depp XD

In the mean time however Babie has a really spiffy looking Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Doll available!

Target has him available on there web page and if your not too keen on spending about $50.00 on him thre is always Ebay they have alot of them as well just depends on how you search for him and if you just keep a watch out ^_^

Now for the video game Junkies out there I Have purchased the Alice In Wonderland Video Game for the Wii its awesome!

They also have it for the DS which consists of Tim burtons Art Animated and is super cute as well (I dont own this on yet) They are two different games all together

Hopefully yu all have seen the movie and at least own a few cool items that have come out for this movie already!
if not I'll be including some cool Alice links on my side bar for all your anything Alice needs!

This somewhat links me to my moms character for cosplay which is exciting so for all of you who cant get enough of other Alice related stuffs I'm giving you a breif look into some things I approve of getting that takes you into Wonderland in different ways ^_^

Grimm Fairy Tales Offers a unique look into not only Alice In Wonderland but also alot of all your other fave Fairy Tales as well

Return to Wonderland

Beyond wonderland

Wonderland: 2009 anual: The House Of Liddle

Tales From wonderland The Mad Hatter

This is just to list a few of the Wonderland related Comics They also have special edition covers and rare ones you can only buy at comic con and ebay has a slew of these for dirt cheap if your interested its a really twisted series more for the people that like Horror blood and gore its like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac meets Alice!
Personally I love it XD

One of my personal Faves comes from CLAMP oh how I love CLAMP XD

Miyuki-Chan in wonderland it only consists of one Manga and One Anime

This is the DVD

Its The best Funny Fast Paced Story of Miyuki and her crazy wild adventure into wonderland

And now Finally Alice In The Country Of Hearts Which is the manga I'm into right now and who my mom is cosplaying this year at anime vegas ^_^

you can find this manga at Borders or any other book store you have that sells Manga it's totally worth getting I think its only got 3 volumes out at this current time but it also is a video game in japan and creator has a cool web site as well.

Hopefully this helps you guys get into the Spirit of the Alice In Wonderland DVD Release a bit more and has helped you out on your collecting journey just a tad ^_^

Have a Wonderful Day!

Monday, May 31, 2010

And So Now For A Non Twilight Related Post

Yes so be it its that lovely time yet again and I figured I would make a new banner thats transparent and cute soyou can see my project in progress and ny original banner still I think its quite ammusing really ^_^

and I have also changed my heartagram layout to Vampire Knight Symbols that are also the transparent type my only problem is my Arrow bg wallpaper I havnt decided what I'm gonna do with that yet XD

But yes its finally Cosplay time again and I even listed the characters I'm making ^_^

I shal be Fai D. Flowright and the lovely mom will be Alice ^_^

Fai D. Flowright is from Tsubasa Chronicle its an amaizing series made by clamp.

and Mom is Alice from Alice In The Counrty Of Hearts its a manga thats only up to Volume 3 at this moment but the characters are cool and the cheshire cat's name is Boris XD

any how yes those would be our characters and please stay tuned for more info about the cosplay and other fun goodies.

If all goes accordingly this year I will be selling my Fai cosplay if anyone is interested by the end of my Building ^_^

I'm also going to be having a blog up about my Hujoo dolls BJD its going to be a page dedicated to all different sorts of BJD and other fun doll things ^_^

Stay Tuned KIDDIES

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma :(

Well what a waste of Mom and I's time we went out of our way and bought two Daniell steel books prior to her saying not to spend money on her for her B-day and if that didt make matters worse I'm still mad about the "That Thing" comment she made twards me but yet i still manage to muster up a bit of someting inside of me to make her a nifty birthday card.
and I prepair with mom a wonderful Dinner yet AGAIN still no thank ou or anything I made really yummy Chocolate Mouse for dissert and well I don't think we are gonna eat it due to the fact of it went like this.

Grams comes home sits down on her chair she always sits in and sees I made her a card and all she said was Awww happy birthday to ou.
then looked at her books got hella pissed off we bought them lets forget th fact we didnt spendalot on em becasue we got them from the used book store t half price!
they are still expensive book so we had to listen to her gripe about us spending cash on silly things and we cant afford it so way bother.
then back on the phone she goes talking to Bobbys mom mary and just talked to her the whole time we were prepairing her her Birthday dinner and never once got off the phone to socialize with us after getting her gifts or make her dinner and heavin forbid the woman to say thank you its pointless.
so mom and I ate the dinner e made in silence and I just got really depperessed and then we went and walked away.
the only thing i got out of her was a "here heather" and its because she was handing me her plate.

shes still talking on the phone right now and I'm beyond pissed off.
I 100% guarientee shes not gonna do a damn thing for my birthday on the 28th of June and well you know what she always expects me to say thank you for everything I'm not gonna say a damn word to her.
she had ordered me more immatrex and shes like "gee thanks grandma for buying my immatrex for me"
and its like oh yeah thanks i guess...

shes an ungreateful BITCH!
she sent a bunch of cash yet again out to the satanic breeding grounds knowin as buffy... we all know my story on that psychopathic looser I dare not speak anything else of her for fear I'm going to taint my own name just thinking of her...
but yeah so again another useless day and alot of greif.

an to make matters just that much worsein mom and I's personal endevors Verizon is at it again and didnt even call to warn us of anything and completely shut off our phones!
no supprise there tho really it happens every 3 weeks so thats a new fun thing to look forward to every month woot!

mom is so fed up and angry from today becasue of that alone we thought grams and birthday ness would brighten our mood slightly... Guess nt.
so on going sad BS in a hand basket continues.

I don't know why i even bother any more waisting my time trying to even make that woman happy.

she doesnt make me happy and the last thing she bought me I already owned so that was dumb.
I give up all hope on her and if she thinks about giving me anything a gift card or cash or a stupid dollar store gift item im gonna do what she does you can bet your sweet ass and I'm gonna hand it back and say "what a waste"
why effing bother with your dumb crap if you dont really care...
give your money to your precious Buffy becasue I will not tae anything from you out of pitty becasue you spoil her and give her everything to your damn name you cow!

correction I'll gladly take the immatrex becasue its the only thing I can take that gets rid of my migranes and I really dont like my migranes and all the nausious crap they put me thru....
but I'll be damned if I'll take anything else from your sorry ass!
Heck if i had a job I wou;dnt need you to even buy me my pills so your pretty much useless yur just there to do nothing and give mom and I greif.

which you do quite well so good job grams


Thursday, May 20, 2010

By now we are all sick of me and my constant Twilightness :/

Sorry I know I must be annoying with all this stuff i'll try to post something thats not twilight related this weekend ^_^
in the mean time try and enjoy this trailer I found sadly the sound is shotty and so is the pic quality i cant find it in good condition so hopefully this will do XD

also there is a new bella Eclipse poster as well ^_^

yep thats it for now I suppose XD

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie PICS!!!!

so again with my crazy surfing of the web I stumble upon some awesome movie clips from the upcomming movie Eclipse XD
and as we all know I cannot resist the urge to shre and blab about said images becasue I'm a crazed maniac (my rabies is showing in full force now) *cleans frothyness off her face*

Newborn Vampire Riley looking pretty dark and sexy tho hes a villan XD

we all know the Volturi no need to explain whos in the pic...
ummm I'm hoping not any way XD

the 3 prominant characters in this crazy world known as Twilight.
I must say I'm unclear how I feel about these posters it looks like they are looking down a well O_o maybe the same well where Samara is no?
lol just kidding I had to poke a little fun at these its a really intense angle thats for sure lol

New Movie Posters are in order and have been granted XD
But when oh when can we be expecting to buy one of them the movie is a little over a month away and my goodness I'm gettin so antsy I could scream XD

And here is a new clip from that was shown on Ellen XD

And for now thats all I got for you kiddies my comp crashed 7 times in the process of doing this blog so I'll update again tomorrow T_T

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Updates!!!!

As the Saga draws near there are a few things that have happened in the last 24 hours!
Oprah had the cast of Twilight on her show everyone went wild Robert and Taylor got sent out to meet uber fans and we also get to see new clips and an extended trailer for the movie ^_^

the trailer looks the same to me but meh I'm excited about the third clip hee hee

This is the extended Oprah trailer and well I still love it tho it looks similar theres a bit more action and words crammed into it but roughly the same.

the new Volturi Movie clip I would have to say Fanning makes a splendidly painful Jane. I know I wouldnt want to meet up with her in a dark alley.

and my all time SQUEE factor I love how Edward gets all aggressive and at the same time pained by Jacob's behavior.

God I cant wait for the movie its not soon enough!

and in more awesome Eclipse News the list of songs and bands for the Twilight saga Eclipse Motionpicture soundtrack have been released!!!!

And the list is Drumb Roll Please *Drumbs rolling XD*

1. Metric — “Eclipse (All Yours)”

2. Muse — “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)”

3. The Bravery – “Ours”

4. Florence + The Machine – “Heavy In Your Arms”

5. Sia — “My Love”

6. Fanfarlo — “Atlas”

7. The Black Keys – “Chop And Change”

8. The Dead Weather – “Rolling In On A Burning Tire”

9. Beck and Bat For Lashes – “Let’s Get Lost”

10. Vampire Weekend – “Jonathan Low”

11. UNKLE — “With You In My Head (featuring The Black Angels)”

12. Eastern Conference Champions – “A Million Miles An Hour”

13. Band Of Horses – “Life On Earth”

14. Cee-Lo Green – “What Part Of Forever”

15. Howard Shore – “Jacob’s Theme”

The only thing I wanna know now is what about the Eclipse score soundtrack D:
in the mean time alot of exciting things will be comming out to feed our hunger to get a grip on eclipse...
maybe take a bite would have been more appropriate XD

Movie Tie in book will be out on May 25th

We also have this lovely Eclipse board game comming out on May 27th which is quickly approaching XD
tho I must admit I'm still missing the sweet tin for New Moon with the pewter pieces to go with my beautiful Twilight one D: so from some aspect I'm a tad bit sad I'm behind on that :/
I must catch up maybe I can get mom to get me the New Moon board Game next week ^_^

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella
will be comming out on June 5th
this gives everyone enough time to do a speed read and know more insight on the lovely short lived newborn vampire before seeing the movie!
I would have to say thats pretty cool there ^_^

then for everyones amusement the soundtrack will be out June 8th

and then finally the illustration guide to eclipse will be out a day before the movie hits theatres June 29th
if that doesnt make people squeemish about the movie I dunno what will XD
I know after I read the New Mon illustration companion I was super excided about the wolves on how tey were made and what they would look like on the big screen.
Lets just hope that this one is packed full of awesome yummyness and eyecandy of the Vampires vs Werewolfs XD

and tho I'm unclear about when these lovely beautys are gonna be released I'm tinking its gonna be after the movie premiere it says they will be all over this summer so who knows XD

Also in june before I forget if we loved the New Moon stuff at Burger King keep your eyes pealed people theres gonna be Eclipse stuff and a supposed game to win cool stuffs.

thats all I got for now Stay tuned for more updates.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Issues In The Works

I wake up to the most saddening news ever when mom tells me that official News has reported today that Summet is having "issues" with two of the beloved characters of the Twilight saga.
she couldnt tell me any more than that becasue they will be announcin it on MORE at
4pm today...
so I kinda freaked out a bit and got really bummed about this seeing as they already had issues in the past with Rachelle Lefevre and the reported more money thing when it came up then.
They hae given her the boot and replaced her with Bryce Dallas Howard!
which okay cool you gotta do what you gtta do but when your used to familiar faces and now changing it all up its sill a bit upsetting.

Tho supposedly from what I have read up on in the past news reports of this issue they origonally wanted Bryce Dallas to play Victoria but she was too busy at the time to actually play the role thus why they got Rachelle,
when she got the boot they brought on Howard and reported that she took the job for much less than they were even offering to Lefevre.

so now the drama begins again!
We all know that all over the place they wee thinking of giving the two main roles the boot for unknown reasons and the fact that Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
were going thru alot of there own issues.
Be it "blossoming Love" or whatever the case may be there have been alot of rumors and speculations that they were gonna give Pattinson the boot a while ago before Eclipse even surfaced to be in the making.

so now with all this drama that has come to a boiling point the only thing we do know is Breaking Dawn will be released by November 2011 and the second part by the summer of 2021...

this leaves some tme but not a whole bunch seeing as they have said Breaking Dawn is in worksthen its on hold then its on again then off then on and now it seems its at an off point for sure.

I can understand these actors concerns with there pay the movies are a big hit and they do rake in alot of cash from the films.
The sad part about it all is who would they find to replace Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene?

Thats going to be verry hard on alot of people and quite frankly I dont think anyone could make a better Alice nor a better Emmett.

Honestly I don't want to see Jackson Rathbone on the big screen as Jasper with some other funky chick as an Alice imposter that would just break my heart.

Summet has reported that they may be forced to replace Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene
due to the fact they cannot agree on a pay check.
Summit has reportedly offered the stars 10 times what they made in the first film to appear in Breaking Dawn. But sources say Lutz and Greene deem the payment "offensive" considering the amount of money the studio rakes in with each release.
"We may have a situation where one of them is thrown out on the street to make a point," Said a Sorce.

So no matter what way you look at it it looks like its becomming a big drastic thing and a big gamble.

they are also undecided if its going to be a 1 or 2 part move...
Again also saddening due to the thickness of Breaking Dawn the book,
I don't see them jamming it all into one movie and if they did I would be appaled it would be lacking of so much substace and its going to be butchered to Hell.

I believe that it should be a Two part movie end of story.
I'm still angry that they cant make them into 3 hour long movies apparently its too big of budget ad it falls into new catagorys and rules and regulatons and all that legal crap...
its just odd that Twilight was only an hour and something minutes and New Moon is two hours and twenty minutes long and now what with Eclipse?
we dont know much of anything about it nothing has been fed to us and we are stuck with the same images as before a few new things here and there to get us all wound up but the hype isnt as high and nor is the images and crazy madness about the third installment to the saga :/

At this point I guess only time will tell what happens to the cast crew and other odds and ends with Breaking Dawn D:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Cherry BOMB!

Lol as promised I have finally got some wicked pics of my new flaming red hair and I must say I'm in love with it fully tho all my towels are now pink O_o

I updated my Deviant art account and finally made a good avatar not invloving my IMVU avatar and I now just have to shrink my Deviant ID to fit my area its Effing HUGE XD

If you want to see other deviant related stuff I have done
Feel free to wander and give me love ^_^
Alot is photography and I'm gonna be updating my page with old school me and makeup ideas I have done over the years and all that crazy awesomeness ^_^
in the mean time here are a few things your all missing out on by not looking at my DeviantArt account ^_^

this was fun and it took place on friday I was just all over the place with random crap everywhere XD
I was trying to use my cannon and well it wasnt working out too well for me and mom's new nycon is like god!
so yeah ^_^
nothing is photoshoped and its a bent piece of mirrored metal on a slot machine thus the Anime Eyes XD

reasons why Izzy shouldnt drink always drunken random pics and oddness XD
I wouldnt have it any other way tho XD

and the one that got the most atention would be nicely named "look at mahi pussy"
it was all for humor and well shes my baby and a squeemish butt head when it comes to camaras XD

any way thats all I have for now I'll have more up on deviant art soon ^_^

Friday, May 7, 2010

New Twilight Saga: Eclipse Merchandise!!!!

So I'm doing some more surfing of the lovely web and I have come across these lovely beautys ^_^

I might have to break down and get my first Twilight related book mark...
I missed out on the first two batches of awesomeness when they were out T_T

Also to go with the Aesome edward, Bella and Jacob Barbie Dolls they now have:

Victoria!!!! Awesomeness

ALICE^_^ ME wants so bad woo hoo they need a Jasper one squee ^_^

they have also cme out with Eclipse Party supplys ^_^
just in time for my birthday woot ^_^

They also have released Bella's Engagement ring and have a price range from $59-$1999
they come in traditional gold or silver or white gold there is also a cheaper prop replica one available for $35

Nordstrom is again going to come up with a suposed Twilight saga: Eclipse line of clothing as well to go with the New Moon high-endy stuff...
things I might not ever own XD

we also got the Eclipe 2011 Calendar:

there will also be a ton more movie prop replicas
we should already know about a few of the items already if not own them ourselves XD

Music off of the New Twilight saga: Eclipse soundtrack
has Muse to back them up with the song
Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) which will be comming out May 17th

Most everything lately for this movie ias been super hard to obtain and I dont go to Twi-Con so I'm kinda up in the air and clueless.
I'm trying to keep all you antsy little Kiddies amused the best I can by Updating with anything helpful that I find and or see personally.
more will come later

I'm gonna be posting images soon of my new hair I dyed it Super red and mom is now Purple XD

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Just Found Out and I'm so happy Im in tears SQUEE

Stephenie Meyer is continuing with some twilight books and it starts here with

I'm so happy I went to her website and I'm so happy she made this and I'm beyond happy we can see Twilight frm Bree's perspective its going to be an awesome book I know it if you look it up on her page theres alot of info about it Amazon is selling it for $7.69 if you pre order it now and a dollar of the books profits go to the american red cross that is the sweetest information I have gotten I loved Bree in eclipse and I wish she could have lived longer and now she can :D
I'm going to be updating my blog frequently with other awesome Twilight related news

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