Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New New Moon Official Posters

they released 3 new posters and I saw them testerday!!!!
I'll be posting pics of them today I'm trying to blow them up cause I wanted bigger than thumbnail things lol ^_^

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New New Moon Information:

Okay so its not just simply New Moon information but Twilight related Hoopla!
I'm gonna start with the information I found out about the Twilight video Game
Warning its kinda sad I'm just gonna copy and paste what the site said.

It came from Cullen Boys Anonymous:

This just in from Brandon Gardner, Game Director of Twilight, The Video Game:

We will be holding one session of auditions for the voiceovers this weekend in Forks, WA. Anyone who would like more information on auditions can contact Lepell’s Flowers and Gifts. Please note that any one chosen for a part will be doing so on a volunteer non paid basis.

Summit Entertainment has recently discussed the game with Mr. Gardner and has made a number of requests, including that the characters in the game not look like the characters in the movie. (This is where your chance to audition came in!)

Another change will be that Summit Entertainment will have the option to either allow publishing of the game, or they have the option of destroying all materials and assets related to the game. According to Gardner, this means that, unfortunately, there WILL NOT be a free version of the game available to the public.
Gardner has also been busy working on getting local business and residents involved. Mr. Gardner now resides in Forks full time. and wants the game to reflect the authentic town and people.

Anyone wishing to contact Gardner for auditions, or for information regarding the game please email him at

Okay now with that being said it has just made me the saddest person on the planet.
I was living for this news and for a chance to see out of the twilight characters eyes and see what they saw and what not and now Summit Entertainment doesnt want any of the characters to be in the video game.
so why the hell is it called Twilight the Video Game it might as well just get called Forks T_T.

and with further news why are they all up for it and doing voiceover calls and Summit going thru this for people to get happy about then just banish it from even igsisting at all?

that has stricken a high ammount of outrage with me like you don't even know I really want to do something about this because I was liking this man's Ideas and what he is doing to help bring the characters to life and now theres all these rules and regulations and what ever else now how fun is this game going to truely be if you cant play as Bella and fall in love with Edward or be the main love interest or whatever the case may be?

they totally killed the spark of all this lovely world making for this man and I feel its going to get cut before it even has a chance to fly and be loved,
I have never felt such outrage in my life specially after I vowed to read Breaking Dawn after this video game comes out because I would have had something wonderful to fall back uppon and just drown myself in and be happy and now that might not even come to be!!!!
okay now moving on to a bit more happy news I found this out earlier today... before my rant of what I just found out XD

I was thinking about it and I have read a few crazed fan blogs about the New Moon Burger King HYPE and well everyone said a bunch of stuff so it took me an hour to find out and I called a few different Burger Kings and well I dun think they were supposed to give out the information and well I'm not gonna get anyone in troubble by stating exactly wen its gonna happen but lets just say would you rather have a Trick or a Treat? ^_^

so yeah I'm pretty excited about it and now I know when Burger King is gonna become my new LOVER so yeah all is well and I'm stocking up big time It's gonna be flipping nuts.

I already posted a few news updates on whats going to be hitting wen and when to expect it and what not and the differences in Tonner special edward from Comic Con dolls and all that jazz about whos going to be on the New Moon album and all that lovely jazz,
all that remains is photos but I have been kinda lazy and didnt want to go there because yeah I'm being Lazy about it T_T so I guess we can all hate me just for that cause I kinda hate me too for my Lazyness but i do promise I'll get around to it soon because I really want to show some pics off of this stuff unless you all googled it all already and found all this lovely stuff...

its easier just to stay tined to my page ^_^

maybe later tonight I'll make another blog about it ^_^

Okay and I have been looking everywhere for the Twilight Scene It DVD Game and well it comes out also on October 1, 2009 so lest all be happy kiddies Ill do a whole new update page list and what not with all this information and happyness so we can all be happy in Twilight Land ^_^

I'm gonna go back to scrapbooking now so I'll type up a longer blog later <3333

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tracklisting For New Moon Soundtrack Revealed

Wow so I'm happy and now I know what songs and bands are gonna be on
The Twilight Saga: New Moon Motionpicture Soundtrack:

1. Death Cab For Cutie – Meet Me On The Equinox

2. Band Of Skulls – Friends

3. Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage

4. Lykke Li – Possibility

5. The Killers - A White Demon Love Song

6. Anya Marina – Satellite Heart

7. Muse - I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)

8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent – Rosyln

9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Done All Wrong

10. Hurricane Bells – Monsters

11. Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour

12. Ok Go- Shooting The Moon

13. Grizzly Bear - Slow Life

14. Editors – No Sound But The Wind

15. Alexandre Desplat – New Moon (The Meadow)

I'm liking the idea of Death Cab For Cutie and you can hear the song already its pretty good I think.

I love Ok Go and Muse and who in their right mind doesnt love The Killers???

the other bands I'm unclear about I have never heard of them
and I'm kinda sad becasue i heard that Jackson Rathbone's band 100 Monkeys was gonna be on it T_T

in any case theres what to expect from the New Moon album all you willy nilly fans who cant ever get enough ^_^

Day Number Whatever of Divorce Crap Fun!

Yep again another court day I hate how they are all just bleeding together at this point and becomming one big blob of pure angry.

My father is a royal pain in the butt if I do say so myself Eww I called him my Father... BLAKE any how yeah hes drawing this whole thing way out to the point of hes mixing up all his lies now and its just getting messy and confusing at best.

there was the short hand story of everything I'm still gonna say my piece when its all said and done but yeah its gonna have to wait a few more days... months... UGH

any how ummm I'm gonna update some links on my link area to things I do if anyone is interested in following me around and see the me out side of blog land and is more in photography art land and all that jazz...

after all is said and done I'm so totally going back to being goth I miss my big huge boots and all my white makeup and my corsets its all in storage so thats gonna take a crap ton of time before I get back to where I wanna be T_T

oh well I got forever...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flu Shot Of Doom :(

Yeah okay so yesterday I got my Flu shot because my Grams is really concernrd with this H1N1(Swine Flu) Thing so ummmmm against my much better judgement I got the shot cause she was concerned about it.

And before everyone jumps my back YES I am fully aware the shot I got now dosnt fight off H1N1 or prevent you from getting it.

Okay now with that being said if I would have caught the regular flu my immune system would be weakend and I could potentally get the Swine Flu out of sheer weakness and so yeah theres my whole reason on getting the regular flu shot and I hate how I feel now.

I feel like I got hit by a car and I have felt like crap and I almost reached the point of throwing up 3 times yesterday and then I got that way today it hurts to swallow and my left arm feels like someone punched me in it super hard T_T

I never get flu shots becasue when I was younger i would get them and right afterwords I would always throw up so I quit getting them for the longest time,
Truthfully if Grams wasnt so obsessed with it I probabbly wouldnt have gotten any flu shot still, I was debating long and hard with myself if I was gonna get the H1N1 vaccene and well Im doing it all for my Grams in the end >_< href="" target="_blank">

This one plays a song ^_^

This one plays "Full Moon" when you open it ^_^

and this is what it says on the inside ^_^!

Oh and I must mention they have a sparkle to them the paper has a touch of glitter in it ^_^

Trick Or Treat!!!!

I'm loving this card a whole bunch tho it dosent sing a song it just makes me happy



and just so we are all aware this is one of the few twilight products I HAVNT bought yet O_o I chose not to get them because I wanted to wait ^_^

I did however get the New Moon Poster thats the TEASER...
not for me tho alas another thing I bought twilight related thats not staying with me at all...

And now heres some fun stuff to look forward to New Moon Stuff ^_^:

New Moon Standups!

Well they had the twilight ones and now they have New Moon life sized cut outs this makes me happy ^_^

and well seeing as I'm still not feeling too well I'll post the edward and bella tonner dolls later I took Big pics of them and I gotta piece them together like a twisted Puzzle

heres a release date list to settel your minds in the mean time:

New Moon Paperback Team Edward Cover - release date: October 1, 2009
New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion paperback (Twilight Saga) – release date: October 6, 2009
Twilight saga: New Moon Board Game-release date: October 15, 2009
Twilight Barbie Dolls-Release date: November 1, 2009
New Moon Soundtrack – release date: November 20, 2009

thats all I know of at this moment oh and heres a project I'm woring on with silk screening ^_^:

Team Edward Side!

This is the Front of the Scrapbook this side is Team Edward side

Team Jacob Side!

This is the back side of the scrap book and its the Team Jacob side and when you open the scrapbook they face eachother and I have yet to decide what else I am going to put on it maybe a few quotes from all of the books

Inside Team Edward side!

This is the inside part of the Team Edward side its Edawrd holding Bella and I had a hard time deciding to ad detail to it or leave it a shadow

inside Team Jacob side!

this is the inside of the Team Jacob side and much like the team edward side this one is of Jacob Holding Bella its incomplete I'm gonna do the same thing I did to the team edward side so yeah and its gonna be decked out with twilight Themed pages on the inside ^_^

so yeah theres the inside look at my first scrapbook making in progress ^_^
I'm going to be selling it on Etsy once its done and I will take custom orders for what you guys like and what not I also do individual pages for a Scrapbook and I am going to make some cute Twilight themed papers and such so I'll have some cute little Kits as well small steps I'm hoping to get something done for Christmas ^_^

Stay tuned kiddies and see what I can come up with and also here are some Layouts I had already made from Travis's Scrapbook so yeah I'll make these as well if you like them ^_^

Thats all I got for now
I'm gonna work on some cute quote tags now <3

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Moon Updates and other stuff

Okay so I'm freaking out badly and well I just found a few more official New Moon posters that are happily floating around the web ^_^

With that being said I love the intensity of this poster its BEAUTIFUL:

Edward and Bella

Yeah so everyone can drool over that for a few ^_^

also Tonner is releasing "Turn Me" Edward and Bella dolls from prom:
I'll post pics of that later I'm busy trying to make a silk screening stencil XD

Friday, September 18, 2009

Italian food festival!!!!!

Yep I'm going so I'm charging the batterys and getting together with my friend Muffin that just got back to vegas after a long time being away and Travis and Mary ^_^

Mom is comming too and we are just gonna have tons of fun ^_^

so yeah oh and if we are all interested in how I'm going to food fest XD

Bella is an Italian name so I'm dressed as BELLA XD I have issues ha ha ha ha

its all good tho everyone still loves me.

oh and heres what I made :

The Pop tab bracelet I'm gonna make a few more but I need more Pop tops hee hee hee

I'm also going to be making some Blingy and selling them on my Etsy account again thats still under construction but yeah...

heres another odd and end thing I did:

its Bella St. Judes Bracelet ^_^ the gold one thats closer to my hand is the one I made its a bad pic but yeah its got all the cullens heads on it and its just too darn cute ^_^

and now heres me ^_^

you can barely make out my Henna heart on my fingers nao T_T I gotta re do it so it shows up

like I said on my Twitter account I love this face I dunno why its just cutely funny hee hee hee

Hair Runner lol they all do it the ruffling of the hair and making it more Body Full lol

and thats all you get for now till after the festival


Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Now Have A New Page !!!!!

No no no kiddies its not what you think its not a blog but I decided to make an Etsy account because I'm working on my next step of advancement and well I figured why the hell not ^_^

Nothing is up yet and I'm going to re take alot of photos to post everything up and I'll need to gather some time and get some models for my jewelery and other random things like Cosplay Costumes or outfits and other goodies I'm making like Purses or scrapbook Layouts and all that jazz so everything will soon be reachable at peoples fingertips and a point and a click away from getting sent hand made and filled with love straight to your front door XD

okay so thats all I had to say about that.

I bought some scrapbook making crap and well I'm gonna make some super cute things for any and every ocasion and your scrapbooking needs ^_^.

I'll make a link to my site super soon when its got some junk up on it but please not forget to check out my other creations page I'm just bouncing around everywhere with everything for anything lmfao I'm a spazz.

any how I'm gonna go


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


okay so I'm mad I'm trying to get a 4th cloumn for my blogger and its impossible T_T
sadness is upon me and all it comes in is xml coding and none of the files will open so I cant use them


Score one for the Izzy and her greateness and Zero for the stupid store that put this out EARLY!!!!

Yes this is a real copy of New Moon XD

okay so I'm a happy camper still crampy but its all good ^_^
ummm in regards to my blog I posted yesterday i dunno why I got concerned about it
I didn't mean for Wendy to get a little spazzed out about it
I love you Tons Wendy ^_^

I just felt there were limitations to alot of stuff so yeah XD
I was just stating things that were no comforting to me then I decided to put it back in draft which I shouldnt feel like I should be Limited to my words and your absolutely right it's MY blog and MY feelings about how I personally feel so I re put it back up and just so we are all clear for future refference if we arnt clear as crystal already I'm a blunt person and I do speak my mind be it I end up putting my foot in my mouth or not I get over things quickly for the most part but don't pick at scabs that still are mending.

So again I'm SUPER thankful to Wendy and being supportive of me and well thats all that really matters to me.

I know a bunch of you follow me and read and leave the random comment But Wendy is always <3

I'm making a special I <3 my #1 follower banner just for you sweetie ^_^
so be expecing a blog all about it just for you <3333333

Any how this blog is short I'll post again later today but I gotta pack up all my Summer Clothse so I can put my winter ones up ^_^

I'll be posting a pic of my new winter wardrobe as well I got tons of new stuffs ^_^

any how Lots of love to everyone


okay well today was suposed to be the wonderful day I let everone in to my personal life and whats been wrong with my life.
Sadly all I have to say about what has Occured is if you have twitter you should view my Tweets.

I said a few random things about the court hearing today but all didn't go acordingly thus meaning I'm not free from the evil clutches of my "Father" so going back to a normal life is not an option right now...
and nor do I see it taking place in the near future so a job is still out of the question *sighs*
this saddens me greately and also none of my charms or art have sold at all and the President of First friday got back to me and if I may be blunt now She was a MAJOR DOUSHE.

so now all my happyness and hopes and dreams are slowly going to shit just putting it bluntly.
I'm furthermore getting really depperessed about all of this and its just the tip of this dramatic spiraling iceberg of sadness.

Obviously I have poted not to do my awesome giveaway for the Manga not only was Laura Baley not at AV but I don't think I'll be getting any more followers than I already have so I gave up on it.

and if you must get more techinical my only avid follower Miss Wendy is the winner of the Anne Rice Book I already know she follows me and well due to technical disadvantages that make me sad she can't really represent me too well.

If I may be so bold as to say I did TXT Lee last month just cause I was unable to find my digital camera battery and well the last time I had it was at her birthday...

the conversation went well she said she would look but that her mom has an issue with me which I think was bogus I warn everyone that I'm blunt and well I got over all that like I sad.

I lost my chunk of followers becasue of her and the people devoted to Lee so I have now gained my own following I dont really care much but its still sad.

Lee aparently doesnt want there to be hard feelings between her and I any more but something deep inside of me even though I'm over the whole situation something in my gut just pisses me off about her.
she went to Anime Vegas and well I didn't think she even liked anime for that matter and well I'm now begining to hate my love of over 20 years.

I grew up with anime it was my major happyness and now I'm sad by alot of things and that just further more makes me sadder.
She doesnt follow my blog or I don't think she does but then again what do I know SPYS everywhere theres ways.

so last i heard she hated my guts royally and even tho she did in a way Appoligise for her actions I still cant get over it and the sadness I feel cant be fixed and what all happened with her and myspace and everything else deleting me out of her life fully then trying to repair it is just more pain on me than I can handle.

any way so shes at anime and okay whatever I saw her for minimal moments and i dunno I think it was a strain on both of our beings cause I felt such high tension I just had to walk away and the first day I cant believe she has a friend like shelby it was like looking back at high school and them being the popular girls all stuck up and me being goth again and getting eggs and tomatos thrown at me and then them laughing.

yes I was goth and yes that really did happen and its sad to think about.

so now anime has been over and well I'm posting my pics on my Deviant Art account freely and well Water Marked of corse cause I do plan on editing them and re posting them so I'm giving sneak previews and getting e mails in order of whos who in images and getting all the cosplay contest people taken care of and then today I wake up and right before I go to court I have a note from Lee on my DA about how she wants an un watermarked image of her and Drew.
~_~ so I'm already stressed angry and pissed off and I get this message,
honestly my first reaction was to blow up my computer.
second is I thought she wasnt even following my anything any more like I was obsolete and what the hell is wrong with this picture?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

yes I only recognised after loading my images on the comp before getting them to DA that Lee is in fact in three of my images and its all becasue I was taking random pics of the filled auditorium in the theatre for the preformances...
UGH why me?
I dunno what shes trying to do and my instincts tell me not to trust her and as of lately my instincts have been dead on about alot so this is just freaking me out and then court and everything sad with today....
I won't even go into Travis but yes today was a SHIT day.

in the end I'm a good person and I'm still not done loading images on DA but I told her once I was done I would send her a non water marked copy ~_~
sometimes I wanna punch myself in the head.

in other news I'm gonna be updating my Creations page again super soon and I'm in process of making a whole new layout and all that jazz so be expecting alot of crap.
also if you love scrap booking I might be making a new Blog dedicated to my scrap booking adiction and well yeah there might be one for cosplay as well ^_^ so we will see what happens its just about how many blogs and sites I feel like juggling around so thats all there is to that.

so now I'm going to create some crap before I go to bed ^_^

Monday, September 14, 2009

Okay So I HAD A Good Blog Last Night...

Okay so yes I had an awesome blog last night about the VMA pre show and about the VMAs themselves and the special appearances by the Twilight saga cast.

I think we are all gonna be disapointed to know this but heres some things I DONT like:

In twilight only Alice and Jacob had a wig and I think James did to but I'm only making this about the main peoples.

well In New Moon Rosalie has a wig now >_<
and the topper of all toppers in Eclipse Bella has a wig >_<
this by far makes me so angry I'm pist about her cutting her hair for the Runaways as it is but seeing her at the VMAs shes pratically bald now what gives and what about Robert what the freak is he thinking at this rate.
I mean okay Rumor Mill Churning supposedly he was gonna ask Kristen to marry him in the scene where Edward asks Bella...
apparenlty thay have already moved in with one another and have announced they are dating. people catch them on set saying "have you seen my Handsom husband/beautiful wife?"
its also suposed that they are both crazy enough to get married just for the fun of it and all the hype it will get and the atention on the Twilight saga, Which so be it cool cool I heard that they are going to be making Breaking Dawn into a Two or Three Part long movie....
O_O that made me excited and also with that happy news heres some more:
Twilight Saga New Moon Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released in October??? (Dunno)
and Death Cab For Cutie sings a song called Meet Me In The Equanox.
I'm bummed out because I was really rooting for Hanna and her song "Need" and I was hoping to god it would be in the part where Bella jumps off the cliff cause it was very fitting to that area and emotion of that time.... Ahhh it was a dream.
They will be also releasing a New Moon Board Game how exciting ^_^
and if it doesnt get any better the Guy that is making the twilight video game will be in Forks for stephenie Meyer day and well yeah I'm pretty happy about the video game. Hopefully it will be done before X-Mas if not hopefully it will be out for 2010 ^_^ okay so now with the awesome video feed of New Moon Trailer Number 3:

Enjoy I'm Off To Court Now <3

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tooo Many Images Still Geting Through On DA

okay so I posted a blog earlier like yesterday I think and my link didnt work >_< which makes me mad and well I clicked it and its cause blogger put their website in front of it XD so now I am trying again to post the link
The Beautiful Void's Deviant Art Page

so now maybe people can view what I have so far XD

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just So We All Know I Havnt Forgotten

I'm putting up all my images on deviant art and well for right now you can view them on my deviant art page and all that jazz I will be posting them up here soon though but if you are all impatient you can view them here
Deviantart Page:

they all have watermarks on them cause well I put them there for safety and they are my pictures after all so I did ^_^

I am going to have good copys available for the owners of who is in the pics with me or of pics of people I have took however and yes this includes my buddy Jerry Jewell I'll be giving him un watermarked copys and I'm already on e-mailing the Hillywood crew the images as well in case they want to use them up in the fan section so yes all my images on DA are kinda a bummer but thats just the way it is ^_^

Hope you still like the images any way.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Anime vegas News and Best Veteran

so as we all know the last week or so I have sucked butt keeping promises well tomorrow is the ending of anome vegas and I hope you all are expecting a huge blog out of me ^_^.

on a good note today was the group masqueraid contest and I well My group travis cat and I "what about panda @ the disko?!" won Best Veteran award!!!!!!

Wait but thats not all we all know I won last year and well my first year I actually won something all I got was a gift certifficate which was lame cause they ALWAYS give you a plaquerd and well I was sad so I won this year and got my PLaque finally to hang on the wall ^_^

so I accepted my award baffeled and I couldnt stop crying tears of utter joy I was so EMO it wasnt funny but I would talk about it and I would cry I'm getting alla choked up over it now still >_< lol

what made it all the more better is I got tons of pictures and video and lots of huggs and what not and I got to meet Hillywood and get tons of pics and then and then I went to the rave and my buddy keoki already got done drumming and Steve is the sweetest he got keoki to play drums again the dj cleared it and it was happyness and as we walked to our car steve said he did it just for me cause I missed him preform earlier ^_^

today was a sweet day ^_^

Pics of everything tomorrow tons and tons ^_^

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two more days and less than 33 hrs away the stress is high

okay so for the most part my cosplay is done mom's is almost done and then travis still needs his suit >_<

so I'm pretty stressed out I'm freaking out more becasue we were suposed to pre reg for the masqueraid and well we did but never got a confermation about it O_O

so we re e mailed them and well that was yesterday and we are still waiting....

I'm getting really sad that they didnt get me and I'm gonna miss out.

its bad enough as it is I'm worrying about the costumes but now with this and then early in the morning I gotta go sign in or I dont have a spot O_o

so much stress and I'm really nervous this year...
mostly probabbly cause everyone said I look like a pilgram in my cosplay and I'm really pulling off the boy look to the extreme and its all flippin wierd XD

it's all a big rush for me and I'm not sure what to expect this year at all period.

on a cute note I found some super Kawaii Paper crafts of sushi thats going to be apart of my skit ^_^ and all its cute yummyness heh heh heh.

any how I just thought I would have a quick spazz out now I'm gettin back to work Ill post all my images tomorrow

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