Monday, June 29, 2009

And the beat goes on... La de da de de

So the wonderful party was yesterday and the short version is I wiouldn't change any of it for the world I had a freaking blast and a half it was a trial an error party and my charm making ability for my charms site so seeing as all that was a big hit Ill be making an area for special custom charms for party favors ^_^ (well lee will add it cause if I do shell break my fingers)
Okay now that was the short story now for the lovely novel I'm warning you all now if you are faint of heart for bashing and alot of foul words I'll try and censor the best I can but geez I feel like just beeing cut and dry about it.
Now on to the event.

Birthday starts off like any good birthday should and mom and I running a round picking up the last minute items and trying to get me home in time to pick out my wardrobe and dart out the door to pick up the Lovely Lee and my boyfriend Travis and my buddy Pat.

Sooooo I have now just arrived at Lee's house and Trais calls and txts and calls some more about how Alex really wants to come to my party and then how hes so hung over he was vomiting in the freaking toilet and such so he deffinately is out of the picture now so I'm like "THANK GOD!!" O_O
(This is the first picture that was taken of my birthday that Lee took and the rest of the pics of the car are lee's handy work too.)

So as this thank god presues to sink in and I'm feeling a hella lot better lee took some photos of me...
I'm explaining to Lee that I'm glad he isnt comming and how I assume all he would do is Purposly try and frack up my party becasue hes that type of doushe bag and would be capable of pulling something like that out of his ass and not feel any type of shame or remorse because hes an ass hole >_<
(God I wish this was an exageration but hell I could not make up anything this jusy if I tried hes just naturally that flippin' wacked)
Oh my god and what heppened a little prior to this picture was hell and I would have rather pulled out my fucking teeth >_<

So I'm calling Travis or hes calling me just as I'm turning the corner to reach his house and travis proceds to tell me "Well Alex decided he wanted to come to your party"
Lee is all freaked out and stating that if he does its not gonna be good and hes just gonna be an ass hole the whole time and that I should come up with an excuse on why he cant fit in my car...

So I end up telling travis over the phone in that second "I didnt think he was comming I deffinately don't have room in my car he forfitted his seat so now I got a full house I still gotta pick up pat and get gas and such and I'm running way late for my own freaking party!!!!"

I thought about it as I'm pulling up to the house and lee and I were talking about how he is trying to sabatoge my party and how if he comes Ill have hell to pay if for any reason I'm feeling any type of guilt about this shit...

me being the better person decide "Fuck it" ill let him come but hes gotta be ready"

so as I'm getting out of the car with Lee to go into the dooming house of hell and tell Alex he needs to be ready to go he's like "OH you guys didnt give me time to get ready I gotta change..."
(What he was wearing before he changed was WAY better than what he had changed into so I'm pissed about that)

so what ensued from that pont was just a bunch of fucked up shit >_<>

we finally get into the fucking car and I need gas and Pat still needed a few moments so I was like okay I can stall for Pat hes not a dick headed fuck nard like Alex so I'm getting my gas now

(gas picture about how pissed I am about Alex comming and taking forever and I told him to hury and he took his sweet ass time )
Okay so here I am pissed off bitching to lee and Travis about how long alex is taking and making an arrangement with Travis to sit in back with the Freak Fuck becasue Lee got so uncomfortable I didnt want her to have a heart atack if the creepy pervy pedaphile touched her or anything uber not right T_T

so lee ended up sitting up front and now I'm done with gas and travis and lee and I are in the car like WTFing the fact that Alex hasnt come out I had counted to ten sixty times and he still hadnt come out so I'm like okay he knows hes going to a party and hes fucking my party up badly I'm late I gotta pick up my last person and jet to my place I had lied to mom and told her a billion times I'm right down the street and theres still no izzy so shes calling like WTF where are you at man I'm with Laura and Mary and we are decorating and shit already >_<.... So I pull around the gas station and we all see him flirting with the fucking cashier and taking his sweet time and I'm like he better fracking hurry or I'm going ... "Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... five... four ... three two one okay hes out of fucking time I'm leaving"

and just as I'm pushing the gas he comes bolting out of the Seven Eleven so fast that I stop my car and lee's yelling "Hurry the fuck up alex start running!!!"

so now he comes to a dead stop and starts walking hella slow and I'm like "Alex fucking get your ass in the car fucking hell hurry up hurry up HURRY UP I"M SO DAMN LATE"

he finally gets in the car and was like "Damn you guys were gonna leave me all I was getting was chips and shit blah blah (I didnt pay atention hes an ass)"

so I'm almost to Pats and mom calls "where are you Izzy " "I'm almost there I'm around the corner at a stop light"
Freaking big bad lie I was like 3 miles away from my party >_<

So I'm in the process of getting Pat and alex is bitching the wole damn time how hes not gonna sit bitch and how a bunch of other fucked up shit and I ended up screaming at him that if he thought it was bitch its becasue he is a bitch its just a spot in the car get the fuck over it scoot over or get the fuck out.

so I'm introducing pat to the people and finally heading to my party.

most of the people that were talking were Travis and pat then lee and I and we were purposly saying things to make alex uncomfortalbe mentioning all the shit he has done and then penis size and a bunch of other things and may I add when lee and I were hanging he had the balls to state the remark of how one topic i'm cute and shit then its

OH funny enough I'm not his "type" and that he would rather gouge out his own fucking eyes than date me >_<>okay so now on to more fun story crazyness I'm at my party and a few of the guests have arrived and Laura and mary were already there with my mom all good fine fine whatever.

Laura just got out of a 6 month relationship with this goon of a boy that I had already previously told her not to date casue the guy was a creep but she wouldnt listen and then she was engaged to this retarded fuck but noooo it gets worse now that was just a positive point.

okay so now they are broken up and she feels I should play cupid and hook her up with one of my guyfriends at my party >_<

first she flirts WITH MY BOYFRIEND shes flirting with travis and I see this I'm not blind I'm not a moron I just subtly pretend like I'm not paying atention >_<
again I repeat dont fucking fuck with me ~_~

okay so Travis wasnt working at all gee I wonder why so she moves on to her next victum hunt and starts hitting on Pat...
oh man shit I feel so bad for pat shes nuts and wanting a pretty guy blah blah and pats just lkie ewwww or whatever the hell he was thinking in his head I'm not gonna comment on that becasue he never ganve imput about it so I dunno lmfao >_<
lees like stating how I'm not a good match maker and so is alex and I state to laura usually I am but if someones psycho and wants to purpose to someone on the second date thats not my issue I fucking tried and its not my fault that people like alex shouldnt have relationships any way...

so then she is clinging to alex and flirting with him and blah HE HAD A FUCKING GIRLFRIEND WHO CARES HES 22 AND SHES 15 THE POINT IS H E H A D A G I R L F R I E N D!!!

spelling it out now what hes borderline doing forget the pedaphile thing is cheating CHEATING C H E A T I N G on his girlfriend with his look of I wanna fuck you two was from tomorrow twards laura!!!!!
(I left this one huge becasue I want you all to see how laura is propped up next to my cake beint flirty come on mow we all know girl dody languate and look how at first no one is even interested shes like "Hey I'm For Sale Lets Talk" and nope nothing >_< )

And now she sits with Alex and is not jammed up with everyone at the table thats like where the party is at?????????? What gives man (we all know what gives but yeah)

Okay so now that everyone is all comfy cozy in my blog I must continue with the activitys...
so now the party has started and who all is here is here and they want to play games and I decide tostart off with my quiz at this point I'm so pissed off I just want to do something thats gonna make me forget I even invited the fuck head >_< (god he didnt make that easy) I think I would have had better luck gutting myself with a butter knife than actually having a heart and letting him come to this event (I'm still thinking I should have left this jerk off at the seven eleven argh!!!!) On to the Twilight Pop Quiz...!!! or something close to on to the twilight quiz >_<>_< (CHEATER MUCH)

I decide to rip into him after a few and tell him to shut the fuck up Ill repeat the shit quit blirting out bull shit and fucking up the party!!!!
well no one needs to guess what he did after that... he continued big whoopdie there
So now this is me with my final agravation of alex and him saying What is blah every freaking second of all my questions I finally ream him then about he needs to shut his face and just take the fucking test!!!!
and every one else was getting mad as well and so end result out of 60 questions we only got to 27 cause alex is a tard and the quiz would have went quick if it wernt for alex and the blah blah blah ness >_<.

And now I'm grading the tests and I decide to look at alex's test and well yes of corse he got all the answers right this son of a bitch read all the books like 50 times over and again cause hes a misrable low life who cant keep a girlfriend for no longer than two months TWO MONTHS is this dick heads longest relationship!!!!

Okay sadly I dont have any pictures of the other games we did but ill state the following.
I dont recall if we played bobbing for apples first before the quiz or not but we played bobbing for apples and then we started in on the twilight jeopardy round one....

I really wish I could have had pics of that shit it was me being a ticking time bomb waiting to jump on alex. first off he should have just been Man enought to remove himself from the game but decided to be a prick and do what the ass hole does best rub people the wrong way.
everyone that was playing the jeopardy game were getting upset over the fact that he first kept blirting out the answers and winning so damn much that it wasnt fair to everyone else becsaue he was just bombarding them with shit.

Then we all decide to take a quick poll of if alex should be exiled from jeopardy and everyone agrees INCLUDING ALEX "wait what I wanna vote too"
LOLz all around as alex is now no longer apart of jeopardy but jumps around helping others cheat which leads into this and....
So now I let into alex infront of everyone and say exactly or close to this " Alex has no life and has read all these fucking books over 800 times and probabbly jerks off to them becasue he cant keep a girlfriend for longer than a fucking week becasue he wants to tell them how much he loves them and whats a doubble wedding and fuck himself over cause he cant take advice"

then he just ends up walking away with laura flirting up a storm and cheating of his pore girl and not having a single care or concern about it>_< (I wish I could have killed him)

at one point I even threatened him about his man hood and if he valued it or not and i looked pretty visious and then he left with laura again after getting my goat but he had been sent for such a loop that he just walked away cause hes a fucking pussy!
next we decided to eat cake and do the happy birthday blah blah blah and all that jazz ^_^

So now a happy break becasue I wasnt even talking to Alex or the whore known as Laura and well I wish I could ahve predicted what was to happen next I would ahve just said the party was over after the cake was eaten T_T

I'm cutting and serving my guests and well some of the cake crumbled apart T_T and I was having slight issues ha ha ha ha ha ha so all the pieces get handed out and then I finally serve alex and laura becasue well they were exciled from the wole party not only by vote but they chose to leave by choice.

so I think after that we decided to play another round of jeopardy which was round two and lee was so excited she won that round and all was happy in the land of Lee ^_^

we then proceded to have our waterballoon war and we were already planning on getting laura and alex drenched with water becasue they were stranding themselves in the abiss of my party casue they were butt hurt and Laura wanted to flirt and make out

oh on that quick note I'm not jellous at all for those of you thinking I'm nagging out of pure and utter jellousy Alex is not atractive at all period hes a jerk and says mean shit to better him self and laura is a rotten whore and needs to get a fucking life they are both 12 in mind and well at the moment I am no better but I can openly admit that and well I can live with that but I cant live with the fact Alex has done so many uncalled for things to Lee and this girl that he was suposedly dating and then cozied up with a skank.)

okay so back to our devious balloon plan Pat, Kimmie Mark Me travis and lee are all plotting pure destruction on this situation and wanting more than anything to get them bad.

some how in the midst of trying to get everyone but myself I found out the hard way that just casue I'm the birthday girl doesnt mean that I claim immunity from the water balloon fight LMFAO Yep no immunity for me no sir ree bob I got pelted with huge watermellon sized water ballons and well the war was on lol I was out to pay mark back and get pat which was a bitch becsaue he was the one immune to it for some unknown reason I finally got him good when he made the biggest balloon that made pat look preggers ha ha ha ha ha and it was made for alex but everyone was wet but him at this point so I walked behind him and poked the balloon with my finger and dude it popped and it was funny "Curses foiled by my own balloon" he knew it was comming ha ha ha ha ha ha ha pat's a good sport.

Travis got pretty wet too and at one point during all of this the gang got Laura but alex ran away like a puss and next thing I see as I'm filling balloons is laura in her brah and undies in the park around kids O_o she won the wet teeshirt contest by far and now is exposing her whole body for everyone to look at and it grossed me out tremendously what disrespect to do at someones party we all wernt running around in our undies and shit she stayed that way for a good fucking hour before alex got a hair up his butt and decided to give her his shirt >_< This is like the coolest picture ever! Mary wanted to get a picture of the baloon fight in action so they went out side and did the deed and travis threw the balloon to the ground and it looked like a dolphin so oddly enough I'm calling this picture the water bender picture ^_^
so all was fun at one point I actually got alex aand hit him with a breaker box right by him and got it all soaking wet ^_^(This pic was taken cause pat and mark sneak attacked me in the bathroom and I am on my way to the boys bathroom to get then back)

then he ran like a pussy again and yeah Laura was still all over the place in her suposed "Its like a bikini"
i wish I had a picture of this cause it was no where near close to that if it looks like underwear and panties its underwear and panties just cause you spent 50 dollars on it dosnt make it a fucking luxury swim atire. next there came a point where I was tired of not being able to run in my dress so I changed so I could get alex and make him pay T_T
well pat had already been running after his ass like hella and well alex got away at this point in the game I didnt think alex would actually stand still for his whole "Well its your birthday and Ill let you pelt a waterballoon at me" spheel and so I had people hold him so I could get him (I really thought laura holding him was a bad idea becasue I was thinking she was gonna let him go and he was gonna run)
not like that part mattered any way I threw that balloon at him with such force that slapped him in the face but noooooo it didnt pop T_T so that was a failure and I decided to give up and move on to bigger and better things cause I was just wanting to be relieved and not dwell on the prick head.
Now I'm calling an official game over and Pat won the water balloon fight so onto poening birthday gifts ^_^This lovely twilight bag came form keoki ^_^ and it had a new shoe smell so guess what happens kiddies ^_^
yep I decide to wear it on my head lolz
Along with the lovely bag on my head I also recieved this way cool iPod radio and it blasts music hella loud that was Kimmie and Marks gift to me ^_^ I got Twenty dollars from Pat the verry next day it got me out of a bind with gas ^_^ I got some clothse from my mom and then I got a 25 dollar gift card from Venus.
the other two gift givers were Lee and Mary but I got them early.
Lee got me this cute necklace and earing set in the pictures its that draped piece with all the hearts and I dunno if anyone saw my wrists but the bracelet was from lee as well and then mary got me all this cute cupcake related stuff journal, magnets, lib gloss, and some socks and some twilight candies the whole three set ^_^

Okay so at this lovely point I think this was the last I saw of Alex and the lovely Laura cause they were leaving to get smokes suposedly...
yeah all nice and cozey and all fucked up and wrong >_<
Prior to that going down Keoki needed Gas and so we stopped at the gas station and had some fun ^_^

We ran into the girl Amanda who had the Hots for my boyfriend back in the day ^_^ and it made her mad to see my happy group of Cute looking people and all that fun Jazz.
Travis wanted a picture of the scene of the crime so we were posing for lee and keoki decided to be funny along with me I think this is the funniest thing ever XD

so now the night continues on and what happens next O_o

Keoki's car decideds to catch on fire well not his car but his battery all of a sudden everyone hears a big pop sound and Pat was like see I told you I smelt fire works...
at this point we are so close to china town for boba and we had to pull over Travis pat and lee were in my car and keoki was following us so now we are with him at the seven eleven T_T
kinda ironic that the day begins with me being upset with alex at seven eleven and is ending with keokis car not working parked at the seven eleven >_<
This is keoki examining his car and well its pretty bad.
I told him to just let it go for now to kick back get into my car and lets have fun and get our boba.
well in my car Keoki was so quiet it was sad i told him not to be the quiet black man in my car becsue its scary.... I was hoping to get a laugh out of him.... it didnt work too well.
I even offered him my car to drive for a while just so he can get around >_<>Travis and I ended up ordering boba first we got a Wheat Germ Milk Tea and Lee got a Strawberry Boba Ice and pat got a Honey Dew Melon Boba Ice.

it was so cute Travis bought Lee hers and Pat was explaining the Boba situation to her and asked her all these questions and she ended up getting the strawberry one ha ha ha ha ha it was too cute, and Pat was like yep honey dew mellon and that was it.
this would be Lee with her Boba and she looks pretty content about it ^_^
she took this picture and then she also took my picture.
the boba place was closing and so that pretty much ended the boba fun I dropped lee back off at home and then dropped pat off and then travis keoki and I went back to his car to try and fix it and see waht the issue was and well in the end he got it running the area that holds the battery down melted and popped apart and the little battery covers melted so I dunno what happened after that but i went back to travis's house to kick back and eat a burger and just enjoy the rest of my birthday night...


so we get back to the house and Alex and Laura are being hella loud and Alex is talking mad shit about travis and I then Laura and him are just laughing so loud there was no peace at all and they were purposly being ass holes and just being disrespectful.

theres this project travis and i were working on and alex was showing it to laura after I didnt want it being shown to any one untill after my mother and fathers divorce and he just fucking showed it off to her and that made me super pissed off it was a secret not for him to share with the fucking public like that and he just fucked up bad.
This is apart of a set of final pictures that was taken for my birthday night and I decided to goof off and take some funny ones so I wouldnt be so anoyed with Alex...

end result he made me feel so uncomfortable in that house that night I left there pissed off and nausious and oh my god there is a part two to this story please stay tuned and no there wont be any pictures just alot more anger and hate bashing on Alex >_<
stay tuned kiddies

Its Juicy! <3

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just another day down the drain

well I'm starting this out to be super vague all you people need to know is that I'm kinda agravated and dont ever want to play the game twenty questions EVER AGAIN!

for the record I love how humans are minipulative and deranged in their own little misguided heads going through life with their bodies as loaded guns waiting to expllode on an innocent person.

now on to happyness becasue I had to have my fast vent.

I went and got a few books today and I also worked slightly on my jeopardy game.
I need to finish it up I'm making my hand weriting a little more legable so if I'm not the host of the game someone else can read my hand writingt XD

I havnt had time to start the dress yet I'm kinda dissapointed in that and well I got alot I need to alter on it and shhut the front door today is tuesday???

ugh at least I have wednsday I thought today was a day ahead whew.

I made my cds and well I think my list of people that are comming is complete and well people suck when it comes to RSVP.

alot of people didnt want to show up becasue they felt they couldnt becasue they had no money for a gift >_<.

I want it to be known that I have never once asked any of my friends to supply a gift or they cannot show up to my gathering I just wanted to have fun and have people I like present T_T

further more my gift is their friendship and well I dont think people really see it that way.

so who knows how many peeps are gonna be there now.

i get all this fun stuff together and find out only five peoples are showing up whats that all about?

whatever so onto other news i'm trying to type without looking at the key board and well I have like a bazillion mistakes.

ummmmm kokay i gave up that took me a good ten minutes to get over that little thing.

ha ha ha
funny story time I'm a super fast typer people that type fast usually look at the computer screen and what not I focus on my hands and type away then when I'm note I look up and see what tangled web of a mess of words I got going on.

i'm thinking about posting this blog errors and all not gonna bother with the spell check or anything just becasue I feel like making something different and we can see what a jumbled mess of a human i am so we all know I'm most deffinately not perfect ^_^

which just by looking at the screen now I see i didnt put a few puntuations where need be or anything ha ha ha ha.

oh common error with me all the time i always make I'll be Ill >_<

I'm thinking if I make all my flaws be known ill be a better person for it becasue I'm super happy with my perfect non perfect self n^_^

any how I think i should get ready to do dinner with my mom david and travis I gotta figure out where the camara is and everything else becsue I would like to get good pics of us all hangingt before he is gone for a year T_T



okay so where to begin with today....
I wake up and my eye is sore and swollen I got a sty and i'm mad becasue I have been trying to get things all ready for my party and now I have this big huge swolen eyeball >_<

i'm sad becasue I know its only tuesday but oh my god its going to get worse and just my luck i'm gonna have it at my birthday T_T

so i hve my finding nemo ice pack on my eye and its making the pain go away so thats all good.
in other non related news yesterday was a good day ^_^
everything that was suposed to happen happened and now today I gotta deal with a whole new can of worms >_<

on a good note I dont have to deal with that till three woo hoo.

in the mean time I got everything for the most part done other than a few loose ends and the progress of the dress.

I'm holding off on that because I want to devote my undivided atention to it and well today I will be able to ^_^
I got the last of my final paper crafted game all together just gotta make a few awards and then all is well ^_^

I gotta wrap a few things up and then work on the dress.

so i'm gonna leave it at that for now and ill come back later and type up a bunch of good crap

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time Time And More Time

Okay so as of right now I have everything under wraps and I have just a few more things that need to be done and then ill be fully complete.

I decited that my wonderful party attire needed the good ol washy wash and well crap kids that was hll to pay for...its one of those dry clean only gigs and so I ended up putting it in a bucket and hand washed it with a bit o apple scented fabric softner T_T

My party get up if fine I'm stating this becasue I think if anything were to go wrong with it lee woulf chop off my fingers lol.

the hell portion came from the fact I guess what I picked out was an antique and when I soaked it in water it turned hella crazy yellow for the first 20 or so rinses and it brought out the smell of OLD big time truthfully the smell made me happy then scared me a little bit,

I was remembering this episode of CSI NY where this guy was selling dead people clothse and the embalming fluid soaked into the clothing and the people that wore the outfits died from the chemical,

so I started freaking out a little bit and almost cried telling mom "Oh my god my birthday outfit its a csi case this is sad :("

she had just proceded to laugh at me and say that it didnt smell of a chemical it just smelt old and well just OLD lmfao.

so we hemmed the dang thing and I washed it and I'm drip drying it now and waiting for it to dry so i can move on with my other steps of procedure and then come thursday I got a lovely date with my friend Mary.

she alas insists on giving me my gifts not in the public eye and shes gonna make me a banner for my birthday because she loves her little die cut cricut machine and hell I do to so I'm not gonna complain hee hee hee

I have been a busy little bee the last few things I gotta do consist of making up the little extra added party bonuses and such and I gotta go invest in some wrapping paper so yeah ...

do de do da day and the beat goes on....

I made me a cool necklace like I think I explained at some point...
and if I didnt I'm sorry it must of slipped my mind ^_^

I'm woring on so much I cant recall what I have stated at this comming point thats kinda sad.I have to make a few more item then everything will be done and i can relax I think I can have it all done by tuesday....
*fingers crossed*
I really want to just relax and i'm kinda stressing a bit so I dunno whats gonna happen at this point.

and mom and travis both think I'm treating my party like a flipping Prom and well if thats the kinda party I want then crap I should get a prom style party lol in a freaking park huh >_<

smashing fun time lovely darling just lovely.
so as of right now I have ten people confirmed to this crazy thing so who knows what will friend Domi is all excited shes like I want to be a sparkly vampire
and Alex he just thought it was sweet with the please do not feed on the humans
so I'm thinking this will go off wonderfully ^_^I need to make a few more shrinky dink things and burn some way cool stuff and then make things look all sorts of frilly beautiful so I should get on the bus and get a move on with today.

I'm gonna try and bust it all out today and then ill have some free time ^_^ and some happiness.

OH my friend David is in town till Thursday night then he gets deployed off to Afghanistan and I wont see him for a full year...
so I gotta spend some time with him too so bo ba blah
sad topic he leaves three flippin days before my big day T_T

any how I'm gonna start on my projects of today I'll probably be leaving two blogs today as an update to what I got done ^_^


Friday, June 19, 2009

Finishing up the lose ends and other random things

So I'm proud to say I got most of my stuff done for my party now and i sent out my digital invites today and I hope to god that people RSVP becasue I'm setting up a sweet ass guest list and such that will look similar to a guess a wedding guest book >_<>_<>_<>heres my invite ^_^ its a little lame but I am working with what I got seeing as I have not the photoshop the background was a pain in the butt as it is already lmfao XD

any how its my party dang it if thats what I felt like making thats it if you dont like it dont freaking look >_< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">XD
its flippin Delicious
you mix sage pork sausage jimmy dean is the best then get super lean beef and mix both meats together add some bread crumbs and some extra seasonings
then you chop up onions and carrots and potatoes and get heavy duty tinfoil and make a log shape with your meat and then press the veges into the top then wrap it up neatly and bake it in the oven
serving size is huge and the meats makes five to six meat and Vegie foil wrapped dinners depending on how big you want them you can also BBQ em and no matter what you do it takes an hour and if you do it on the BBQ double wrap the foil because you'll want to flip it after thirty minutes so the juices spread throughout the meat and veggies ^_^
it sounds odd but its hella Delicious and its one of the many good recipes my grandpa told me about ^_^

so now that I shared that with you kids I gave you a cooking recipe instead of a paper craft so ha ^_^

food is usually alot easier to prepair that that crazy fold and cut thing any how hee hee hee

Oh before I go eat my dinner I want to show you all a picture of my dress ^_^
it was a close call between the one I'm showing you and a pretty red and white one but both my mom and Lee both liked this one best and its more Bella Esq any how ^_^

(Mom didnt think I should share my dress with people just yet so yeah :/ lol ill post it when I'm done modifying it)

its super pretty and sticking with the Bella theme I had bought a pair of cute tenies but they are checker print to go with the theme of breaking dawn ^_^

this dress is going to look super different when I'm done with it it has this layer of pure black that isn't the mesh and I don't like it so I'm cutting that out and I'm doing alot of sewing and fixing to it ^_^

the dress doesn't have straps and seeing as I don't want to keep pulling up my dress at my party so my goodies don't keep saying "hello" I'm going to be sewing on straps ^_^

so I gots a few things I gotta do oh and the dress is going to have a bunch of little red accents to it here and there ill have other pics from the party but for all of you who think I'm crazy already you haven't seen nothing yet ^_^ I do cosplay so I love to sew so ummm lets just see what this little creature conjures up heh heh heh

well dinner is ready now and I'm starving so Ill quit blabbing to all of you and let you go the rest of your day without any further interruptions ^_^


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today is a good day >_<

Oaky my first blog sucked and didnt even post all of what I was typing sadly :/ so now I'm triyng again....

Alright so first things first I finished another game for my party ^_^ woot they turned out cute as hell and now all I have to do is make the remainder 4 or 5 games and I'll be done :3
okay nope I just lied its 5 or 6 lmfao silly me ^_^
just so you all know I'll be posting a whole entry on my party and what not after it happens and I'm taking pics of all the crap i'm putting together in the mean time so i'm really looking forward to sharing my twilight themed party ideas with you all ^_^in the mean time I still have to paint my picture frames >_<

(now on to what for some ungodly reason got deleted out)
mom and I woke up yesterday thinking today was gonna be a good day and it was ^_^
and we did the same thing today and sure as sheit it was a good day to ^_^

yesterday I got to spend time with my uncle that I havnt seen in three years hes moving hs soon to be wife out here for the next six months cause of her business so yeah.
hopefully she will call my mom and I every so often to hang out or something ^_^
nex on the ajenda is today I found all my candies that are going to e sweet for my party and then we went to go pick up stuff from my moms attorney and get the puppy from the vet...
(I now made this shorter becasue well yeah >_< )
we picked up some paperwork from my moms attorney and she had gotten me the cutest shirt ever becasue I liked one she had previously worn and she found me a shirt thats similar.
its called a Paper Shirt snd its awesome ^_^
so all went super well ^_^
so now on to the pics (Again) DOH

okay this is my uncle on my moms side (hes her half brother from her dads other marrage) hes a super cool dude and has two kids and hes expectinghe came down to help is fiancee move into this apartment shell be here six months and so I think Ill be seeing alot of him when he comes down to visit ^_^sadly he isnt staying in the house with her because hes got a job back home but hell be flying back out sometime pretty soon ^_^

this is my grandmas little puppy hes a bruscles graffauns and apparently they are super sought after dogs and freaking costly as well I rather have a new car than this puppy personally but she came across him and that was that lol so yes this is Mr. Buster and as of the moment its now Mr. Cone Head lmfao!!!!
and this even though its sideways is the lovely Paper shirt I have gotten today ^_^ its so beautiful my cam phone sucks it does it no justice its just the cutest ^_^
and here are some paper craftings for all you crazy kids ^_^
and this lovely character is a windows ME girl and has a few other parts ^_^

lol I have a few other windows girls they are all cute Ill post them next blog tho ^_^ have fun with this in the mean time

Sunday, June 14, 2009

To Make up for my sad excuse of video feed T_T

Okay kiddies this is to make up for my sad excuse of a video feed from my phone T_T
so it will make everyone happy and its not missing little clip bits of words and its not sounding like a freaking chipmunk on crack as well lol.

I'm sorry Lee my messages sucked with the videoness T_T

any how hope you all enjoy :3

oh and Ill be posting another blog about what stuff I got done so far for my big b-day party bash ^_^

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Continuous planning and dramatic issues

Okay so everything has been a semi pain in the ass with this party planning and so far I have a few things done and alot more to do...

I have completed the prize gifts and a quiz ^_^

yeah not a whole lot but ugh thats a long dramatic story within its self...
do i even want to go there with it?

most likely not T_T

instead Ill share with you guys a few little video clips of what I cought on ET in HD today ^_^ talking about twilight's New Moon

I must warn you a few of them are thirty seconds at a time because I was transfering them to lee via txt message T_T

I also think the sounds effed up T_T
Woot for my failure videos T_T

Ill post others later I'm looking up jeopardy rules and how it actually works ^_^

hope you like the film pieces even tho they are sucky T_T

Friday, June 12, 2009

Party Planning Fun And Anoying Things

Okay so to keep you all updated I'm trying to work on my Twilight party in style alot of the things I'm working on are from scratch and the give away prizes are pretty sweet ^_^

I have gotten some random ideas off of other bloggers but I'm going to jazz it up alot and make it not so simple becasue I want this stuff to look freaking awesome.

a few ideas I got of the internet are:


Candy licorice for blood bags (of corse red is a must) I decided to get red and black and I'm using a layout for actual blood bags instead of the black red and white themed stickers I have seen.

there is this cute cookie that bleeds and I dont remember the lady but her idea for layered sugar cookies with a cherry pie filling is just the most awesome thing ever ^_^ totally gonna make those.

I have also found some drinks off line that sound pretty cool and they are simple enough for the older crowd seeing as I have all sorts of friends and the buddys who have the little tikes and such ^_^.

the adult drink is a new spin off on a jello shot out of a red jello but I'm thinking seeing as twilihgts about apples on the cover I'm gonna get apple flavored and make it green and i found this yummy vodka from lees discount liquer called Dragon Berry its so yummy its got just the right amount of firey burn for the jacob lovers and has a berry yummyness thats just as sweet as esme is ^_^

I'm trying to make things interestiong so I'm gonna be building the games and I was thinking instead of the traditional bobbing for apples I'm drawing apples on a paper or even construct them out of shrinky dink and all will be green but one red one and that will say winner on and or across it I think that would be fun to pull out of a bag or something ^_^

I got an idea off line again for twilight jepordy so I'm hella taking that to the next level and its gonna be sweet.

I'm also going to be having a water baloon contest and such for two groups of people and by the end it will be two people and I imagine it will be fun ^_^

I'm also having my friends band play and get recorded and pics taken for a video so I'm expecting everyone to look semi nice not formal but cool club ware and not sleazy is a must ^_^

these are just the few ideas and stuff I got right now and I'm comming up with others as we speak I already got the perfect thank you cards for everyone and I'm making the invites digital and my little candys and such will be super compatable to twilight and Ill show you all pics when its all said and done but I'm still brain storming processing it up so if any of you have any more good ideas or pics that sound good let me know ^_^.

oh along with all that blabber as you alll have knowin off of lee's page I'm going to be doing a give away and such and we will be doing that after she comes back from her trip ^_^ so hopefully all you lovely people will like what I have made for you.

shes still gotta tell e how exactly its gonna work and such but I think I got most of the hard crap down ^_^

and yes as you all now know I am going to be making rosaries I have two done right now but lee is going out of town which gives me more time to make others so yeah ^_^ my bennifiting.

shes going to be modeling a new set of awesome cool things that all of you will eat up and love to death.

and please dont be sad if you like what you see but its not a charm you want I will make any charm you see fit and if you want a cross of some sort I have really awesomely beautiful crosses as well ^_^

so please dont just think I make twilight charms its just my liking of prefrence at the moment I made my mom a spock charm so Ill be taking pics of that soon ^_^ so yeah I'm not limited to just twilight ^_^

oh and also Ill make sure I posr more and Ill come up with another kik ass thing for you guys to do....

okay you know what better yet for all of you brave souls who made or are trying to make the one paper craft I had posted Ill give you all a new one to work on ^_^

but I would really like to see pictures of what you got accomplished of the other papercraft you got done ^_^


this cute little kitty is a more simple thing for you to all create next time I post Ill give you another papercraft ^_^
but I figured even I can make this one so it will be much easier on you guys and me too ^_^
any how back to the origonal brodcasting show of babbeling blop stuff
I'm going to nicely leave you with that little outburst of randomness and also maybe you can come up with game ideas and twilight themed stuff to help for my birthday before the 28th of june ^_^
so to that I'm gonna go eat my dinner

Monday, June 8, 2009

The First Day ^_^

So Lee has made me my own little blogging area seeing as she mostlikely doesnt want me rueining my charms page >_<

lol she told me not to touch it and that she wants to proofread my crap T_T I'm so lame lol
Its like her page and she just lets me have my art on it >_<
ha ha ha ha no but really its not bad I'm kinda scared to touch it any how shes made it all nice and pretty and well everything with me is a hap hazard mess of fracked up shitty shitdom.

I cooked dinner today and well I kinda think the pics are funny so I'm going to make an atempt to add them without the help of Lee *gets a bad feeling that her blog is gonna crash*

Okay I guess there was no crashing involved but I doubt I wanna risk putting any more up for fear that it will die and Ill be calling her at midnight screaming about how I blew up not only this blog but my charms page too :/

I wonder what happened I used to be so good at HTML and CSS coding and all that jazz but my graphics programs took a dump and now I feel like I gots no arms or fingers or something.

Okay so in this picture the Parsley came form Lee's Mommy ^_^ yum yum yum
I'm making Tofu and onion pan fry.

Tecnically I think the picture goes the other way because my phone is funny when I take inages with the screen shut it makes them mirrored which is kinda funny becasue I thought I ended up likeing both my sides my left and right but no its still just one side >_<


So I think this is gonna be funny becasue I'm going to have all these random rambelings and events and stuff for all you kids to look at and enjoy.

which reminds me I should share with you all this really spiffy papercraft that I cannot finish becasue what the Japanese do with paper is amaising and I'm not that tallented I have been trying tho but no dice T_T So yeah please dont think any less of me for being an absolute goober of a person >_<

Okay so yes moving on ... the papercraft number one awaits its journey to be complete ^_^

hopefully all of yours will turn out beter than mine ^_^

Please note you wont be getting the one I'm working on but you will have fun none the less ^_^

This is the first page please note dotted lines with the Japanese do not mean cut on that it means fold.
and all the pieces are numbered so you shouldnt have too big of an issue making the thing.

I reccomend getting tack glue because gluestick just doesnt work too well so everyone do yourselves a favor and dont use it the pore thing will fall apart to little jumbles of cut out folds of paper. and the glue only gets applied to the little white tab areas and those get folded somewhat too you gotta kinda use your best judgement on it becasue I have hunted these bad boys down and they really dont come with any instructions other than what I saw other people say which wasnt much ohter than the dang glue thing so I'm just passing that knowledge with you guys so you dont feel as silly as I did.

ummm on another note maybe some of you will know what this thing is called and youll know how to asembil them and for you guys thanks alot!!!!!
T_T lol no I'm kidding.

You know what every time I upload an image it spaces it out like ten miles I dont understand that but hey what ya gonna do T_T

any how this is little pieces of her dress and the rest of her hair this is also page two kiddies ^_^

so ummmmm yeah again use good quality glue and

Oh and this is the final page which is number three
I also must inform you that I have been to the website on the bottom of the pages and ummmm it dosent get you very far and so yeah.
I dunno how to run the link so yeah.
Any how thank you so much for visinting my first blog I hope I made it kinda entertaining for you and Ummmm Ill post more super soon ^_^
Oh yeah and just so you little anime fiends know this is Shinku from Rozen Maiden ^_^ its super cute once she is assembled unfortunately these little dudes arnt my tallent my above picture makes that very clear >_<

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