Friday, July 31, 2009

My First Ebay Post

So I have just got done putting up my first Item up for bid on Ebay ^_^
its for the hard core collectors of odd items and rare Autographs.

It's My Marilyn Manson First Edition 1998 Book.

It's the first book he released and its called "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell"
I met Mr. Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) when I was 11 years old.
I must say it was a wonderufil experience for me and I waited in a long line from hell to meet him and give him an easter egg ^_^

any how its my first auction and its a rare book I have not seen it often and I researched other autographed items with and or of him and an AV magazine went for $365.50 and thats just for a magazine with Marilyn Manson on the cover god knows whats in it other than the autograph.

any how if anybody is interested in taking a gander at the book feel free ^_^
if you know a hard core collector of items like this please let them know that its on ebay.

Here are some tiny images...

This is the Front cover of the book and if I may add its got a few pretty nifty looking colored pages in it ^_^

This is the autograph ^_^ woot

this would be the back cover it has some slight water damage but its only on the sleve of the book and no where else its barely noticable becasue it blends in with the orange.

and this is what youll get a copy of when you win the bid on the book its the information sheet of what happened and what not I went to a place called Tower Of Records and well they are becoming extinct it was a wonderful store to buy Forgin films and Import Things.

thats All I gotta say.

Happy Bidding.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Indestructable Bella

Okay so I finally got a spare moment to show you all the damaged Bella ^_^
Travis said seeing as shes pretty strong I need to make some odd ones now and after talking to my mom and crying over her Battle wounds I have come to realize that its BELLA DUHH she gets beat up and scared alot and well its only logical she looks all scraped to shit ^_^

so yeah shes still in good shape and like I said she went throught Two Major Rain storms in vegas which it flooded in my area twice >_<

So heres what she looks like and what she looked like before is on my charms page ^_^

you can view the before and after nnow ^_^

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Found My MISSING Bella Charm

So after trying to find my Bella charm the last three days I found her yesterday after two floods and getting ran over by a car 5 different times >_< happy to say she survived it ^_^ with minor injuries and so I'm gonna have to update my charms page to say that they can outlast floods and cars and god knows what else ha ha ha ha ha

Ill be putting a picture up later shes not broken or anything shes just got slight scrapage from the car tire on her back side in her hair and theres a little dirt pressed into it and two tiny chips in the paint ^_^

so when I say my charms are indestructable they are indestructable ^_^

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reunion Day II

So today started off like the last day did and mom and I frantically getting ready for her Reunion yet again lol and me goofing off taking some pics in the car ha ha ha ha...

I dunno I like how my eyes look in this pic and yes that is a necklace I made and if we are paying atention to the straps on my dress I am re wearing my Birthday attire ^_^

more than anything I love this picture cause of the shining beams from the sun its pretty hard to purposly get pictures like this UGH >_<

mom and I driving to the Marrage and ready to have a flipping blast!

So i'm just gonna give a brief layout of event becasue tomorrow is the picnic and I'll have pictures to post of all three days when I get that blog together ^_^

all I'm willing to say right now was tonight was a hoot we danced we partied hard had fun socalizing with all my moms old friends and classmates they are a very super interesting group of people its been a good experience I'm just sad tomorrow is the last day but then monday I gotta focus on other events >_< Which I dunno if I wanna disclose Ill make that call after the event takes place monday. any how... my mom went to clark and this is her graduating class this is just a rough draft of what the pins looked like.

and if you pay atention to this pic both mom and I are wearing our pins ^_^
they are super cute we even made keychains as well ^_^

this is a picture we got take professionally at the event its super cute the others will be up on clarks personal reunion page so ill be snagging those up and sharing them with you all as well I gotta do alot of hunthing for images to post in the next day or two ha ha ha ha

also with that I gotta make Travi's Scrap book...

the one I was gonna use for Lee's christmas gift I decided to use on travis's birthday because our one year is in nine days and then his birthday is in 11 days so I'm getting some stuff together.

i got a big chunk done at mary's already and so yeah ^_^

oh while i'm on that subject

I found an authentic autograph from Bela Lugosi hes travis's fave actor and well I was gonna add that to the scrap book as well ^_^

and on a non scrapbook note opinions on this image???

I plan on making this my new banner but I'm kinda unclear at the moment I wanna tinker in photoshop and make soemthing completely wonderful and I can't quite yet I gotta wait like 10 days to get my laptop >_<.

any how that's all I gots for right now
I'm gonna go to bed so I can get up early to go to the park


Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Good Day

woot for a good day =3

it all started when mom and I went down to 107.9's radio station to pick up my GRAND PRIZE!!
It was so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye hee hee

I received two tickets to see toadies and a 75.00 gift certificate to Pink Taco :)

mom and I will be going to Toadies tonight and I'm gonna use the Pink Taco Certifficate as a part of Travi's big birthday suprise :)

I want to give him a birthday that will be full of fun and one he will always remember.

mom and I had to pose with my winnings in front of the crew truck ^_^

I had to take pics of everything cause I'm silly ;)

okay okay okay and then I went home just giddy as can be and thinking okay now I can get ready for mom's School Reunion and all would be nice XD


I received another wonderful surprise at around 3:00pm

the fed ex man had delivered my wonderful vial of beautiful LIP VENOM V!

The special edition Twilight lip plumper XD

just so you all know it took me everything in my willpower not to tear this thing open before I got a picture of it and did a story book memory lol

so then I tear the thing open and look inside and I'm just super happy at this point I could cry I was so curious as to what the vial containing the Lip Venom V would look like...

OMG WOW the tube its in is so beautiful :3

And the caption on the back side is just way awesome!!!

If you cant read it it says:

"Lip Venom V Get transformed"
"Feel the rush as you Apply this crimson lipstain suspended in a Venom-Laced plumping conditioner. As close as you can get to a Vampire's bite."

Now I own the little mini sample and the tube, I couldn't be any happier from today ^_^

and on that note I think red is my new color!

I mass text everyone in my phone to see what they thought and they all agreed that red looks "SEXXY" on me :3

I am just so happy.

then mom and I went to her reunion and had tons of fun she met old friends and I met some interesting people =D

I learned so much from a small hand full of people last night I shall carry it with me through out my life now =)

I just wanted to share my tid bit O' happiness.

I'm gonna go get ready for today's event of a formal dinner...
I'm thinking of wearing my dress that I wore for my birthday ;3


Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Little Twilight Obsessed

And so it begins I was surfing around some google page I saw this cute little Jacob paper doll someone had made and I wanted to re find it so in google I'm typing in twilight Paper Doll and what pops up?

none other than this!!!!!!!

I'm so flipping excited ^_^
its allover the place like a plague and right now they wont be releastd ill late october early November ^_^

I still want to get the Tonner dolls but Tonner I have a feeling might not be making a jacob doll for a while and well Matel is making a Jacob he wont be coing out till feb 2010 though but its something to lookforward to and pine to have ^_^

from the image it looks like they might be making edward sparkely which kinda scares me beasue I painted a doll glittery to be jasper and well its kinda ugly T_T

I really hope they work out the kinks and make them look good.

the retail price they state so far is 39.99 and well for a collectors twilight barbie I guess that isnt so bad but you you assume that they would make it be a little more affordable and reasonable for the people that cant even afford the glory of the Tonner dolls T_T

in other news I sent off for my Lip Venom V like last week two days before Lee's birthday and it still has not come in the mail yet...

they said 5 - 7 business days and well I guess I'm getting antzy becasue I want to be all happy i got the tube of lip stain and plumper all rolled into one.
(goodness graceious its not like the mini sample has been enought to tide me over I went and got another one >_<)

I swear I'm unhealthy to myself right now its getting bad O_o oh and to make matters worse (not really worse but ugh its getting to me badly)

i'm gonna have to be getting red and ggreen contacts for my cosplay and


I'm gonna flip out bad becasue of the red and then i just remembered that the new borns have red eyes T_T and well I have some honey contacts but I really want the Amber Ambition ones too O_O I would wear one red and one gold eye ^_^

the transformation begins its not healthy I'm telling you >_<

well they are pretty reasonable from this company ^_^ I might just go and get an eye exam and get them fitted to my shape and sight so i can wear them frequently ^_^

last time I looked for them they were 45.00
then some other place wanted 80 >_<

and in other news I found these today at target ^_^ they cost 99 cents I think lol thats what the tag said hee hee hee sadly i didnt get any yet mom said to hae travis take me to get them T_T

and for the rare cards you can get them through this nice Girl

any how thats all I have for right now >_<

ha ha ha ha <3

In Other Worldly News

Woot today I went out and got a few things to make come charms for my moms highschool reunion ^_^

I also got some new colors of Hair dye,
so as you can imagine I had went home and just went to hella crazy town on my head and hair ^_^

so now my bangs are gonna be a blue and black mix different shades of pink on the sides and then the bottom underneath thats black as well is now black blue black purple black blue and black as the strype pattern ^_^

so I'm having some different tones of light catching color fun going on ^_^.

next time I go to the beauty supply warehouse I'm getting this intense LeeLu Fifth element Orange ^_^

i used to have it it was Napalm orange by special effects but I cannot afford the 12 dollar good stuff on my jobless lifestyle at the current moment.

I have a few videos from my adventure with mary and travis I will be posting but Its gonna have to wait till a bit later I'm gonna be making the charms.

so till later <3

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Final conclusion

Well I have come to the final conclusion of the night ^_^
and that is my dears you can never have too much music ^_^
but not just any music but gothic, techno transe, ebm, ect. music ^_^

yes yes yes I'm very happy techno and goth make my little world go round i dunno why but yeah it does...
and I still wonder why I don't like going out to clubs seeing as I like techno transe music...

Nevermind I just remembered I hate the people there they are just stupid as all hell can be.
here are a few good bands if you like to test out new listenings:

Anders Manga


corpus Delecti

Die From

Emilie Autumn



From Autumn To Ashes

Inkubus Sukkubus


The 69 Eyes

There now you can have a slight peek into my music taste ^_^
one of these days i'm just gonna put my whole list of whats on my iPod on here and see what everyone thinks see if you can share some good music with me ^_^

anyhow I go to sleep now

Good Night

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally got all my material WOOT ^_^

Today is a good day everyone !
I finally got all my materials needed to sew together my cosplay costumes for Anime Vegas 2009.

a little brief summary on my and Anime vegas I have went every single year when it started four years ago.

the first year I was just too excited about there actually being an Anime Convention in vegas i just had to go so I made my Sakura costume...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is one of the few pictures I have from my first cosplay masqueraid
I ran out of time to get a dress together so I had bought a premade devils dress and I aldered it tore out the sleeves and got white felt and rinestones to jazz it up a bit thought you cant tell from the picture LMFAO it was a fun cosplay and I even made my eyebrows pink ^_^

the judges loved that although I didnt win the competition but all was good.

Year two I ended up missing becasue I didnt think they were going to continue on with it becasue everything was jammed into one little area and not much was going on,
so i never attended that year sadly T_T

year three I now know I have to step up my game and mom and I cosplayed as Rem and Amane Misa from Death Note...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I would have to say that year was the best year ever I had tons of people running around screaming at me "HEY ITS REM" and dive bomb atacks of glompings from everyone and their grandmas.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

the prime example of all my fans lmfao I swear I couldnt walk three feet without someone petting me or grabbing me out of nowhere and stealing me away ha ha ha ha

the cutese moment I remember from that day was this little girl that was dressed up as Sis from Bioshock she came up and tugged on my pantaloons and asked if she could hug me and get a picture with me so I said okay and about cried it was just too darn cute I wish I had the pic of that T_T

sad to say I didnt win this year either but hey i am a determined person ^_^

now last year anime vegas 2008

now my total game face is on and I'm in super awesome outrageous mode thinking how to WOW the judges and figure out what I do wrong and correct it well I decided my mother and I should be none other than CLAMP's wonderful romance manga CLOVER ^_^

I was Suu a young 12 year old girl that was a caged bird for lack of a better name and my mom was Ourah and she was awesomely cool too ^_^

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I worked almost the whole year on these bitchin mechanical looking wings and it was by far the best thing I ever made even way before the cosplay had begun i was super excited about these wings becasue of all the blood sweat and tears I had put into constructiong them and making them metallic and glittery and just awesome ^_^

(along with this year notice the black kneebrace I got injured at work and it was two weeks before my surgery XD)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I had taken the corset from my Rem cosplay and recycled it to use with my Suu dress.
I had to add a buttload of gold trim accents to make it look wiked cool and i totally put my A game on even bigger and better than last year I have learned not to go the rout of normal cosplays and pick the characters people dare not do and push the envelope so I decided to do exactly that.

on that noe last year was my year to shine ^_^ I had finally won my first prize and not only was it my first prize and award it was Judges choice and it was the first year ever that the judges first place award went to a prop ^_^

so not only did i get my firs award i was first place and first ever in the prop catagory.

So ofcorse now I have to put my A game to an even better full on extreme and keep my title with judges chice first prize prop holder so I'm going to be doing ROZEN MAIDEN this year and okay i'm not doing any simple thing either my mother and I are going to be pushing the envelope with it and its going to be my first year as damn near close to cross dressing as a character ^_^

we are going to be the Suiseiseki & Souseiseki twins and my lovely boyfriend is going to be Laplace no Ma!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
this is my character Souseiseki

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
this is mom's character Suiseiseki

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And this is Travis's character LaPlace no Ma

and now onto the props of evil doom >_< Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This would be souseiseki's Scissors it is her tool for the "Alice Game"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This would be Suiseiseki's watering can it is her tool for the "Alice Game"

and LaPalace no Ma's prop would be his cane and well thats not to hard to make so yeah.

I'll keep you all updated on the progress of my cosplay ^_^

Hope you all enjoy what I have gotten so far ^_^

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lee's Birthday...

Sticking with Lee's dorky theme of things the pictures begin in an awkward moment when she answered her front door! ^_^ Go Me woot Team Izzy >_< yes she is just so excited LMFAO so we went in and hung up a few extra things I was working on like her cute apple banner and the dimentional dangeling apples and had a quick chat about wahts going on for the day.
Unlike my party I really had to get a pic of lee and I together seeing as I had not a single one of her and I together and I couldnt wait too long cause I wanted to make sure we were gonna have at least one before the day started and it never taking place I gots a chocolate rice cake in my mouth LOLZ all around kiddies.

So we picked up Travis and then headed to meet Drew and Paul at the adventure dome...
so the first thing we take a picture of is lee and I in front of the big Sponge Bob statue for the 4D ride lol I thought It was super cute ^_^
and travis takes good pictures of cute things ^_^

Next after we meeted up with Paul Lee really super badly wanted to go in the Mary Go Round is that what its called I know its not a Ferris Wheel O_o good god okay any way lee wanted a picture on it and this one was the cutest out of a 20 set bunch ^_^

While Travis , Drew and Paul were watching Travis decided to take a picture and funny enough theres an arrow pointing at them saying sold here ha ha ha ha this one was just too cute indeed

we all then played some carnival games
Arnt Drew and Lee just too cute
I sat this ride out with Travis cause my tummy couldnt handle another ride after the Gravity and oddness of a pirate ship and the Chaos >_<
there were a few rides we went on and then decided to hit up the arcade and go to town ^_^

My Lovely got me a few tickets from the games and it was super cute but it was nothing in compairason to what Drew got for lee ...
Yeah she got like 1000 + something I had 134 T_T

So now I think karma is a bitch cause she was flaunting all her tickets and the machine was full and so HA HA Lee HA HA XD
I don't recall if this was her first set of tickets or second but any how here ya go I thought it was cute ^_^
this is my second set of tickets that Travis got for me, apparently this thing turned into a competition that no one had seemed to tell me about I over herd lee get a little pouty and then I found out later yeah it was a competition I cant see why I barely had squat >_<
See Conjoined all my tickets this was my puney amount of nothing T_T...
although I did fold them into rows of two to make them look bigger so I was happier lmfao and then cashed em in and got travis and I each a mood ring and a Shrek and Fiona Key Chain and some candies ^_^ I was happy.

Okay kids pay close atention to Drew behind him is Paul and so Lee and Travis lol but you all know them so yeah ^_^
Lee and Paul playing the horse race game totally reminded me of Adventure Land XD
Woot finally a rest time Paul took this pic of Travis and I and I love it to death we look like the cutest coupple and look at all those stuffed animals he got for me isnt he a sweet heart ^_^
( Lol no those were lee's she went potty ^_^)
The Kissy picture cause we got one from where ever we go
Back at home now and lee showing off her Winnings ^_^ Lee and I decorating and setting up the table for binner theres a few random shots of that going on cause everything was just too darn cute ^_^
Me and My Big HUGE Tea Cup lolz I gotta photo shop that thing and make it look like theres steaming hot tea brew in there ^_^
the completed table for the most part XD
What the place settings look like up close this one was Lee's
I think the guys are quite impressed with the arrangement ^_^
Photos of a few of the decorations going on

Our gifties from Lee for attending her party they are pretty cool the stuff that was inside the bags ^_^
Lee's getting her Birthday spanking done cause of something lol I heard some argueing about god knows what and yeah lmfao Lee ends up hiding behind Drew like hes a human shield and he couldnt get back up there were some issues
The cute BINGO game we never got to play due to some techinical difficultys
I look like crap but this picture is super cute of us all playing the twilight board game ^_^

The table finally set for food >_<
the last picture I got of the night T_T I missed some events like the cutting of the cake the Happy Birthday song and the opening of gifts.
so those are just a few of the pictures of the event ^_^ hope you enjoy ^_^
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