Saturday, January 30, 2010

Twilight: The Graphic Novel... MANGA!!!! WOOT!!!!!

Okie day so I'm surfing around trying to find what miniscule info there is available about the Twilight graphic novel and well I end up on borders XD so I Took a Pic of my compy screen to share with you the info seeing as I'm trying to be the wealthy pool of information Twilight reladed XD
so here ya go kiddies I hopethis pleases your eyes and your hearts for a while!

Twilight Info XD!


Monday, January 25, 2010

New Moon Valentines Day Stuffs XD

So its a happy monday for sure...
well it wasnt at first O_o I had an odd dream and it got me in a crappy funk all darn day...
I rather not really go into detail about my dream it was just down right fracked up lets just leave it at that.

so my day progresses with me feeling of pop and I want to to go to wal mart becasue every one knows its not a day without your daily round to the crazy store XD

I was looking for art supplys and on the way out mom wanted to stop and look at vallentines day garb and then I found these!!!!

New Moon Candy For V Day SQUEE

I was lookig at the gifts and funny cards and turned around and gasped for life and saw this XD my mom just laughed and let me pick out a few things which totally made me happy XD


the row on the bottom of that immage that got cut off were of these ^_^
mini heart boxes with a few candie hearts with your fave character Jasper is who I chose and gee I bet we cant figure that one out on why XD
they also had...

jacob and emmett!

Jacob and Emmett which was pretty nifty XD

and edward

and lets ont forget everyones dream boat vamp EDWARD XD

I'm kinda sad it had all the males but Carlisle an that was a drag to me then i thought about it and why not have Alice, Bella, Esmee, and Rosalie

any how I guess you cant win them all XD

the big box1!

they had a big box full of 24 mini packages of sweethearts to give as valentines to your class mates or friends the back of the box is cool because you cut out the to from cards out of the back of it XD

back of box

I totally couldnt help myself I got this box for safety measures and I was trying to find twilight vallentines day crap and this is all I have seen thus far.

I want o make a trip to Hot Topic and see if they have anything exciting becasue I really wanted like a box of V day cards that say silly stuff that come with like 30 cards and stickers XD

box of chocolates

and for those of you who love the sky bar candies they had a box of chocolates which is super cute but I didnt get that one XD

team jacob!

and then lastly this was the only one they had but its a mini lunch box tin and its team jacob... I would like to point out AGAIN I dont have a team this was the only one they had and I had to get it.

There is also a really cool New Moon Card that turns into a poster thats wandering around and then a music v day card for the edward fans and all that jazz.

and while we are on that subject the New Moon Movie comes out soon and Im mad becasue apparently sweeden gets a special edition 3 disc bella's box set...
one can only hope that target ends up having a special copy available as well becasue I do own the 3 disc edition twilight and it only makes sense to have the 3 disc new moon one too XD

any way I'm still painting yuki and I'll show off pics soon I just want to finish so yeah not too bad for a monday if i do say so myself XD


Friday, January 22, 2010

woot for the weekend!

okay so yes i have been lack of blogging due to... ummm im lazy :/
yep i can admit it i suppose i have been lazy :( i know i said sorry but sheesh
i dont even think sorry is good enough now D:
agh! sometimes i can be a real drag :(

Okay so lets play re cap seeing as im just a down right ass... shal we?

monday: got all rainy and i couldnt do my porcelain charms so now im way behind on
the hillywood show's project:( which may i say im royally PEEVED about because i would have had it done by now for twicon!
the clay likes to not dry and stay moist because of the humidity in the air... and well if you all have been watching the weather its been non stop raining :/
so ill have to start again next week if the weather allows... *fingers crossed*
i need a few good days PLEASE!

TUESDAY: more gloomy rain fun of raining doom i swear its bad! i dont like driving when its like that due to people in vegas not knowing how to drive its freaking nuts i tell you nuts!

wednsday: same damn thing more rain so now at this point i decide to knit because its the only thing i can do the weathers all gloomy and im just sad because of it and omg did it just continue!
the news talked and covered floods out in henderson and twards the strip and alot of car wreaks of doom so again it was bad and now its wearing thin on my mom and i and we are just getting kinda anoyed due to the rain issue and well that just blows...

thursday: so im thinking of repo the genetic opera and well all week even tho it has rained and we couldnt stay cooped up in the house due to our sanity mom and i were trying to find this damn movie!
umm no luck in that department tho if i remember correctly mom did take it upon her self to on wednsday buy me the ENTIRE sailor moon box set all 5 seasons 200 episodes begining to end off of ebay so that made my day because she knowshow long i have been trying to find it for under a grand.
so woot to the awesome power of mom! ad part is its comming from korea so its gonna be a while... woot for free shipping tho !

friday: wow finally woot the weekend and finally a hault on the rain
so we decide to hit up joannes for fabric and yarn... no luck in either of those catagorys tho :/ mom found stuff tho...
i got somewhat lucky and found a few valentines day stamps for a dollar so now i can make valentines for my few peoples cuz as we know im a broke non working fool :(

i did however decide that if im going to anime vegas this year as fai i wanted yuki to match me :)
so i have spent the rest of my day working hard on his birdy back piece tattoo that fai has but decided to turn it teal due to yuki is a snow demon dollfie hujoo doll...
i did take progress pics of drawing it onto his back and arms but seeing as i blog from my phone i cannot post them...
ill post the pics tomorrow :) and i guess thats all the news i have for now hope my weekend is good X

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I must share

this is a short blog sorry but here is a lovely video of the manga Clover I talked about a few times...
this is the only music short there is of Clover being an anime :/ so thats just it end of story song is sad but its pretty enjoy :3

Monday, January 18, 2010

there once was a pleasant time in the field of flowers

searching for peace of mind is harder than one thinks.
the journey one travels all starts with the first step,
where one might think of going all depends on how they want to change there life.

sometimes its hard to believe that things are all mapped out for us,
we begin to question what god has in store for us...

i believe it gets harder certain days to keep the faith specially when every time you turn around something bad happens.
people live and they grow old the journey one takes holds knowledge that is special to each beeing,
so what happens to all that after we age so much that we cannot remember our loved ones?
why take the chance to grow old if all your going to do is forget what it is like to live?

there once was a pleasant time in a field full of flowers,
where i thought the young ones could stay forever and breathe.

this nightmare soon rolls around and shines down its bitter terror of truth,
oh Wendy there is no neverland, and there were never lost boys.

peter pan was never there and im sorry for you because he was what you loved.
shut your eyes dear and count your sheep there is no greater gift i can give you
that your wild imagination i wish you could keep.

im sorry dear alice the cheshire has brought you to this point,
but look into my eyes closely your injurys are deep.

cut right through your flesh that land you wanted to see through the looking glass,
how did you make that look so easy?
laying in a hospital bed with all sorts of chemical drips,
all you keep wanting the things you cannot grip
sadly the hatter has left you high and dry and withought your new blood supply,
oh my heavens dear alice im sorry but you might just die.

heroin sets in and so does the pcp,
how many things did you do that day when you had to run away?
your daddy he beat you and cut you with rusty blades speek not of the man that stole your life away.

hush now my child the beast is now gone but the beauty is to traumatized to see the light of dawn.
beauty that of a rose petal and skin just as soft,
evil things seem to happen as your head my god it was about to come off!

crimson the tied has just come in, wounded is your ego precious beauty but the beast has left his mark.
remember back to high school when you were first class he loved you since before elementary school,
but you made poor beast feel like the last.

where is your beauty now crippled with your sin,
i hope to god your happy bet not nor do i see you falling in love again.

the sirens song that lours young men away im sorry prince she made you think this way
she sung to you and her voice you could not avoid,
stuck in a trance now as the sirens song leads you to ultimate void.

sing to me my darling as you wished she always would,
she made it hard for you to leave her then she made it impossible for you even if you could.
the sea is a scary mistress my fool of a man but nothing phases you more than the touch of cold wet hands,
stuck in the trance she has put her siren's spell on you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

the borderline of sanely insane...

so im sitting here this lovely night realizing im really screwing up my blogging i got sick and just declined in care... i guess sickness does that to you:/ i would like to say im sorry but i dunno what i would be sorry about in reality, i have been in such a strange mindstate lately and well i just have felt like crap... i dunno if its because i have been sick or if im just sad misrable and blah in general but im just like *jumps up and screams at the top of her lungs and pulls at her hair* yeah i dunno... i have been listening to my ipod alot more and whats funny is i used to live attatched to it and i knew my shuffle play mode at one point...
now im not so clear on it XD
i guess it could be worse... tho i cant really see how it could be ha ha ha

Monday, January 11, 2010

Been Sick :( Not Fun

Okay I want to start off by saying Im really sorry I wasnt here Thursday on. I ended up really sick and was dead to the planet for a whole 24hr period and then I was trying to manage to eat food and then it would lead right back into more sleep. *sighs* so for this I am sorry :( I would post a blog from my computer and make this blog less crappy but mom has invaded the compy and well yeah honestly its just as easy if not easier for me to blog from my phone. I just wish I had a more advanced phone so I could put pics on my blog while Im typing it up :/ few minor set backs nothing too drastic I suppose. Im kinda bummed tho facebook doesnt have an app out for my model of phone so Im kinda bummed out about that one :/ blargh cant win for losing lol. any way Im gonna go for now still trying to get well hopefully ill have another post later today im still trying to work on my project while i have been sick :( argh! later peoples.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lovely Wednsay of happy Wootness ^_^

okay so today was just a chill Wednsday I ended up getting a super awesome pair of tight blue jeans and well honestly I liked them on K stwe and I am getting ick of the flarey pants they end up making my legs look short and nubby like so seeing as I got some that are at he ancle that was way different but they are so comfy I love them alot!!!

Im calling them my scene kid pants although they arnt really scene kids pants XD
they arnt super tight and strange but darn it they are close XD
any how Im really happy that I have had time to just kck back and relax nao tho I'm busting my ass on The Hillywood Show's Charm project and I'm behind and I'm not too happy but im trying to work my hardest T_T

I have a big feeling im not going to finish it in time all the bodies are drying funny and its becomming a strain tho I'm trying super hard to stay determined and focus on it and I have to go and get more supplys becasue Im low on jump rings and chain and I dont have alot of paint XD
So Im running around frantic so yeah thats the majority ofmy day XD

Any how I'm gonna go and finish more work

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Moon Parody Behind The Scenes Part 1

Well my mom was surfing up youtube an she found this ^_^ it made me so happy this girl got way awesome footage and just wow i'm so happy just looking back at this and seeing it it was so much fun ^_^

she put it to a good song too and my gosh it made me so happy I will be finding the others and looking around becasue that was the most awesome thing to happen for me last year XD

Monday, January 4, 2010

Official OK!!!

So I now have the OK to blab to my little hearts content about The Hillywood Show's New Moon Pardy Filming FUN and well today I'm just to worn out XD
gotta love how that works ha ha ha ha Not only that I would have liked to have a blog done earlier so now its just late and I'm working on my project...
well no i'm breaking till after dinner I'm too shaky to paint and I dun wanna eff up the charms so its breathe time which means blog time XD

I'm thinking blogging is kinda slow cause of the new year and here I am just busting em out for some random reason I'm glad I got 4 already for all for days...
maybe I should blog every day???

that would be nice but I think peoples would need to do alot of catching up but meh its all good hee hee hee

today was a good day very calm finally...
I didnt get as much as wanted to get done but its ok i will survive.

I got more chains andjumprings and paint so i can work like a little demon child on making a display for my new friends Hillywood XD

its alot of hard work but I'm devoted so is all good no no no its grand ^_^

that and the power of rasberry beer and cherry beer is on my side so im all sorts of chill...
alas theres no driving now ha ha ha ha...
well ummm maybe i can i havnt had a drink in a few hours and.... ummmm well no mom can drive ha ha ha ha ha ha

hmmmm mom got a new camara today so we can take better photos and I'm just all over the place in my mind i dunno whats going on XD

ummm in the mean time I might get a wild hair up my butt later and make another post but for now I'm gonna just say later I'm gonna go eat foodies XD

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Moon Parody By The Hillywood Show Now Up!!!!

Alrighty so its now the New Moon parody release and I'm so excited ^_^
and just to get us all a little wound up for it here are some of Hillywood's New Moon Parody pics off there site ^_^

I would put up my pics I took from the one shooting but I dunno if I can yet or not XD

So I'm just going to use what they got on tere website till I find out whats up lol

I'm going to do these in order of when the got posted up on the site ^_^

this is my fave promo imae because it matches the New Moon Book Cover and I Love IT!!!

Now for some awesome stills ^_^

okay now that we looked at some lovely pics we can now watch the video!!!!!!

I just want everyone to know before they watch this I did get casted to be an extra in the scene where bella goes to Italy and I had a blast doing the whole Italian scene it was so awesome and I had the most fun I could ever have and it really did make 09 a little more happy for me ^_^

I loved watching Hanna Hindi direct she is way awesome to work with and I loved Hilly Hindi during filming she gets totally ino character and I think she makes the cutest Bella ever XD

Jacob Jost plays the best Edward ever and he was such a sport about everything,
you guys only get to see the final ending product but all the love and care and devotion that goes into making this is just wow.

To be apart of something so wonderful and awesome is just the best type of happy in the world!!!

as we all know I got to see the Pre screening of New Moon parody and I was just thrilled beyond beliefe about it!
Even if there were a few glitches along the road to play it on the big screen XD
I waited it out and the other die hard HillyFans waited it out and we were so happy it was worth the wait totally worth it ^_^

Every one gave it there all and made this the best Parody they have made yet!!!

again you guys onlyget the final product and I really want you all to know that its a real labor of love and it makes the Hillywood crew really happy and its there world and there love and devotion,
They have a ton of hard core fans and you can just feel the love being apart of the group.

ok so now that I'm crying I'm going to let you all watch the vid nao XD I'm such a dork ha ha ha ha ha


Hope you all Love the Parody as much as I do ^_^

and in case you didnt get to see my other blog about me meeting Jackson Rathbone
heres the link to that ^_^
now Im off to go and do something else fun XD every day has been a fun day since the new year began XD


Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years off to a wonderful sart and its only Day TWO!!!

Yes yes yes so I forgot to do another blog yesterday and I'm sorry but I have the best excuse on the planet!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!

I got a special invite from my buddy Jeff's girlfriend K.K. to go and meet

Jackson Rathbone and or as we like to know him from the Twilight saga Jasper Hale!!!
the vampire that looks like hes in pain XD who has the power to controll emotions
and all that awesome rott XD

so yes I got an invite to go shee Jackson's band play at the beauty bar and my god if you guys have not herd 100 Monkeys you must! they will blow your mind!!!

and well I thought iw as awesome enough that I got to see them preform on the First of Jan bringing in the lovely second of jan off to a wonderful start as well ^_^

100 Monkeys jammed out with a bunch of songs and it seemed endless then two songs from the end Jackson announced that he would be Dj-ing it up the rest of the night.

so then the two songs played and I got tons of pics that i still have to load it will be a while before all that jazz XD
I have no time to do it today XD becasue I have a special invite again to another awesome evet!!!!

we all know my last blog before new year and how I was a privlaged person to be apart of the New Moon Parody by Hillywood???

this would be the teaser pic they released before the unveiling of the new moon parody masterpiece!!!!

any way yeah I got invited to go and see the final cut of the Hillywood Show's New Moon parody XD so im pretty happy so i'm gonna have a ton of pics to load between last night and tonight and well my goodness its all so wow XD

okay back to Jackson Rathbone XD

I was lucky enough to get to give him a hug and talk to him for a moment XD

He also signed my Twilight book personalized To Izzy With Love ^_^

its just the most awesome way to bring in the new year for deffinately sure XD

so yeah thats all I gotta say I'll be updating you all tomorrow on images and all that jazz in the mean time I'm still Swooning over my experience ha ha ha ha ha

Jackson Rathbone ROCKS!!!!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

alrighty so its a new year and its going to be full of tons of fun and excitement no more 09 blues tho I must say a few good things came out of 09 and well im happy about it and lets see if I can remember all my good and or bad highlights XD before I continue my blog for right now XD I think I'll be posting another one later and Im going to have a new layout and all that happy jazz as well I want everything fresh and prettyfull or the new year and all the happieness that comes along with it ^_^

OK now on to '09 perks and not so perks...

one that really stands out n my head clear as crystal would be the event of '08 in october 28th to be more exact and well right now this isnt a good memory at all its sad and traumatising and should never happen to ANY ONE EVER!!!

this day my dad decided to brutally attack me and thrash me around like i was a rag doll and bead me agains all my furniture and everything elsethen he proceded to try and throw me down the stairs and kill me....

i'm not continueing with this story now that was just a tiny re cap of 08 to 09

so now comes all these lovely trial dates I'm supposed to attend becasue I have been sepeniaed and well he just gets all of it extended all through 09 so theres one crap tastic waste of my life...
nothing got accomplished at all for my hearing or anything and I dunno when they plan on actually going thru with this stupid thing now >_<
this now leaks into my lovely 2010 year of the tiger (which i am a tiger so its my year ^_^) and i dunno whats gonna happen at all :/

ok so now for a few perks
09 my moms divorce finally got delt with and she is now a free woman ^_^
09 i get to attend first fridays and sell my charms and lovely stuffs i make at an art thing ^_^
09 I end up getting casted in the Hillywood's new moon parody as a italian tourist that was sooooo much fun ^_^

09 christmas time woot i get my mom a wii and two games and extra components and all that jazz and i get band hero for x box 360 and also guitar hero 3 also for xbox 360
fun stuff.

now for what goals im setting for myself for 2010 ^_^

in 2010 i have decided that seeing as I started smoking and its not a healthy habit that was the number one goal i had and well i quit yesterday and dont even crave one I just quit cold turkey ^_^
I also plan to eat healthier and I plan on becomming a vegitarian becasue I cant stand meat any more its making me sick to my stomach...
along with the eat healthier Im also planning on dropping 20 pounds ^_^ so i feel more alive and healthy as well...
i did weigh 144 i have now got it down to 135 so i have lost 9 pounds already but i still feel not so good I want to get into shape and feel good about myself ^_^
ummmm I also plan on doing anything and everything that i want to accomplish in y life I'm gonna get a job and makae some money and I'm gonna go to school and i'm going to get my dream and be a happy person ^_^

I'm going to be making new things for my charms page and I'm going to update my stuff more frequently and I'm going to at minimum have a bog for almost every day.

I have gotten so lazy and its not right... my mom even blogs more than me T_T

any how yeah thats all i have for now I'm gonna be posting another blog hopefully later today with some pics and re caps of 09 and some other stuffs I can think of and see what everyone thinks and what not and on that note I'm gonna go and run around I have some things to make and get togethr and blah blah blah
I also plan on doing this thing I had on myspace called photo a day...
it was supposed to be a pic of every day of the year so 365 pics...
unfortunately it didnt work out too well for me some where along the lines i got so ad about court and never loaded any more pics and got lazy and then my chip took a crap s now I'mgonna re try this and see what comes of it ^_^

any how i go for now and see whats up and do my stuffs.



Happy New YEAR!!!!
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