Friday, October 30, 2009

The Mail Came & Seafood Dinner Is Always A Plus

Okay so heres how today went I was up all night with my bad migrane from hell T_T
and didnt sleep well woke up at 5am puking my guts out and having a migrane went back to sleep at 6am then woke up at 10am and had a bad tummy ache
and felt like poop about it for a long time.
I watched the SyFy channel because Ginger Snaps was having a marathon... kinda...
they only show:

the prequil Ginger Snaps Back: The Begining and then

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed,
They never ever EVER show the original

Ginger Snaps movie EVER X/
Honestly it somewhat makes me mad, the first one was the best and UGH any how moving on.
Okay so not even half way through Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed I finally decided to get ready to go to Wal Mart to cash my check its now 3:30pm
so I pretty ate up the whole day with a tummy ache and not feeling all that right.
So mom and I pack up into the car to go to the Wal Mart and we barely leave our house
and turn the corner and there is the MAIL MAN!
I was so happy I could have cried and my tummy still hurt XD
so she stops the car and I shake down the Mail Man, I'm really happy he knows me and is nice enough to just hand me stuff when I ask him other wise I would have had to wait till Monday for my package.
Any way so I'm all giddy I take the box and run back to the car forgetting completely that I was supposed to sign for the box XD
he chases us down and makes me sign my little Orange slip verifying I got my box and we continue on our merry way I rip open the box with a big fat pencil which was pretty funny and I screamed with happyness becasue my Hujoo BJDs came and I was so thrilled!
The lady that sent them was so cool she even gave me Strawberry Pocky and a bunch of cards and stickers and a really cute Business card as well.
So we go to Wal Mart now I cash my check and mom wants to go shopping so we shop then we go pick up Travis and maybe Five minutes after we get back home my Grams is home too and we all go to eat Seafood night at Santa Fe while waiting for our drawing to begin.
I ate a huge ol pile of crab legs and I was happy it was supper yumy and it relieved my tummy fora while till we left actually then I felt crapy again :( So we drop Travis off and we head home I sit back and relax and mess with the joints on my new Dolls
and get the briliant idea that they would fit into Barbie Clothse so I grab out a hand full of items and try them on my dolls and I'm so glad they actually fit ^_^
Not the pants tho they are a little more rounded in the butt area than a Barbie Doll but its okay I can forgive them they are tooooooo CUTE ^_^
So then after all the dress up and seeing that some of my doll clothse fit them I then realize that I didnt do what everyone else does with there BJDs when they arrive in the mail!
I take it upon myself to snap off a few pics of them at this point from the Box to the end lol its the "Happyness My Dolls Came Today!" Photo Shoot hee hee:
here is the lovely box they came in it was Tiny! O_o
they were all bent up and contorted funny in that darn box lol

here they are in the box just playing with the packing peanuts
(Just so you know they originally came in little plastic bags)

here they both are stretching and rubbing there eyes from being cramped in a small box for three days to get to Vegas.
(seeing as they have no eyes yet it was funny putting the girls hands in her eye holes to hold them in place she looks sad tho which wasnt what I was going for)

I now know what people are talking about when they say things like
"these fellas are mischievous."
I can now fully understand what they all mean by that these things automatically just come to life and are a real fun suprise to watch.
(they don't really move around you have to pose them but they are so life like and cute its so true everything they say about owning one and not being able to part with it. mine are blanks and I already love them so much!)

I think they were having fun with the Packing Peanuts...

Ummmm or I could be wrong she just jammed one in the guy's eye hole LOL
hes like WTF and shes just like eat it ha ha ha ha

I'm guessing at this point the guy was wanting out of the box and was done playing round with Shipping peanuts and the girl wanted out as well

ha ha ha thats too cute they are reaching out to get picked out of the box :D

The girl decides to hug my finger which I don't think worked out too well because...

the boy ended up wanting to hugg me too and it just turned into a tug of war ofer my hand and a small fight that I didnt take pics of I wanted to respect there Privacy to fude behind closed doors

the Tug Of War happening...
which I soon got them to quit fighting and I got them to hold a few of the items the lady sent me with them ^_^

the boy is holding the stickers that came with them saying the name of the doll type
and the Girl is holding the Business card ^_^
Check it out I'm advertising as I'm telling my cute story I think I rock hee hee.

they finally made up and are happy now and I picked them up to put them back in the bag they came in till I get the rest of the other parts in the mail... Like there eyes!!!

so yes that is pretty much it,
havnt had a chance to name them yet and No I don't plan on naming them Jasper and Alice to go with the Twilight Theme of things I want to give them cute awesome names and then say they are dressed as Jasper and Alice ^_^
so seeing as I havn't named them yet maybe we can all think up some super cute names and see what ends up happening ^_^

In the mean time its late and I'm tired so I hope you all enjoyed a look into my First BJD and Firs shipping Photo Shoot hopefully next time you all see them they will be comming together wonderfully and have names as well :D

If I don't get a chance to blog tomorrow Happy Halloween to you all and I hope you got a good mound of candy to eat and be proud of,
I think I'm gonna go Trick Or Treating I didn't do anything last year for Halloween But sit in fear in the dark so I really want to make up for that and go cut loose and have some fun ^_^

Nevada Day Is Viewed Today??? WTF???

Okay so my hopes for my awaiting packages have maybe put on hault
due to uhhh Nevada day and Halloween!
Halloween usually is Nevada day and so now I'm maybe looking at the packages comming between monday to friday of next week >_<
like its not painful enough that I had to wait this long!?!?!?!
Oh yes and my stupid image showing craptastic abilitys are at it again so to re cap
everything I took a bunch more photos of what I did and now youll get to see hopefully... _________________________________________________________________ Little Red Riding Hood:

the claw hand

Werewolf Fever is a bad thing O_o

I get into some pretty bad fights yeah lol

this is the funny one because after I was done with the placing and putting on of the tattoos I then found out that they cannot be placed near your eye area...
Truth be told I still do some random stuff with my eyes and well Contacts after a long period of time screw with your eyes too but I LOVE then too much not to have yllow eyes one day and purple the next so thats deffinatey out of the question and I'm glad we have Lasic Vision repair any how I'll look into that after I'm completely blind or something XD no not really lets not worry about my eyes they will be fine.

this was the final pic after all was said and done with going to Lets Make A Deal
I must say I had alot offun even though I didnt win a single thing or even get to be Zonked LOL there is always next week ^_^

Oh heres the bottom of my outfit:

I feel my feet look like they have been bounded and stuffed into small shoes lol maybe its the angle of the pic LMFAO

any how thats pretty much all I have for that day and I got home with a bd migrane and a comp full of norton scanning for viruses so I wasnt able to get on till today XD
ummm in other awesome news uhhhhh... ... ...
Oh yes New Moon is 21 days away!!!! I dunno about you all but I'm pretty freaking happy ^_^
and two days away for the Lovely Twilight Barbie dolls hee hee there is so much excitement on everything,
OH heres an angry thing tho look what they did to make us get three of the same game instead of just one like they did for twilight O_o:

Okay I can understand the Scene It board game but come on why 3 different tins for New Moon???
And if I may add if your temptid to buy the Scene it board game don't its only the one movie and much like the Harry Potter scene it there will alot more to it if you simmer down and just wait a while...
Here are some close ups of the three tins:

so there ya go I am still unclear which one I will be getting but they are at Wal-Mart for $24.00 so your lookingat like $70.00 for the whole set so the choice is yours kiddies.
Hope you all got your movie tickets for the Midnight showing of New Moon as well I bet by now they are selling out!
I'm not gonna say where I'm going to be simply because I don't want to run into people now if I run into them just by Fluke that they will be where I am no big deal I just don't want to do that in advance.
any how I guess thats all I got for now I'm gonna go eat some lunch now ^_^
I'll blog again tonight with some more creepy doll pics probabbly if your lucky ^_^

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Waiting For Alot Of Things *Sigh*

Okay so as of right now my last blog was about my lovely BJDs so at this point I'm waiting for them and their shoes and patterns to come in the mail XD
I'm a bit antsy I will admit I want to get them in my hands and figure out what theyre names and makeup will be and look like so I'm just daydreaming at this point lol.
Tomorrow I get to go to Lets Make A Deal and if I'm lucky I'll get to participate Hee hee It's going to be my first game show and I never knew this but you get to dress up so I went and got Temp Tattoos of scratches and scars and I was inspired by Emily Young from New Moon so I did a crazy twist on Little Red Riding Hood insted of beating the wolf she gets the crap beat out of her and is a bloody scared scratched up mess then a few days later finds out that The Big Bad Wolf was a Werewolf and shes going through a horible transition.
Here are a few pics:

I did my own acrylic nails and I was my firs time I don't think I did too bad ^_^
I purposly made them look kinda ragged and lumpy its apart of the transformation I'm going thru so its only on my Left hand hee hee
the claws after getting scar tattoos applied theres a claw mark running thru my tendons too I just didnt post that pic but yeah Grr I'm a crazy Wolf half breed,
and they said the transformation into a Vampire was hard Ugh lol.

Left side of my face and a chunk of my sholder.
I'm grooving on my face and neck its pretty sweet.
whats funny is I got the three meay claw marks on my right side too:

so from frontal view it looks kinda like a scratch mark necklace its pretty spiffy i you ask mee ^_^

I was reading the back of the Temp Tattoo paper after the fact I had put them all on and it said to avoid eye area >_< src="">
okay and this is just me goofing off becasue well I can if ya got a problem with it well your not nice T_T
going back to my BJD and my obsession answer to Wendy Yes I was gonna make those costumes for them what I cosplayed as so Good on that note but I'm gonna make them Look like Alice and Jasper first ^_^

and on that note I was looking up some cute dolls and clothse and I realizd I now want a few new Doll Heads ALREADY Ugh I'm so getting adicted to this hobby lol

here are a few pics:

I love this dress its too cute

I totally love these little 4 inch animal creatures they are just too darn cute KAWAIIIII!!!!

I'm so making this outfit its awesome and so punk rocker ^_^

she is just so beautiful I love the doll and I love the wig just all around one I would like to own.

The person that hand paints these rocks all the dolls look just beautiful and downright AWESOME!

this one is my fave I love her pearl tone skin and how it has a slight sparkle to it its so beautiful

this one is pretty

cute in a creepy way Fight club kids its fun hee hee hee

CORALINE I'm hella making button eyes for my dolls ^_^
Anod on that note I am going to qiot with the doll pictures for today I'm tired and I got a big day tomorrow so
till tomorrow Good Night

Monday, October 26, 2009

ZOMG!!! It's A Regular Post... Or Is It...???

Okay so now to go back to some bit of normality...
Well as normal as things can be for me lol :D
I have purchaced parts to make special BJD (Ball Joint Doll) or Dollfies whatever the heck you would care to call em.
Any how back to my happy moment,
I have purchaced parts to make my own both a Male and a Female and well I'm quite happy they are in the process of getting shipped to me as we speak!

so here are some quick pics of what they look like right now and I'll then explain my next happy moment and it might intice ou all to want one as well because well...

LOL okay let me just show you the darn dolls XD


This is the male body he is 26 cm. tall and its un-finished and un painted ^_^
I bought him blank so I can customise him to be what I want him to be ^_^

and this would be my lovely female she is 24 cm tall and also from the pic unfinished and un painted as well ^_^

these would be the eyes that will belong to them I have two sets of Yellow and two sets of the Red magenta now with that being said can we guess what I'm going to transform these beautys into???

I even bought them both sets of the cutest boots ever ^_^
(only before I found the template to make my own Dollfie shoes XD Doh)
whatever tho you win some you lose some :P

so thats all I got aside from a few doll clothse templates and such but yeah
I didn't buy them wigs becasue I'm going to be doing that all from scratch and by hand becasue I'm making these dolls all the way awesome ^_^

here are some pics I found on the web of what some people did with their BJD of this model ^_^

these are the cutest triplets ever!!!! hee hee hee

here is one with Yellow eyes ummm I'm trying to give you all a hint of what I am going to do with mine by doing this lets see if we can figure this silly little game out ^_^

this one was just too darn cute it reminded of me with all my cute little God Kisses
so I had to put her up whoever owns her must be a Ginger like me hee hee hee
Kudos to you if you ever tumble across my blog and see your doll on my page ^_^

and finally the last big huge clue if you can see what I AM GOING TO DO O_O lol

Okay and now thats just for my BJD I recently got comissioned to make a twin set fro my friend in Idaho and shes dropping a pretty penny for my labor of love
the doll bodys blank like that dont run cheap and then looking into eyes and then your time painting them and she wants me to pierce hers all up and tattoo em to resemble the twins Bill and tom of Tokio Hotel its going to put my skills to a full on challange and I was willing to take it The bodys separately after shipping and handeling cost 50 dollars and then the high quality eyes range from prices of 10 dollars and up the best pair I have seen cost 40 dollars and no I'm never going to own them T_T

any way so she has comissioned me to do the Tokio Hotel Twins Bill and Tom and from all the stuff she wants done shes making payments to me every month and the end cash result is for this project my first Grand tho half of that if not more will be going to buy the parts and accessorys she has requested and I'm thinking out of my own labor I'll be getting at least Two hundred of my own actual earned monies and thats not too bad.

and it made me think
I can make these dolls and sell them to all of you if you like them and Of corse they will not be costing a grand unless you want the royal treatment and like seven differen hair styles and eyes and clothse for your doll then yeah a grand and up depending on what all you want but I'm thinking if I make them and sell them for 400 dollars I'm doing something I love and they are resonable and I'll make them however you would like.

they have six different skin tones and they also have open eyes and closed eyes obviously but yeah I'll leave that all up to you the buyer.

I'll be posting pics when I get my first ones done and hopefully I'll have enough time to snap off a few pics of my Friends custom order and have them up on my profile next ^_^

okay well any way that was my exciting news and now I'm gonna go to bed hee hee hee

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