Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like A Ring Pop

Wow kiddie momet for sure XD
those little buggers dont even fit on my fingers any more lol
i was just thinking about it and how funny they are now to look back at.

I mean its cute when your younger and its like Ohhh marry me heres a ring pop sugar dumpling.
then I kinda think now that its not the most sanitary candy ever made...
then again anything a kid usually ends up grabbing up and goey little fingers and such nothing is clean or sanitary at that rate XD

I really dont know where I was going With this blog but I think I'm gonna stop
I have a feeling its gonna poen a can of worms and I dont like being sticky or dirty so yeah
I'm done

Friday, February 19, 2010

So Done With All The Drama!

I'm not using myspace any more I'm not using Facebook any more I'll still tweet its not frequent enough to matter so whatever there and I'm keeping my blog.

I'm done with trying to keep everything neutral and at peace with the planet,
it never works out acordingly any how and I dont know what more I can do aside from not getting on the internet all together... which is what its gonna turn into again.

I cant stand the frequent ridicule from commentors and what they think is the right way to speak to me.

I take artistic photos and then it gets misconstrued as "Sexual Tease"
it's probabbly another reason I feel like im in such a rut I'm begining to lose outlets for expression and everyone in the world is perverted!!

so cool they can be perverts and whatever they want I'm just done with it all!

I'm staying here and on twitter and I still have my deviant art page...
other than that if you dont know how to contact me with anything nice to say KEEP IT TO YOUR DAMN SELF!

NO pervy comments no sexual shit none of that damn crap i'm done so finished.

if you don't have anything nice to say about Vibrant colored art then just keep your opinions to yourself.

I dont want to hear how you would tap that or anything I'm done with it all
I'm sick of all the drama that follows with it when I try and explain it was an artistic thing and its all sexual and blah blah blah.

its old and vulgar and not apropriate and I just hate what comes of it.

and as of lately I dont know where people get offthinking they know my personal life and everything else its just stupid!

I keep my shit just that personally with me and no one else I dont even go into detail with my friends becasue its none of anyones business but my fucking own and if you dont like that then fine quit following quit reading its not like i got alot of followers here any how I would not give one little iota if i lost people and viewers!

And on that notenow thinking about it I'm not going to do a bunch of stuff any more I'm gonna continue with what I like and well thats just it this is my area no ones forcing you to read or stay for that matter.
so yeah.

now that i'm done with my bitchy ass rant I'm gonna go back to drawing I'm gonna have a new piece up on my Da soon after I edit it in photoshop...
I'm working on my computergraphic skills and awesomeness I'm hoping it turns out well...

the rough outline is kinda crappy so maybe it will be better once its done
Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wendy's Lovely Fiber One Giveaway!!!!

So my good blogging buddy Wendy is having another awesome Fiber One giveaway

Go visit her page Pessimistically Optimistic Meanderings

and well I must admit I don't know about the Chewy Bars (i do love rice cakes tho XD) but if they are as good as there yogurt I'm really gonna be in love <3 I dont doubt it because I have tried there pop tarts and those are the yummy. any how if your interested in trying to win the lovely giveaway you should go visit her blog and leave her some love!

all she requires is the following: (it also gives you entry points) To Win: Leave a Comment....1 Entry Tweet about this and Leave Proof...1 Entry Follow My Blog...1 Entry Add My Button to Your Page...2 Entries BLOG About my Giveaway and Leave me the URL...5 Entries Its simple and harmless enough and if you like fiber one what do ya got to lose ^_^ What you would be winning is this:

You get a Pedometer, a Food Journal, a slap bracelet, a pack of Fiber One Chewy Bars and a Sports Bottle!!

I must also say its only open to USA only so I'm sorry to you in advance.
hope you enjoy the Giveaway :3

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still No Car!!!

well I really don't have much to say my day was uneventful and I don't have my car and its looking like I'm not going to have it for a while my moms on the phone with my grams right now and ugh!!!
i'm so lost and well sheesh i dunno whats going on.

mom and i went to the book store and i picked up a few books and well it didnt really cheer me up i'm under the weather and I got alot going on in my head that maybe I'm just not comfortable enough to share quite yet.

I have still been trying to find a four column layout and I keep going to apply it and non function and wowzers I'm just at a loss for alot of words.

ummm yeah I'm just agravated and I'm gonna leave it at that.

sheesh bad news day D:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lack Of Blogging And Twilight Saga: Eclipse Pics

I'm sorry I have been lack there of blogging I have gotten pretty crappy at keeping posted on all the new stuffs... or at least my personal updating XD

So with that being said I'm starting off with I dyed my hair one whole solid color O_o
OMG!!!! yes you heard me right I didn't stutter kiddies its all one solid color...
well umm almost XD where my hair was streaked and chunked out with black is still black, BUT I dont have wild stuff going on like this any more:

Old Hair

YEP its gone all becasue I would like to look good and together when I get a job...
you will now be looking at this:

New Hair

and yes I'm well aware that this is not the best pic on the planet I plan on taking better images a little later but its giving you an idea of what your seeing
and seeing as I'm not a super huge Celeb and I love to advertise good product that works well I'm showing off the box and color I used for my pretty little head XD:

hair in the box

Okie day now moving on to more super fun activity,
like my car O_O
woops bad subject for me today but god I gotta vent XD

I would like to start it off with my god I have my blonde moments for sure XD
it has sleemed to slip my mind that you have to smog your car before you can register it for the year...
alas it slipped my mind :/ and when I finally got to the smogging it didn't pass...

my tag expired on V day and well okay crap happens I cant get too mad about it it was just some dumb insodent that fell all sorts of out of wack...

on a somewhat positive note after spending the whole darn day down at the Car dealers and getting annoyed when my grams came home and her strict questioning of "who the hell touched your car last, you didnt let one of your friends look at your car did you?" and a few more things that we can just leve out and you can imagine what she said before I responded with a "NO no one touched my car."

apparently when the mechanic looked under it it has appeared someone cut some of my wires and wrapped them up all sorts of funky and well every time I drove it I could have died if the wires slipped or anything so i'm not a happy camper about finding all that out.
everything is completely wrong with my car and the end conclusion is everyone is in wow that my car didnt just die completely on me T_T

thank my lucky stars I had failed smog other wise I wouldnt have known squat and possibly continued to risk my life and have problems.

so yeah ok found out bad news but good news at the same time and wow am i relieved about it.

kinda funny as mom and I were driving there i felt it going kinda chuggy like hard to explain but it didnt feel right at all to me thats for sure... :/

any way on to a more positive note I found some cool eclipse pics off of this website called Kinopoisk I'm deffinately not taking credit for these becasue I think surfing that page was hella fun tho I had to translate everything XD here are a few images:








thats all you get you need to visit the link and see the others XD
I'm kinda not happy with Roberts mouth he looks like hes trying to eat Kristen...
I mea yes ok he plays a vampire but his mouth like over powers hers in some of these shots XD
and what the heck are they trying to do to all the giddy over hormonal teens I swear its like some sort of soft core sex going on...
maybe a little dry humping was involved but sheesh...
is it really gonna be rated the same as the others bella looks desparate to get edward's clothse like completely off XD

ok I'm just being all sorts of strange any how I hope you like the pics go visit the website and look at the others and save and share or whatever you wanna do XD

I'm going to bed nao good night

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sailor Moon Has Arrived Woot!!! XD

So I must start the story of complete and utter nonsense
mom and I thought today was presidents day because my granda kept saying monday was presidents day so we thought no mail came and well as the day progressed
I noticed that the banks were open and that school busses were driving around so I'm thinking in my head WTF BBQ man?
I guess it didnt phase mom and I much today she got me a new storage roller cart for my scrapbooking stuffs,
I have been kinda bored stuck at home and antisocial with the planet due to the fact thursday night my phone decided to say
and just completely shut down and not start back up :/
I'm kinda pissed off I had a bunch of cute photos on my phone so I'm really not a happy camper about it,
and then I have a feeling I'm gonna have alot of angry txts from peoples saying wow your mean and what not T_T
I'm actually afraid to turn on and activate my new phone when it comes in tomorrow,
I would kinda rather like to keep it off just cuz I dont want to be slambasted with negativity T_T
okay any way phone took a dump blah blah blah
back to today MONDAY PRESIDENTS DAY (supposedly XD)
So my grams comes home talks a bunch like she does about absolutely nothing and anything she could ramble on about,
then she finally decides oh I whould ask about the mail I dont see it on the table so Heather must not have went to get it today...
so she asks and mom pipes up with uhhh dude theres no mail today and grams being always about the "Why?" questions mom had to reply with "because today was presidents day duhh!"
and now its grams pretty much sticking it to us in our dumb faces with "No its not its next monday..."
So I look at mom and just tell her she was stupid and had a blond moment,
and in her defense she retorted back to me with "well grams was the one saying all last week tha monday was gonna be presidents day and blah blah blah"
after that I just had to laugh so mom and I rushed out to goand get the mail,
I would have hated to leave it in there till tomorrow with the on again off again rain fall that we have been having -_- ARAGH!
so I open the mail box and theres 3 packages packed in there with two letters for my grams.
I grab at the big package of corse who doesnt do that XD like the big things gonna magically scoop out the rest of the mail ha ha ha ha nope never happens XD
any way I grab the package and squish it and I look at mom "Ooohhhhh it feels like what might be my sailor moon dvd box set... but its kinda thin..."
mom is just like hurry up get the damn mail and sort out ours from grams so I'm still in awe and saying "this has gotta be it!"
I flip the package over and it said it was from Germany and I was like aww shark farts because I was expecting it to be Korea and I got so confused,
the other two packages were from Korea and I looked closer on the one I thought was mine and well it was also from Korea so I was excited XD
mom and I get inside and I'm cutting the package open all sorts of giddy and I told mom sorry I'm enjoying my valentines day early XD
after I got the package open I was slightly confused...
no I take that back I was really confused and almost really pissed off actually
I come face to face with this! which is really pretty and awesome and all sorts of spiffy...
problem is the front cover of the box only lists 4 seasons of the TV show which comes nowhere near close to 200 episodes so I'm like grrrr
thinking I got the wrong thing and Im all angry inside
sailormoon front
Season 1 was just Sailor Moon (pretty soldier sailor moon)
season 2 is Sailor Moon R
Season 3 is Sailor Moon S
Season 4 is Sailor Moon Super S
And Season 5 is Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (or just Stars)
so now I'm looking at the back of this box and it clearly shows it contains all 5 seasons which is 200 episodes on 9 discs from what this box is telling me and from what I still understand from getting so many Animes that are straight from Japan XD
back of box set
So yes all 5 seasons as shown with breif synopsys of each season so I'm now even more like hmmmm thinking 200 episodes on 9 dvds its not impossible
I have seen a bunch of stuff packed onto a dvd so maybe its true but still my mind is kinda in disbelief
now I open the damn thing and I'm even more confused at this point all the seasons and episodes on dvd are out of order O_0
woah what the hell is going on I'm getting more angry now and I'm reading the dvds and what they are telling me and what not and I decide I needed to get the calculator and add up all the numbers like thats truely gonna help me...
well I didnt pay close enough atention to the dvds and I for some dumb reason forgot for a moment that they are Forgin and I screwed up the count and ended up with 1000 something suposed episodes that should have been on these 9 dvds XD
yes more confusion is a foot!

season 5 was in the first slot season 3 took up the second and third slot season 2 took up the fourth thru seventh slot and then season 4 took up slots eight and nine...
so now I'm just so confused I could cry T_T
looking back at the box it says season one is 1 thru 46 which was the only helpful thing to me in all my anger...
sadly none of the discs were marked just Sailor Moon so I took the time to put them in seasonal order pissed off I'm missing season one and its truely only season 2 thru 5 (alot of grumbeling was going on) mom was getting ready to type up a mean nasty note to ebay when I'm like well it should be all 200 episodes and the only way I'm gonna know is if I plug them in...
And shure as shit its all 200 episodes but for some dumb reason they made season one be apart of season two and thats where I was freakng out XD
Look at these discs you would have been confused too:
disc 1
disc 2 and 3
disc 4 and 5
the first four discs didnt really throw me for that much of a loop they pretty much say
Disc one Episodes 1 - 23
Disc two Eipisodes 24 - 46
(those two dvds alone would have been
season one of sailor moon if they didnt mess it up XD)
Disc three Episodes 47 - 69
Disc four Episodes 70 - 89end
disc 6 and 7
Now it goes to sailor Moon s Disc one and two both say
Episodes 1 - 38end
so thats where I was like wtf bbq and apparently they count the two discs as one so disc 1 and two have 38 episodes on them combined
so yeah XD that scared the poop out of me for sure LOL
disc 8 and 9
In the end I'm really happy to have this box set because I have been trying to find
the un edited and un cut copys of these seasons for EVER
I plugged in the first disc and already saw 5 episodes that they never even put on Cartoon Network so that made my day.
If you know anything about Sailor Moon the Original anyway there are alot of pervy hints and other odd things that were not sutible for kids so they only showed this list of episodes on Cartoon Network:
Sailor Moon Episode List Thanks To The Oracle
they cut out Season 5 all together and made it look like there were 5 seasons by cutting season two into two different parts which is mean but whatever XD

Any how I'm happy and had to share my joy XD

I'm going to bed nao good night

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Moon Movie Updates & More

Alrighty so as we all know I'm an twi-additc and well I have been trying to keep track of every single thread of info and images and god knows what under the silly little sun on this sespool of an earth XD

With all of that being said I'm now happy to say what info I have found out and all the happy covers and offers alot of places are having for Pre-Orders of this awesome movie!

First Off
Midnight Release Party Areas:


I have yet to see if hot topic or wal mart will be doing anything chances are that they will be though ill update this page when i get more news on what up.
hot topic's website is down at the moment :(

okay now lets start off with a few pretty thing from all over the far corners of the world and show all you Twi-Fans what your missing out on or if your an uber die hard fanatic your getting one of everything XD.

I'm going to start off with the UK:

new moon uk

This lovely beauty is the most awesome thing ever!
it will set you back £64.99
and its a limited edition there are only going to be 5000 Individually Numbered Units so yeah those will fly out the door fast XD

they also have:

new moon single disc edition uk

this is the single disc edition of new moon and costs £9.99

new moon uk 2 disc edition

and this is the two disc edition and will cost £12.99

Now lets go to the lovely Japan:

new moon japan

I love this set up its really pretty and for some odd reason reminds me of Edward Scisor Hands XD but its still pretty and comes with alot going on which is pretty spiffy :D
from the only thing in understanding is they are calling it the New Moon "Always" box set.
It will set you back ¥ 4,618
but again its really pretty.
Just in case you cannot afford that they also have:

new moon japan

and it only costs ¥ 2,155 XD

so yeah you have some options people XD

Lets Travel now to Sweden:

new moon sweden

They are calling this pretty little thing "Bella's Box"
it was the first 3 disc dvd box set I saw offered and well honestly I love it!
and it might come with 2 pc items, bookmarks, 6 postcards and 2 bracelets.
it will cost you 299 kr

okie day lets move on to Mexico:

new moon mexico

My friend Jade originally posted the pics for this on twitter there are 4 different box sets to chose from and well I wanted you guys to look at em for your self on Crepusculo Meyer's page ummm advanced sorries for all the films being in a different language but I still think they are so cool XD

Other fun things I found available and Cool was this from Best Buy:

New Moon in a tin case!

Whats cool about the tin being sold at best buy is that it looks like th "Bella's Box" XD
so ummm yeah thats all the New moon garb I have found so far XD hopefully we all enjoy it!

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