Monday, March 29, 2010

Round two thins time finally typing on the compy!

okay so we left off with all the crazy nonsence i think im just gonna start from scratch tho.
Aunt is infact PSYCHO Wendy sorry to break your heart there but truth be told hes EVIL and abusive and destroys alot of shit out of jellousy and rage just to hurt everything around her.
further truth be told she is infact a satinist she has a welcoming care package to the church of satin and wears upside down crosses and writes spells... hexes of misfortune on people in her own blood.
so if this isnt insane enough for you I can sure as hell go deeper into it.
like the fact shes also in the KKK and has the robes for the KKK and white supremisist bull crap everywhere.
she loves hitler and she hates jews and she just loves to discriminate the black people by saying nigger every chance she can get.
in a conversation to my grams with her visit she had stated "its all because of a nigger I went to the mental institution and I'm never going to see another nigger doctor again!"

whatever the case may be if she is infact SANE then I'm a fucking alien from Pluto!

shes super jealous of my mom becasue she mrried my dad and had me and stated a billion times over that "your husband should be mine... your lovely house should be mine... your fucking child should be MINE!.... all the stuff blake made for you over the years should be MINE!!!"
so my moms life should have been hers.

in an earlier convo with my psychotic aunt before she had one of her flipout freak fits on mom and I which looking back at it was probabbly triggerd because of the convo involving my father...
still shes the one that was doing all the talking and all I really got in edge wise was "really" and "oh wow."

we all know at least mom and I know my father was a man whore of some sort and he cheated on my mom FREQUENTLY!
he used to use me ad an object when I was younger to reel in his next sex partner and other odd creepy crap of this nature.

My aunt told me that while my mom was pregnant with me she had sex with my dad tons of times and he like it better than with my mom.
my aunt is my moms sister and has had Drug and anger problems her whole life.

when she was younger her dreem goal at the age of 8 was to become a stripper in hopes to be in playboy magazine.
who has that type of goal at 8!!!
further more she had always wanted tattoos okay im not complaining about that alot of people have tattoos and they are very colorful and tasteful and or abstract or just straight up odd...
point beeing I really want a tattoo too but after all this crazy crap that follows along with my story I don't think I'm gnna be prone to get any any time soon.

so now we are jumping to the age of 9 maybe even 10 now shes smoking ciggaretts laced with rocket fuel because all the "cool kids" are doing it.

so now shes got this idea in her head that rocket fuel is good which its NOT!

alter on in middle school and highschool she loved to boast to me about her younger years about all these qualudes and shit she would do.
the woman has had every drug under this bright beautiful sun...
honestly I'm suprised shes even alive because she doesnt understand the word "Moderation."

so here she is loaded and having sex with all these guys for money and drugs and just makingher brain cells deminish to a big fat 0,
not caring about the consequences goes home has evil raging fits with my grandmother who is at this point divorced and rasing her and my mom all by her self on a lousy income working as a waitress in the 60s
and is a single parent.
my grams to this day cannot find any of her old silver certificates she had saved up or her coins and her 2 dollar bills...
all becasue Buffy would buy smokes from the smoke shop with it all,
she has been steeling money from my grams now for years and just doing dumb shit with it which is just straight up rediculous as all hell!

she has had multiple events of blackouts or whatever you would like to call it while I was growing up she would lose track of days like the worst I have witnessed was a whole fucking week where she doesnt remember squat.
she gets in a violent rage and says everyones against her and nobody understands how shes suffering inside and then breaks everything and then wonders why her snakes cage is all shattered and why mice are just roaming around freely infesting her house.

she was an internet stripper and did a bunchof lesbian stuff with the fellow women strippers...
again I cant really say thats not my place whatever she wats to do to make a living fine so be it.
all she knows is stripping, drugs, and money!
its not too pretty when all you do is lie cheat and steal your way thru life.
I never had a "grandma can I get this" childhood becasue my grams would be too busy giving my aunt boatloads of money to feed her horses and buy food and drugs drugs and more fucking DRUGS!!!
so yes talk about stripped childhood and fun moments with grandma nope nine for me none any way that dont involve Buffy in the equasion.

she would come over to our house and take all my good cds and movies and my posters and all my cool stuffed animals I collected.
she went into my bedroom one day when I was at school and stole all my good clothse and rag dolls I got from saving up my allowance.
this is not a way a human of any kind should act!
she has taken my video games and my video game system as well!
its honestly endless on what this bitch has done its just rediculous.

so now shes here and my god if drama was shit flying at a fan at 10000 miles per hr it does.
she threw a fit all night no one slept a wink she complained about everything and bitched all to my grams about all this evil negative shit that she really has no say in edgewise because she doesnt live here.
my grams fears her so agrees with her and powders her precious ass and buys her a god damnd icecream to boot it all!
so now today comes into play she got all her drugs the ones she needs to live and the ones she NEEDS to get high and be a bitch,
my aunt gets the briliant idea to want all her clothing then expects mom and I to sit in the house while she rumages thru all our shit in the gerage.
no I'm just sorry FUCKING NOOOOOO
thats just not doable in my book she breaks things and steals crap and just no shes already had her eye in my eletric viola I got for my 21st birthday and no hell no.

mom puts her foot down and says fine she can go in the gerage but better not touch any of our things and grams is just like yeah yeah whatever.
comes home and tries to separate mom and I when all I wanted to do was tell her not to let my aunt touch any of my plaster cast molds they are expensive and I don't want them broken.
so my grams come in thru the house door and just starts screaming in my face about how I'm to stay inside and not even set foot in the front yard!
she was spitting on me and everything it was not a pleasant moment for me.
my only reply back was no I'm going outside to show you what is mine and I expect it NOT to be touched.
she now proceedes to scream at me and call me an ingrateful brat and that I'm just like my father.

soshes in my face and im not happy the lady is old and smells and doesnt shower and shes just gross period!
she has no concept of good hygeene at all.
so I'm now a little pissed at this point becasue shes being unreasonable and I'm just trying to state my piece she screams at me more to stay in the god damnd house and thats final.
more in my face action screaming in my face about how I can leave her house and not come back because I'm an ungrateful begging brat who can go and shove off.
shes too close to me for my own comfort and I'm now feeling way threatened specially with all the breathing and spitting in my face she was doing I take an index finger and start lightyl poking her in the chest demanding I can stay and watch my things so they dont get harmed in buffys rage.

My grams at this point has completely disowned me and im not happy with her at all for making me feel threatened when all I do for that fat lazy slob is everything!
im embarrased of my house I'm living in
my grams sleeps in dog shit and cat hair and smellyness and before mom and I moved in I swear to god if the healts inspectors came over they would have condemed this house.
Mom and I spent months ripping up old pee and poop covered carpeting and putting in new lenolium and cleaning everything in this smelly ass dump of a house.
I mow her lawn I cook high quality food that you would get served to you at olive garden and I dont even get a thankyou!
I did it all out of love for cooking and liking healthy food to eat.
she would always feed all the food I made to the dogs and cats and only eat two bites I even set up things with fancy presntations and diserts.
my aunt cant cook she doesnt clean she just sits on her ass like my grams complaining about how fat and slobby she is!

and this is the thanks I get today for gardening planting a fucking shit ton of bulbs planting new grass seeds and mowing the lawn is "FUCK YOU GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU UNGREATFUL BITCH!"

I hate to say it but I hate her so damn much she can die onight and I would just laugh,
and it was all brought on by my psycho aunt causing a scene.

so now my aunt is in a nice hotel room plotting more evil and shes comming back tomorrow and wanting to collect up her boxes and again its just gonna be a vicious repeat of today and last night.
its sad and I just cant believe my grams puts up with her and thinks I'm the bad one everything buffy is she said I was!

oh and heres the kicker to all of the happy shit I have went thru today.

my aunt smokes a shit ton of pot and had all this drug paraphinilia laying around and just alot of not good stuff oodles and oodles of drugs from oxycotton to methanfetimines valum and other odd things that get you completely high as a kite.

so buffys claiming that those are from her "past life"
which is BULL SHIT
if you knew her as well as me you could smell that bull shit amile away.
so mom throws it in the garbage can Buffy "obviously" doesnt NEED it if its "FROM HER PAST"
so grams throws a fit and says we need to get it out of the garbage.
which is wrong its buffys she can deal with her precious crack pipes and pot pipes and bongs all on her own!
I kid you not there was over 20 different pieces of this shit!
so because mom dissagreed about picking out drug infested shit out of a trash can grams said fine the cops can come and I'm gonna say it all belongs to your BRAT OF A KID!

first off I dont smoke pot second off that shit aint cool in my book third off THE HELL YOU ARE YOU COW!
I screamed at her some more for being a deceving bitch of a woman.
mom said do it and I'll have every one of thos pieces DNA tested and it will all be Buffys spit and fingerprints on all of that shit.
so grams then got scared helped my aunt pull every last one of the drug paraphinilia out of the trash and take a drive to dispose of the evidence.

what a good loving family I have huh.
when all I wanted was to show my grams what I didnt want my aunt anywhere near.
its a lovely life for me I swear to god it is.
NO its not a lovely life who in there right god damn mind blame drug abus on there own grand child!!! WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT SHIT?!?!?
in any case everything is calm for right now other than my grams giving me mean evil looks and being a bitch and telling everyone of my remaining family members Haneous shit about me to the point of no return.
so yeah its pretty fucking sweet.
Thanks Buffy for another wonderful visit from the devil take your damn fuck me like you mean it 666 tattoo covered ass back to your trailer trash hubby and bite off.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blogging From My Phone Because I'm Too Scared To Type Up A Blog On The Compy Because My Satinistic Aunt Is In Town...

yes so like the title says my satinistic aunt is in town from louisana.
apparently shes only here to "see the dr."
and the only reason shes here to do this is because sometime last week she had to get an M.R.I.
and just a back drop on the psycho bitch shes chlostrophobic, which ok fine im that way too so i can relate no biggie.
the dr gave her meds to calm down and she flipped out and freaked out so bad the dr put her in a wacky ward for two days..
well i guess while she was there she was threatining to kill herself and so she got stuck there for two extra days to detox.
the woman is a complete and utter loon to the fullest extent imaginable!
she gets so loaded on loratabs and other meds and ends up becomming violent and unreasonable
so now shes here because out in louisana shes on a drug watch list and cant get the meddication she needs to stay alive.
shes got graves disease as well, for those of you out there that dont know what this is its a thyroid problem that could potentially kill you if its not removed.
so because she lacks a thyroid now she has this drug she has to take frequently to balance out the chemicals that would normally would be functioning if she was well.
if she doesnt take this med she could potentially die!
so okay understandable on why she would "want" to come down...
problem now is whenever she visits she gets the dr who ever he or she is to prescribe her all sorts of other drugs that get you high!
the last thing that woman needs is to be high!
she is a masive threat of harm not only to herself but everyone around her as well.
she is a mean evil sesspool of a person who is vindictive and cruel!
she gets on these little 10 year old child tantrums and breaks anything she deems necessary that could just break your heart.
the list is long from my childhood till now...
i used to fear her when i was younger she would always say i had super cool stuff and she would take it from me and in return give me some cheap cheesy piece of shit.
she used to bumm money off of me and all sorts of mean things that your aunt shouldnt do!
but she did it any way she has no respect for anything not even herself!
she has been a stripper and a hooker and got ... point being its just not good!
ill finish the blog in the morning it sucks on my phone

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Released TODAY!

And in honor of that I wanted to post a few things of happyness that can be shared knowing its all with complete and utter love and devotion on why this was made.

Congrats to New Moon for finally comming out I'm still kinda angry as I shopped it down again Target has the best deal on the New Moon dvd its a 3 disc set and when I wet to price shop it costs 19.99 and comes with a 5.00 gift card,
in the end 5.00 isnt that much but its cool it only makes the DVD really be 15.00 and thats cheaper than what I bought Twilight for which is in my eyes a really good deal.

As we all know with my blog in Feb I had stated a few things about a few awesome things that were getting released around the world and what the US had to offer us.

the end results from my views on this date are as followed:

BestBuy :

this was not a good deal its only one disc when I thought it was gonna be 3 so I feel like an ass for telling people otherwise and I'm sorry for my mistake.
the price is utterly rediculous and well i think that says enough in its self.
They offer this tin in a non blueray packaging as well for the people out there like me who don't own a BR player.

Next on my list,

Borders :

again i'm displeased with these results as well I didnt even bother looking at it up close and personal due to the fact that Twilight's DVD release party at this place left me so livid that I just didn't bother with it this year.

a few things that pissed me off is that it costed 40.00 and well I pre ordered it before the dead line and it should have only been 30.00
thats when I went to Wal Mart and thought I was getting the better deal.

which leads me to none other than

Wal Mart :

again okay the dvd is visually verry awesome with its change from Edward to Jacob,
but really is that worth the price for two discs?
We all know the Eclipse footage thats on it will get leaked onto YouTube soon enough so why bother?

Maybe its just me but honestly I am so in LOVE with

Target :

Not only do you get a bunch more stuff that you wouldnt get with the others but as an added SWEET bonus you get a Film Cell from the move

and you know that is some super cool stuffs right there ^_^
I think it is any way.

in any case umm thats all I gotta say about that topic and Happy day for everyone who got there hands on New Moon some how,
my major erk now is June is quickly approaching and I really wanna know that the new Eclipse movie tie in book cover is gonna look like GURRRR!!!

In other awesome news to go with the happy release date of New Moon
Someone special *Cough Cough* Pork Bunn has worked there little butt off on making something way too awesome for even words to describe and its on you tube and you should go check it out ^_^
it will not dissapoin I promice ^_^


Hope you all enjoy it he spent days staring at the comp screen and burning out his retnas and racking his brain over the perfect everything for this vid ^_^
so enjoy.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Review #2 (Twilight the Graphic Novel & Night's Edge)

So I have decided to do Book reviews XD
If that wasnt clear already lmfao I have been in a super read, READ, READ mode and well now I feel like sharing a little bit XD

So for starters the end results to:

I broke down and read it and well I'm quite pleased I already know the story of Twilight but this made it all seem really fresh again and it brought on a few noew aspects of the book which was really cool.

Young Kim added a few different items into the book and it's so subtle and awesome it just ties the book together nicely.
So all in all like I had previously noted its a really good visual stimulant and the art is well mde and has alot of detail.

Now on to my newest read XD
I was at the book store last night and I decided to pick up a few books after feeling like a turd for losing $5.00 to the slot machine fiasco,
I was feeling too cocky instead of lucky and I mistook that and for that I feel bad XD
I thought about it and thought since yesterday was St. Patty's Day and I'm Irish and it's year of the Tiger and I'm a Tiger I would have LUCK on my side,
in the end I got a rotten Egg.

so back to the books now hee hee this book appealed to me greately:

Night's Edge!
it's 3 books in one!
For some unknown reason I wasnt paying atention to the bigger bold print of the lady
Charlaine Harris and for that I feel like an Ass.
Complete and absolute Ass,
I tried to read "Dead Untill Dark" and well 6 pages in I wasnt feeling it.
I kept compairing it to "Twilight" and things that were wrong and it made me mad.

Any way it was Charlaine Harris's book "Dancers in the Dark" that drew me to get the dang book I didnt acknowledge her name till I got home and started studying the book more.

all it took to make me buy it was the short brief back cover that read:
Dancers in the Dark
by Charlaine Harris
(tho in my head the name was blocked out and fuzzy XD)

Dancer Layla Rue LeMay's childhood prepared her to handle just about anything,
including her aloof partner, Sean McClendon,
a three-hundred-year-old redheaded vampire.
even so, when she somehow acquires a stalker,
Layla Rue is suprised to find that Sean is the only one she can trust...

yep thats all it took and i had to nab it.
my interest in a readheaded vampire struck awesome in my head and I thought okay dancer its a stripper story which is odd but I got it any way.

End result on the stripper story I was dead WRONG!
it was about a group of dancers that worked at Blue Moon and preformed dances for events so they would tango and hip hop and waltz.
totally not stripper action which is what I was thinking XD DOH!

we find that Rue is really liking Sean and his Irish accent and she liked to make him mad becasue it would bring on the accent more so than normal XD

we learn that Sean has beautiful cold blue eyes and had freckles aroundhis under eye nose bridge area which rue found amusing.

I would have to say it was a good read and it gets really intense if you know anything about Charlaine Harris there is sexual burning desire and well it stays true for this story as well.

one thing I am mad about however the back of the cover says Sean's name is Sean McClendon but when we get introduced to him in the book his name is Sean O'Rourke.
other than that tiny little flaw in who sean was I was quite pleased with the book.

It has two other books that I havnt read yet one about a ghost and the other about a missing persons mystery. "Her Best Enimy" and "Someone Else's Shadow" will be the next two I read then I'll be done with "Night's Edge."

Next on my Book read list is a Novel Called Peeps.

till then the book review has been completed.


P.S. The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD D Day is Tomorrow Nigh at Midnight!
Have fun Kiddies

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Twilight The Graphic Novel Book Review Part 1

This is the Twilight graphic Novel and I would like to start out with NO I havnt read it yet I have just thumbed through a few pages and stopped here and there randomly.
From the pages I have read and saw though I would have to say it stays true to the Book.

This is Volume one of Twilight Graphic Novel and I must say the Images are delightful and breath takingly beautiful!

Some of the pages have little hints of color and some are full blown in color most are in black and white but I love how this book has been put together.

Young Kim did an outstanding job on bringing this Book to life from a whole new view.

I dont want to give away all the beauty so I'm only posting a few pics but I do reccomend for all the Twi-Fans out there or hell even just Manga crazed nerds it will make you very happy ^_^








Now for a few of my Not happy thoughts about the book which arnt many so please dont hate me as I said the word not happy and Twilight in the same sentence.

I was expecting the book to be a bit longer than your regunar manga or graphic novel,
I'm happy its not becasue that means there will be maybe perhaps 2 books per Twilight saga volume so a total of 8 books?
I'm roughly guessing I could be wrong there could be more there could be less,
most likely more seeing as Breaking Dawn is a Fatty Fat Pants of a book XD

I was also expecting the hard back to be like the special editions of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn where you pull the slip cover off and the book has the image still on it meh small bs crap any how not that important.

I was kinda expecting a tad bit more substance like how in your traditional manga there are little side notes about the artist and doodles and such,
in the end after cracking open the book I'm really glad there wernt tho.

The pros about this Graphic Novel are just beyond Pro XD

The quality of the paper inside when you open it all the pages are I guess you can say a Semi Gloss its not just recicled paper that yellows after a long time like Mangas tend to do,
I should know the horror of that I own way more than the average Joe.

The art is beautiful for people who love the more human styled drawing vs the big goey eyed anime freakish people.
I love both so I'm not complaining at all I love the big goey eyes but I also like things to be detailed other wise I cannot get into the art or the story for the life of me.

which leads to my next pro!
Detail DETAIL DETAIL there is tons of it all the images I swear its like they pop out at you!

hell if you don't like reading you can just look at the images and be happy
I know I am XD

the book ends during the meadow scene with Bella and Edward
and leaves you really wanting more I just hope to the artist gods and the creator of this beautiful masterpiece it doesnt take as long as this volume took otherwise I think I might die XD.

I hope you like what you see and it is making you prone to getting a copy for your self even if your not a hard core twilight fan or a twilight fan at all I think this will open your eyes to a beautifully Illustrated world.

Now my only worry is,

How many people are going to be at anime vegas this year dressed as the Cullens XD
(yes people its officially a manga its doable in the anime cosplaying catagory UGH)

That is going to be the only thing that gets my goat bad T_T
you can't have it both ways without consequences right?

What kind of can of worms has this opened up now *Sulks*


Twilight The Graphic Novel Comes Out TOMORROW!!! (Technically Today XD )

Yes its TRUE Twilight The Graphic Novel (MANGA) comes out tomorrow....
which is technically today seeing as I'm blogging at Midnight XD I'm such a goon!
here is a preview and once I get my hands on it I'll take some pics of the inside of the Beautiful book XD
(I got these images off of )

This is the beautiful cover as we all know ^_^

and here is a page out of the novel for you all to Squee over if you havnt bought your copy yet XD

I'm getting mine woot!!!!

any how I'm gonna go to bed now I wanna get up early to get a good copy of this darn thing god how I love me my Manga XD


I'm working on some new stuff so My layout is going to change soon stay tuned Kiddies.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse First Trailer!

okayso I'm not ready to be metaphorical just yet or actually show how insane i really am so in the mean time I'm just posting the Eclipse trailer which is common for me seeing as I love twilight any how so yeah.

enjoy this for now and later on I'm gonna ramble my little brains out about whatever is on my mind XD

wal mart has some cool new new moon stuffs and an eclipse teaser shirt tho its a hard to find item I should have bought one today but i didnt.
i'm kinda backing away a bit from the twilight obsession and trying hard to put it on the back burner.
tho I must say I'm really impressed by this trailer VS New Moons trailers its a good start and I'm curious as to what there gonna do for te next one.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Password Losses & New Moon DVD Information

So I lost all my passwords for everything... Well what I thought was everything I still had my blog area which tweaked me out because I could have sworn my computer wasnt set up to save that info :/
on any case i got way gidy and surfed thru all my other things like twitter and FB and well no dice...
hopefully I retrieve the paper soon or something gives becasue the only way I can tweet is Via phone becasue I got the random txt messaging thing set up and so yeah :/
I havnt been tweeting as much< cept for yesterday and the long wait at DMV XD but what are you to do all the new rules and regulations to even get a licence and all that jazz its nuts but apparently its set in place to detour people from driving un insured or un registered lol in some odd way i guess they got a point tho a lot of people are probabbly still doing it. and our new IDs are supposed to prevent terrorist threats and all that junk... I dont see how a gold star on a licence helps someone not decide to go off and do something crazy but ummm okay *shrugs* Honestly I dont get why those people think the way they do like do you wake up one morning and think "oh I feel like killing a bunch of people.?" or what I just dont get it. I mean yeah I can understand a little I guess like terrorists grow up in a crazy enviornment and such its like brain washing its sad but its out there, sad crazy and out there :/ I totally got off subject I really dont like thinking bout all the wars and stuff it makes me really sad. this was just supposed to be somewhat short and sweet about my passwords and how I still cant find them and i only got blog and minimal twitter... and then Walmarts special fan edition of New Moon which i think you guys is pretty cool but I cant see myself getting it I want the 3 disc edition i bet someone 3 dollars the 3 disc edition will have scenes from eclipse tho too. tho i think its the special walmart edition thats going to have the code to see the 7 minute long eclipse trailer... in any case I really like all the covers I have found from everywhere and I cannot decide with I want to be committed to XD

I have made other blogs in the progress of new moons release and we all know I'm really crazy about it which is sad XD
but what are you gonna do?

i think for those of you who are interested the twilight graphic novel (MANGA) is comming out the same day as new moon so there are a few awesome things to look forward to.

tho the price of the movies is getting crazy i saw online walmart wants 35 dollars for that fan edition which is nuts and the 3 disc edition of twilight is at 24$
i bought it for 17$!!!
it was cheaper than wht even walmart was offering by 3 bux and came with an extra disc thats why i went to target XD WTF BBQ?!?!?!?!?!

so who knows whats truely gonna happen all I know is i'm not going to the midnight release rush of doom there will be a ton of dvds an its all fine i can sit back get rest and go in the morning still the same day ha ha ha ha.

then theres a part of me that thinks why not wait for all the movies to be made and buy the ultimate box set?
you know they are gonna do that I mean hell they did it with harry potter and all those other crazy movies and tv shows Charmed has the super awesome box set forthere dvds XD

in any case I gotta get ready for my day so i'll be posting again seeing as i got blogging back woot ^_^

till later
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