Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finally Recovered From The Two Day Hillywood New Moon Parody Trip

Yes yes yes you have heard right my weekend ws nicely spent with The Hillwood Show and a bunch of die hard HillyFans XD.

I was one of the lucky 30 people to get chosen to participate in the New Moon Parody and my goodness I must say it was the most fun I have had this year!

I would like to say alot of stuff but alas I have to Censor out all the details of where we went so if I have a blank like This________ that would be where we went what we passed what they looked like ect ect theres gonna be alot of it lol.

I think its safe to post a few pics tht dont give away anything I already teased a bunch on twitter i edited everything so all of it is zoomed in completely on a select item and once the Parody happens I will show off the whole image ^_^

this is all out of respect of the Hillywood Show and there request to keep our traps shut ^_^

tho if you can be vague and say alot but not give the important stuff away they want you to deffiantely do that but for the most part its all a beautiful suprise and if you think the end footage of the whole skit is beatiful thats nothing compaired to behind the scene!
Its just that much better and to see them all in action is just awesome!!!
to say the least.

I should start with what happened on Saturday,

I think its safe to say we went to the pizza place I dunno if I should give away the name or not just in case...
how about this I'll make up a name so its all safe ^_^

we went to Pizza Hut XD
and there we talked with one another and got introduced to our people and had a blast taking pics with Hilly and Hannah.

I ended up busting my butt major over some x mas gifts I had made for them which will now happily be available for next year they loved my idea so much i have to change a few things but they loed the prototypes and I'm happy to say I'm on Team hillywood and they will have alot in store for me with my charms and all that fun jazz ^_^

I'm gonna be making more charms come tomorrow so I can finish up my web site I'm working on with the covert opperation of these beauties ^_^

all you Hillywood fans out there will not be displeased at all to say the least its all going to make everyone really happy.
I'll be going with Hannah and Hilly's visions of what they want and anything that gets made will be approved or set aside depending on what they think.

with that being said here are a few of the pics with them and one of the goodies I made them ^_^

they look just too darn cute I know its kinda hard to tell but I made Hannah a Harley and Hilly a Joker for the Dark Knight Parody and well I love em it was fun!

so thats the only pic you guys get of saturday night and I guess the rest will be talking becasue I decided not to post even any teasers so I'm sorry...
actually no not really I wish I was but I kinda like all my photos and I dun think I wanna share em any how XD LMAO no i will but after the video comes out I swear you all can hold me to it ^_^

any how so at the pizza place they discussed where we were going and made us sign our lifes away to them for the trip on Sunday.

so sunday started at the butt crack of before dawn and we all caravanned out there it was awesome I was so thrilled and excited and wondered what everyone looked like and then like 40 minutes away from our final landing spot ____ ___ ___ _____ ____ ___ _ made a pit stop and came out of the van and OMG!!!
thats all I can say about that the___ __ __ were just awesome and __ ____ __ looked so dead on to the ____ __ character and so did ____ ___. so then they loaded back up in the van and we continued on and we reached ______ _____ and I was so happy and excited that we were actually doing the filming at _____ ______ i had been there once already and I remembered all the __ ______ and it just brought back all those memories and a ton of excitement so we barely park the cars and I'm already running to the trunk of the car to get ready and saying do we have ______ we gotta have ______ and we need a ton of ___ ____ and it was just wow.
so our first area was fun we got to stretch out and be all in wow and we got to watch the first part of filming of ______ and all the _______.
we then had to get in character and __________ and do ________ and a ton of _______
it caused a bunch of laughter becasue we were ______ and having to ______ and it was funny becaue we wernt really _________ but it was fun any way.
well more than fun it was just down right hilarious! and the whole time we were in front of ________ there was this big huge crow just going "KAW" "KAW" "KAW" and for some odd reason we all just laughed more.

so then __________ drug us all to ________ sopt and we did ________ and wow that was fun this ______ ______ _______ _______ ______ and omg I was titally like wow!
so we had to _______ while this ______ _____ ______ _____ ______ _____ _____ _____ happened and well it was so funny because when I went thru the pics mom took of _______ I was laughing so hard bcause someone ____ ___ ____ ____ and it was strange but funny at the same time

for the reccord before I continue with the story I feel like Im making a mad lib just with out adj and nouns and names of people LMAO!!!

okay so i left of at ____ ____ ____ and then ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ starts___ ___ ____ ___ and then _____ ___ ___ ______ ____ so then we all had to ___ ___ ____ _____ ___ ____ and _____ told us that we cant end up getting butt hurt over _____ ____ ____ ______ _____ becasue it has to be done and it was to there you have it LMAO!
it was funny watching __ ______ ___ __ do a mock of ____ ____ ____ _____ and what dramatic _____ lol

so now here we are _____ ______ _____ ____ and it totally _____ _____ _____ what ___ ____ _____ ___ we did alot of _____ _____ _____ ____ and they had ____ ____ ____ ____ _____ ____ i think at one point ______ _____ ended up _____ ____ and _____ ___ and then all we heard a bunch of was SORRY and OOOF lol
oh an and if I heard any more of _____ ____ _____ ____ ____ I would have laughed so hard I might have laid a golden egg and all the AWWWWWW ____ ____ ____ ____ _____ it was just way funny.

ten there was this small break and _______ went ____ _____ ______ thats wen _____ _____ ____ and wow all of us were like GASP!
and then_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ and then there were more GASP!!!
the whole time I was like WOW ____ ____ ____ _____ _____ ____ ____ _____ ____!!!!!!

and there was _ ______ ___ __ ____ ____ _____ and well I cant say I blame them if it was me I ____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______ ____ too. XD

okay again with my mad lib moment I feel so dumb its so far blogging of so blankity blank blank blank and woow was it all just Balnk XD

alright so now we got to break and breather and I took the time to take a few pics of hwere we were at becasue i was just in love and I must say I got a bunch of awesome pics and blooper vids thanks to the mommy of total awesomeness so once everything hits the web i will show off all the goods and i promise you all will not be dissapointed!

all you peoples that went to the shoot we all know what we saw and dont you agree that there will be no dissapointment with anything that took place that day???

yep see so there you have it everyone agrees that it was a blast!!!

okie day so now on to more BLANKS ha ha ha ha ha sucks for all of you who couldnt go XD okay im not trying to rub it in and be mean about it actually I feel really bad I cant say anything and I'm blanking out alot of stuffs :( tho I must admit it makes for an interesting blog game like we can fgure out all of what happened no not really unless you were there i mean yeahI mentioned the raven/crow thing but that really was too funny XD later that day afterthe shooting was complete I was feeding them crackers and moe was a little piggy and grabbed 3 and hopped off to a tree then came back once I started throwing chex mix XD they were too darn cute tho I couldnt help but play with the birdies I totally wanna be like Eric Draven from the crow and Have my own Crow or Raven that would be so sweet...

I got off subject XD

okay so now we all get to ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ____ and ____ ____ ____ ____ then it was announced that we cant share the music but I must say I got that song stuck in my head cuz it played a bunch I had to come home and listen to the whole thing and it pleased my ears cuz all I heard was snips and pieces and it kinda drove me batty tho watching ___ ___ ___ ____ ____ made up for the battyness and I'm kinda wonering if _____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ during that moment i mean we all had to ___ ____ ____ ____ becasue ___ _____ ____ ____ ____ and it was more_____ _____ ____ so im just curious..... I mean ___ ___ ____ arnt ______?
so why wouldnt ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ___ ___???
sorry maybe its just me but hey its apart of acting so i just kinda wanna know it got sooo ____ _____ _____ ____ i was just flabberghasted and still stuck in wow.
whats funny is I was begining to feel bad for everyone that was cold becasue I wasnt I have no clue where my body really was but tat part when bella says "I think im having an out of body experience" that must have been hat was going on becasue I felt nothing till I got back in the car for the drive back home I was like a totally different person i was like wow....

looking back at it i really wish we could have spent more time at the location because I was enjoying taking it all in and wow I forgot to mention they specially ___ ____ _____ _____ _____ for us when we arrived because thats the ____ ____ ___ ____ ______ so it had to be ____ _____ and I thought that was super nice of the people becasue they paid atention to detail and made it just that much more believeable.
oh yeah and _____ _____ had ____ _____ _____ _____ and I was like wow they really did that I'm so impressed I could giggle like a little school girl.... wait i did O_o
so yes all in all I would have to say that was the most awesome thing ever!!!!

and I cant wait to see the final cut of the New Moon Parody and wow I already want to sign up for eclipse!!!!

in the mean time I'm thinking of dying my hair Victoria red and start curling it I think I would make a sweet loking Nomad... dont you all agree????
I just thought I would share a bit of useless nonsense with you all now seeing as I had a whole bunch of blank...

I'll re blog this after it gets put online and I'll explain nore stuff in detail becasue I want to share so much but I cant untill its up and viewed....

OH i can say this tho it was awesome to find out that we were able to buy advance copys of the parody so i'll have a copy for my movie collection and its now the 3rd thing I have been in.... unless you count Lets make a Deal then that would be 7th thing I have been in XD
its a start lol gotta start somewhere and why not do something you totally love right?

any how I'm tired and want to work a bit more on my page I'm working on so its up in 2010 so I'm gonna say later peeps.


P.S. oh and for all of you trying to decode what the blanks and spaces are good luck I didnt sync anything to any number of letters or words I just put in random blank sponts of doom XD just to make i that much harder for those that think thy can solve puzzles.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Alice the Miniseries on SyFy I had to share

okay so I dunno how many people have seen the Alice 4 hour long movie yet but I must share all the you Tube Clips because I feel EVERYONE should see it
simply because I'm soooo happy about it and my love for the mad hatter can live on in the lovely man known as Andrew-Lee Potts *Swoons*

and that my kiddies is all of Alice and I hope it makes you as happy as it makes me ^_^

oh and uhh I just realized it wasnt a Twilight Related post XD
nor was my last few blogs either ^_^

any how yes Alice In Wonderland ranks in the high catagory in my needs to survive it goes as such

1) Anime
2) Alice In Wonderland
3)Vampires all sorts
4) Twilight
5)Zombies and other horror monsters

and jut an fyi before Twilight I hated romance novels HATED!!!!

Any how yep back to Alice love hee hee hee

I love Alice and the Hatter
if he was real he would deffinately have to be mine I would have tea partys all the time and I would be happy becasue I LOVE tea ^_^

Good Night Kids


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SyFy Alice Two Night Event!!!!

Okay so I am beyond thrilled to share this lovely news with you all today.
Over Sunday and Monday SyFy had thi lovely two night Alice event and it began so differently than I could have ever imagined.

the beautiful Caterina Scorsone plays the role of Alice

who is in love with this man

Jack Chase who is played by Phillip Winchester

Alice is a Black Belt trainer in a a dojo and jack Chase just so happens to be one of her students and I dunno the whole story behind it but yeah she invites him over for dinner to meet her mom and all that jazz.

Jack recieves a txt that symply states "RUN" and he gets a little panicky and asks Alce if she would like to meet his family and you can tell she kinda wants to but its all confusing and very abrupt he offere to give her a Ring and she took it the way wrong way but what else can you expect when some dude hands you a ring?
it freaks her out she says no and kicks him out of the house.

its a little nicer played that what I just said but yeah lol.
so shes now talking to her mom about this guy and all this junk thats of really no importance till she brings upthis funky ring again and Alice realizes its in her pocket so he rushes out the door to go find Jack and return the ring to him in the process she comes face to face with these agents from White Rabbit and White Rabbit himself

dun ask me who plays him becaue I cannot find him anywhere T_T

he ends u taking the ring from Alice and its all a big huge chase now and they go into a delapadated building thats obviously still under construction the chase of the white Rabbit leads Alice falling into a Looking Glass go and figure and she then falls into this warped place that is obviously wonderland.

from there it just gets strange
the people harvested from "home" are called Oysters and the queen of hearts is harvisting there emotions and sucking them dry in this crazy casino.

in the process of figureing out all this stuff about wonderland she meets the Hatter

who is played by the ever so yummy Andrew-Lee Potts
(side note I really don't think any one fully understands how adicted I am to Alice in wonderland and let alone the Mad Hatter and hes finally visually how I imagined him his hair could be a bit longer but eh hes still yummy)

so all this insanity takes place and everyone Alice meets ends up calling her Alice of Legind...
weather she is or isnt she thinks shes not but the story unfolds differently.

Jack chase ends up being Jack Heart the Queen Of Hearts son

who is played by the scary Kathy Bates!
don't get me wrong I love her she plays an evil woman well and is just way good at playing The queen ^_^

so Alice finds all of this out and that Jack HEART is engaged to the duchess and it turns her world upside down she went there to save Jack just to find out hes apart of this evil Heart clan its a sad day for alice people!

so she ends up escaping all these near death adventures with none other than the help of The Hatter and the White Kinght

who is played by Matt Frewer.
hes the crazy old man that later turns out to not really be a ture knight but I think he damn well diserves to be hes so nobel and fun and hes a good man.

so Hatter and White Knight are protectors of Alice and save her from all these episodes while getting chased down by the Mad March Hare who let me tell you the queen got mad with becasue hes a homicidal maniac so she had his head chopped off!!!

only to wish he was alice and mad again so this man who is an oyster that turns out to be the queens best scientist and creator of all this emotional soul sucking whoplah also turns out to be Alices dad.
we dont figure that one out till much later tho
any way he says he needs days to fix Mad March Hare and the queen gives him one hour which I would say is typical of the queen to do in any case her being so demanding and all...

so he re makes a new head for this insane dude and its funny becasue he ends up using his cookie jar for his new Nut.
so nowthe scientist man has to present this concoction to the queen and well shes a bit pissed to say the least.
she thinks hes just hideous and not right.
she ends up happy with him after a bit and figures out that he is the same blood thirsty killer after she gets the idea to see how hes doing.
the only reply he gave the queen was "Piss off you cow."
which by far was the funniest thing ever comming from a robot crazy man.

any how he continues to hunt down Alice and all this stuff happens and they all get captured and the Hatter coms face to face with almost death gets the crap beaten out of him and looks like no bueno and ends up kicking Mad March's butt hard core.

hatter then ends up helping and saving Alice more and its a really happy ending for everything

I wish I could find pics of them together and other pics online but there are only so many right now and i really loved the movie it made me so happy and I really was hoping that alice and the hatter ended up together and they did and well I'm thrilled.

if you havnt seen it yet I really reccomend getting on the ball and seeing that movie its awesome ^_^

any how try youtubing it or something I think syfy will be playing both parts for a while i'm pleased and it was by the same director as tin man.

I think they should turn it into a tv seris ^_^
it was way cool I want to see more Alice and Hatter love

and now I have another sexy man I want to add to my list of yummy ^_^

I want a Jackson Rathbone and a Andrew-Lee Potts for X Mas dang it!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


yep so im blogging from my phone because im down at the lovely DMV its a zoo here and i have nothing better to do than write a novel while im waiting for my number to be called. oh what fun this is! sorry in advance if this blog is not gonna be spaced out correctly and is gonna look like one big run on i really dun wanna go thru all the scrolling garb its a masive pain in the butt and i just wanna type lol XD so yeah. at least once im done with this place im able to go and get a few more supplys for crafting which i really need cuz im way out of a few basic colors of paints and glitter glaze and metallics so ill be picking that up once all is said and done. in the mean time my goodness dont come to DMV EVER! i woke up early and i have been here for like ever i have this feeling im not gonna get out of here till 3... wow another good day flushed down the toilet woo hoo awww im happy im gonna get some flocking to make heathers bill and tom charms so im pretty happy yes im gonna give some of my stuffs fuzzy hairs it sounded way cool and i can also make flocked bears and all that cute crap im hella getting my craft on when i get home. we still gotta make our pom jelly to mail to our family members cuz we didnt last year cuz of all the hullabaloo of my dad which reminds me ill be able to blog that whoe story suoer soon for all of you dieing to know what exactly happened and all that jazz. i know i have touched on the subject a few times slightly in a few of by blogs but now youll all know the whole truth and well its not that pretty totally not for the faint of heart ill tell you that much. just a quick warning for the weak. WENDY i would have to say your car wreak comes super close to my experience but its still different u guys were a group and a car got totaled but its still pretty dramatic. oh also im sorry in advance for all the foul language hat will not be censored out in that blog as i feel if i cut out all that its not going to have its full on how i think my thumbs hurt from typing now so im thinking im gill be posting a better one from my comp when i get home tho so n the mean time with the dmv ugh

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Blog of all blogs O_o okay not really lol

alrighty kiddies so my turkey day was good I'll post images of all that stuffs later tho and along with that no i'm not on my phone making this blog but I'm not posting any pics in this blog either...
why you may be sking well its simply becasue I dun feel like putting pics in today so naaaahhhh

moving on

WENDY I hope to all that is good you are feeling better the news you have informed us with is just so sad and I wish I was there to give you a hug so lets just pretend I'm there and heres your hug

*Big Huggs for Wendy*

oh and

*Big Huggs for Wendy's mom and dad*

okay now I'm happy I gave Wendy and her family a hug i can continue with my blog.

I have started a nw project and oh my goodness its good I'll be taking time and taking pics of all my new stuffs to add to my lovely line of awesome things I make ^_^

I hae more than just charms and jewelery now and its all just super awesome and cute and yummy and wonderful.

and next month for first friday not this month th dec one but jan's month I will be unveiling something even more awesome and eye catching ^_^

unless I get a hair up my butt and decide to make a few of them for this first friday...

which I got a whole week I can make alot in a week you woul be flabberghasted I'm like a one man sweat shop lol XD

any how be expecting awesomeness to come.

oh and I'm almos done with my new layout and well I'm going to unveil a project in the making for some special someones but just so we al know they are in a league all of there own and its going to be a special and happy honor for me if they agree to say yes to this wonderful idea I will not know till next month but I'm still super freaking giddy about it so lest all keep pur fingers crossed for the special guests in store for a Izzy makeover ^_^

I love them very much and well maybe we can guess whothey are together hee hee hee

any how I'm going to get back to making stuffs I'm feeling creative and I wanna get alot done


Monday, November 23, 2009

im trying something totally new

well i have decided to try something totally new today,
I got a sweet new phone today and well i got a new plan to
go with it :)
I have more freedom to my phone now which will come in way handy for me
seeing as now i'm gonna be using my phone more frequently
so yeah. any way this is my first blog via phone and this might become a more common thing for me.
i dont really have much to say tonight other than my happy phone news alas its ten and i have court in the morning so im gonna go.
good night ill blog more soon

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Opening Today Woot!!!

So as we all know Today was the opening of The Twilight Saga New Moon it all came crashing down on its unsuspecting victims at 12:01am this morning.
I went with my mom and Travis to the Texas Station and we arrived there at 10:30 and this is what we were looking at when we showed up XD :

New Moon opening night Long line
We were at the mid way point here and the line wrapped all the way around to the bathroom, and once I got in the door I ended up face to face with this O_O :

The Line from Hell!!!!

Yep that’s right kiddies and by the time I was here I was still at the door and it was only 11:15pm XD
You had to go in an S shape through that entire jumble and funny enough there was only 7 people who were there to see different movies one couple was there to see 2012
And they waited in the line for nothing lol.

Pop corn display area New moon and twilight junk

Towards the front of all the mess of crowd there was this little area put up I know it’s not much but I wanted to get a pic of it all for the experience I was just so excited hee hee hee

New Moon Wall poster of awesomeness

after handing in our tickets we came face to face with this and oh my goodness I wish I could have got a better picture but I was I'm hoping I can find a better pic later on online or when I go back to see the Movie again.

All the theatres playing New Moon

These are all the movie rooms that were showing New Moon and apparently there were some down stairs as well it turns out the original Theater we were supposed to see the first viewing in was super full we were lucky number 13 and it quickly got changed to 18 which is pretty funny but whatever.
13 and 18 were playing the movie at 12:01 and a few others were:

close up of the other rooms

For the most part it was all within the same time range so that’s pretty nifty that they opened up all of that for multiple viewings of New Moon.

So now Mom Travis and I are all walking into number 18 and we are all just excited to know what the movie brings...

Spoiler Alert

(And this is now the official area where the spoiler alert comes in XD
I totally want this T-Shirt as well LMAO)

I loved how it started I'm really sorry I was moving m phone too much XD I was hoping to get a big hoot when the movie started I really got a not so wild crowd there was barely any talking during the whole film and barely any hoots and screams I was kind of saddened by this I was hoping for more audience reactions but I'm at the same time glad they were mellow it gave me a chance to enjoy the movie and yet get a thrill out of the screaming hooting people the few times that they did XD

Again I'm sorry for how shotty it is I wasn’t really going to record any video but I wanted to hear a lot of hoots an stuff.

After this scene it automatically says the words

"These violent delights have violent ends, in their triumph die, like fire and powder, which,
As they kiss, consume."

It was so beautiful almost from that point on I was in tears and complete and utter excitement.

The first area after that is Bella running through Italy:

Bella running

it then lead into this scene and yeah again bouncy but I though this part would have gotten a few more squeals... Sigh again I was wrong :(

I loved it completely it was so awesome I can just see it in Bella’s head how she was reacting and what she did the whole grams my boyfriend sparkles it’s no big deal really lol
Then it turns out it was her:

old bella

I must admit that this as the opening was just AMAIZING! Bella is all freaked out that Edward is coming out from the Meadow and he’s all Sparkly and being Edward and Bella is all flipped out that her grams is going to see him and its gonna be bad and he just walks out all calm and then it just comes crashing down like a ton of bricks and Bella is old and Edward is sparkling and kissing her hand saying happy birthday.

And from that point it’s just a bad dream she wants to wake up from and when she does it’s really her birthday and gets bombarded by Charlie with B-day gifts:


the humor at this part was just too cute and what was even better about this was Bella got a scrap book and I freaking love scrapbooking it’s my fave thing to do so knowing she got a cam and a scrapbook for her b day was just a good moment for me ^_^

She took a pic of her friends before Edward pulled up in his sweet ride as always Edward and his perfection:

walking twards the birthday girl

This was even funnier seeing as it was a sour subject with Bella that she has gotten older and how she is now older than Edward and he had to tell her that he’s 108 then this whole pervy old man comment happened I LOVED that part the best hee hee hee


Too cute I know lmfao and soon after that Jacob got to show up with a b day gift for Bella and well I dun think she was too happy because of the birthday thing but still it was a totally sweet thing he gave her:


And of cores if you pay attention to Edward its apparent Jacob is thinking not such good things the expression on Edwards face is good proof of that.

It then turns into a really spiffy thing in school with Alice giving Bella a birthday gift and jumping over a few feet of stairs and Bella kind of perturbed Jasper eases her mind and it’s all Unfair LMFAO.
Edward made a comment about how you can’t ever trust vampires and then he says Trust me LMFAO! To the best degree for sure.

They are now in class studying Romeo and Juliet and it was kinda eerie because Edward quoted it perfectly and all the girls in the class room were swooning.
it kinda gave me chills I must admit but I think I was still in disbelief that I was seeing New Moon I don’t know why but yeah it was exactly like the book and it just kept freaking me out and yeah okay any way I'll quit gabbing about that XD

After all that jazz its now Edward and Bella in the Cullen’s house as Edward tells Bella about their Royalty thing and all that jazz

the almost kiss

Bella is a little freaked to see Carlisle in the painting as Edward tells her about the Volturi.

She says something about Edward getting hurt and how she can’t ever see that happen and it leads into the almost kiss before they get drug down stairs:

Edward and Emmett

If by now you have read my blog after I gave you all warning you know that these are clips from all the movie previews and the sneak peak at Bella’s birthday scene that I posted ^_^

Emmett makes the comment of dating older women and Edward just looks at him like grrr

Alice is darting around taking pics and handing her gifts and making her open gifts and from that point she gets a paper cut Jasper tries to attack her and Edward throws her into a table and she gets cut open.

They all freak out and Carlisle makes them leave as he is now responsible for mending her wounds before it gets bad.

Bella and Carlisle have a talk about Edward’s soul and she gets all stitched up and it seemed kinda deep and intense from my perspective its like she’s stuck in a trance of this vampire world and it’s just sexy lol I guess well that’s what I was thinking any way LMAO I'm a dork.

Any way Edward now drives Bella home and they have the last kiss T_T:

the pain

it’s very apparent when Bella asks Edward to kiss her he’s in a lot of pain I think he has already decided what he had to do to save her from what they were and he was just really hurt because when they kissed at school it still seemed like a struggle for him but not so much agony as it did at this point I wanted to cry mom says I was but I don't remember really where I started I think it comes up next T_T.

the goodbye!

Edward tells Bella it will be as if he never was there and nothing will hurt her anymore and that he’s leaving T_T oh man it’s sad I think I jumbled a bit of it in my brain because there was a lot of excitement and all that jazz
she ends up in so much shock she ends up staying in the meadow over night she cried so hard she fell asleep and Sam Yulee ends up finding her and that’s the first glimpse you get of the wolfs its odd cause its glowing eyes in the shadows.

So he carries the passed out sleeping Bella back to Charlie.

Charlie aholding bella

I think this is the turning point and you can tell that she’s just not going to ever be the same after this and it’s really sad Jacob was worried about her and it’s all just really sad.

I wish I could find pics of Bella sitting on the chair and her being all depressed its my fave scene the cam circles around Bella and the months pass and you can see the season change and you can tell she’s just getting worse and worse and it’s really sad as she’s speaking what she types to Alice and it’s just so much pain and you can feel it all knit together with a wonderful track of music its unbelievable on how you get into this movie.

pain and lots of it!

Her sleeping is full of so much agony and gut wrenching pain I felt so bad for Charlie constantly waking up and having to check on her to wake her up and comfort her it was all just so sad,
it gets so sad that Charlie can’t stand her being in pain and wants her to leave forks she ends up lying to her dad and saying she’s going to the movies and shopping with her friend that was an uncomfortable moment for sure the movie they saw was just un comfortable and ten Bella just darting off to ride a motorcycle with some dude she didn’t even know it was just like WOAH! WTF YOU WENT CRAZY!
I can totally relate though not that I have dated a vampire but yeah it’s sad.

She Jumps on this guys bike and zooms off and flips out XD :

Bike ride bella

Soon after this she has realized that she sees Edward when she puts herself in danger and she gets accused of being an adrenaline junkie and a bunch of other things it’s pretty huge at this point Bella now knows how to see Edward and that’s what she wants.

She ends up going to Jacob's house with bikes that are complete crap if I do say so myself but they work on them and fix them up because Bella really wants to ride them.
It’s at this point Bella and Jacob’s friendship grows into a really strong thing and she ends up telling Alice in e mails that Jacob is filling a void that she has felt and it’s nice and comforting.

team jacob

this part is where Bella shows Jacob the bikes and he pulls one off the truck and it’s just like wow you got strong then the age jokes kick in and all that jazz and something about how old Edward was seems to trigger a sadness in Bella and she has another bad dream :/

And here is when she crashed into a rock after the bikes were finished:

your sort of beautiful

This is where she’s sorry for bleeding and Jacob rips off his shirt :D and Bella tells him he’s sort of beautiful Jacob replies with how hard did you hit your head.

soon after this Bella ends up wanting to see a movie again and ends up going to see face punch with Jacob and Mike Newton because no one else showed up cause they were sick and this is where I think it gets super funny lol:

oddness before the movie!

It’s funny here before Bella shows up mike and Jacob are arguing about silly things and this Burger King bag makes an appearance.
mike tells Jacob he’s too young to see this movie and he’s like Bella’s buying my ticket I think they were both pretty irked about this movie thing and its funny in the book everyone got mono and now this it’s all really strange and I think Mike is what triggered Jacob from the beginning of getting angry and starting to transform.

wow just wow

this scene was just funny because this is just true to its form guys do this I don’t know why but blah its lame, any way they are both waiting for Bella to make her choice obviously and wow they are effed up for doing that but what’s funny about it is her expressions when they show her face up close when she looks at Jacob’s hand and mike's hand she looks so not amused and the mike just flips out and says he thinks he’s going to hurl and runs off Bella and Jacob follow and that’s when Jacob and Bella have their heart to heart Jacob asks Bella if she likes him and if she thinks he’s sort of beautiful then he can wait as long as it takes he just never wants her to be hurt again and I think that is just so beautiful Jacob is like the best guy ever and shows a lot of wolf/dog traits of the Loyal friend thing its super cute and its really believable coming from him it’s just beautiful:

Lacob and bella

it’s just a really sweet scene that ends up getting effed up by mike for sure with all his vomiting and then all angriness about how he’s got to go to the dr. and all that jazz Jacob takes it not too well and ends up getting his panties in a bunch and his temperature rises and he’s telling Mike to back off and that he was going to put him in the hospital

Ha ha ha ha

Bella flips out that he’s burning up and he ends up saying I don’t feel good and Jacob runs off I find this funny because Mike is the one who has mono and he’s just simply stating he’s got to go to the dr. and its kind of urgent and he has been sick and Jacob just snaps like a dog LOL

lolz all over!

a little shocked mike looking like wtf and at this point I was laughing my butt off because here he is the one that needs to see a medic and Jacob storms off like screw you and he’s just like uhh okay I'm puking to death dr. plz nao thanx

After that Bella is now left alone again and she ends up coming face to face with Laurent in the meadow because she wants to see Edward again...
Honestly I can be a little wrong in the timing order of this but I think that’s how it happened I was super excited and I couldn’t keep track of all of it XD come on man I'm only human!!!


he explains to Bella that he went to the Cullen house and they weren’t there and in the end I think he knew she was lying about the Cullens to save her ass but still he ends up telling Bella that Victoria wants to kill her slowly and hell grant her relief from that and be quick and painless because she’s so mouthwatering

more doom!

this whole scene when she’s close to vampires is just strange to me it’s almost erotic how they just want to eat her alive and just the interaction with her I don’t know what to think how she survived I have no clue I mean I know Jacob saves the day but I just don’t get it lol.

here it comes

and here is when you see it all just coming down again she’s going to die there’s no way out she’s gone she says I love you Edward and then out of nowhere like a gift from god They were wolf pack comes storming out and saves her butt and this is our first look at Jacob wolf and Bella's still clueless and Jacob looks at her and the close up of his eye is just my all time fave pic ^_^


I'm still happy about this and the wolf run and Bella escapes and runs home and tells her day about the wolves because everyone thinks that they were bears.
So Charlie and Clearwater go hunting down these wolves well Charlie thinks so any way lol.
during this whole wolf thing we get to see the New Victoria in all her glory and she looks awesome and this whole chase scene that’s going on for the wolves and the vampire hunting the humans is just unbelievable and downright cool I loved the music at this part too it was just ZOMG to the fullest!


so this might not be the first official blip of Victoria Clearwater and Charlie are hunting the wolves and clear water is covering their tracks and you can see her up in the tree in the distance and you notice Clearwater turns around and she flashes over to Charlie walking behind him which is an awesome pic if I could have found that one at this point I just hope you all have went to see the movie

more of victoria!

I love her hair and face okay so back to the chase for the wolves Victoria is right behind Charlie and Clearwater is going to shoot her and well she’s a Vampire duhh so she takes his gun and tries to shoot him well in the whole chase the wolf pack is jumping and dodging a bunch of stuffs as to not get caught by Charlie so the wolf (I think it was Jacob) pushes Clearwater out of the way sadly we know how the book goes and it gives him a heart attack and he then dies T_T
In this whole scene it’s like a beautiful matrix dance Victoria and the wolves and all the fancy footwork and jumping and running it’s so awesome.

even more victoria woo hooo!

Visually this movie has a lot of awesome eye candy and effects going on its unbelievable the chase with Victoria was awesome there’s a bird’s eye view of her running and the wolves chasing her and she is so fast the bird you see flying in the air is going so slow it was just awesome she ends up running to the cliff and jumping onto La push to get away and the wolf pack is upset.

Meanwhile if it’s not bad enough already Bella gets the brilliant idea that she’s going to go cliff diving by herself because Jacob didn’t take her ever she sees Edward and he’s telling her not to jump and she’s pretty much like eff you and all that crap you don’t care if I die you left me and he’s still telling her to quit and she’s like watch me and she jumps:

bellas victory!

This is the point after she jumps and I guess she is thinking she can take in a small victory... WRONG... the waves come crashing into her and she gets pulled under in this scene there’s a lot more of a struggle and what really happened is she freaked out because she saw Victoria and it happens so quick I don’t know if Victoria shoved he to hit her head against the rocks or if she hit her head on the rocks by herself any way you look at it she hits her head on rocks and sinks into the depths of the water

bella in water!

Another awesome pic I couldn’t find ever was where Bella’s body is just suspended in the water and she’s just floating looking like she’s dying alas I couldn’t find that pic and now back to the story.

Jacob ends up pulling Bella out of the water and saving her

bella and jacob!

Again I think I'm having excitement difficulties XD If I'm not mistaken I have royally effed up somewhere... I think O_o like I totally missed the part where Bella talks to Jacob and she freaks out and he’s got a tattoo and short hair and Jacob says he can’t see her anymore and Bella is sad and ends up doing all of this at this point I think... XD wow my brain is bouncing all over the place...

Okay as long as we are somewhat clear on what’s going on I really need to see the movie again :P

I'm kind of sad I forgot the order of some madness there’s a big chunk missing and it blows because I can’t really think of it and I know she confronted the pack and Jacob transformed in front of her and she got to meet Emily young and btw her face is awesome they did a way cool job

bella fights!

This is something that I stated and forgot to mention in all my excitement and so here is a pic of Emily young as well


I loved this par a lot because Bella and Emily meet and it’s like so you’re the vampire girl and Bella replies with so you’re the wolf girl it was kind of cute and I just can’t remember the order for the life of me I was way too giddy and things were just zooming thru my head like WOW OMG this rocks so yeah if I'm a little off on the story telling I'm sorry it’s been a while since I have read the book too so cut me a little bit of slack T_T

okay so then comes a part after the La push incident that Jacob takes Bella home and they are sitting in her truck and they are snuggling and you think they are going to kiss and they don’t XD


Honestly I start to feel really bad for Jacob he’s always there and you can tell in twilight that he likes Bella and it’s just kind of sad that it turns out to be this way but you know it’s the way he story goes.

anyhow Bella stops Jacob from kissing her and then they go inside I feel like a complete tard again because I don’t really recall what happens next if there’s a bit of time that passed or if it jumps right into the fact that Edward calls and Jacob answers the phone I'm unclear but any way they almost kiss again and the phone rings


and during this strange point I think Alice is there now trying to tell Bella that Edward wants to die and is going to piss off the Volturi and so off she goes away from Jacob and all the insanity of a wolf world there’s a lot of funny thing Alice says in between this as well again hopefully you have seen the movie yet again any how okay now for Edward talk.

They fly on virgin air and get to Italy and Bella has like five minutes to save Edward from showing himself


I compare all of this going on to how Bella felt when Edward left her they both looked like total crap and just death it’s really sad honestly he tells them he wants to die and they deny him because they want his powers an all that jazz so now Edward is already prepared to just die and the clock strikes and I think technically Bella was a tad bit late O_O oh dare I say it the only one that saw Edward sparkle was a little girl and I dun think parents really believe there kids too much any way LMAO sorry kiddies that’s the way the cookie crumbles XD

Reunited and its beautiful!

I again must say the shimmery skin effects are just 100000 times better in New Moon than in twilight

the kiss!

The reunited kiss and then its interrupted by the bad Volturi peoples XD argh you got to love that!

Specially when its by JANE ^_^ dide I love her a bunches she looks so darn cute ^_^


well thats just the tip of te iceberg of disaster then it only gets hlla worse from there the Volturi are not pleased and they know Bella knows way too much at this point and all this fighting breaks out because well thats just the way the Volturi do things wen you screw up and are a vampire XD


this was just so sweet this fight scene was the bomb

woo hoo!

So Bella is watching this whole fight and she just cant take it any more and gives up her lfe to save Edward's,
Aro is at this point in awe that she is willing to save him even when he doesnt have a soul.
Bella tells him that he doesnt know what Edward has and he ends up agreeing to let Bella and Them go as long as she ends up gtting changed int a Vampire as well.
Alice shows Aro a vision of Bella and Edward running through a forrest together and Bella is a vampire I loved that part becasue they were both all Sparkley


why Alce saw them that way is beyond me but hey it worked to get him to back off so who cares right lol.

so they end up going back home and Bella ends up having another bad dream again and edward is there to comfort her hen she wayes up tho thats short lied my Charlie and he tells her shes grounded for damn near ever and then leaves the room and Edward makes this funny commet about how he didnt break rules he didnt come in thru the door he came in thru the window XD

sweet moments!

this is Bella shocked that Edwar is there

the promise!

Edward swears to her hes never going to leave her again and then it cuts to a whole different scene and now Edward Bella and Jacob are in the forrestand Blla tells jacob she loves him but Its ALWAYS been Edward that has her heart an if he wants her to be happy hell leave it at that.
I was so sad for Jacob it was just like wow that was messed up.


edward also tells Jacob hes thankful that Jacob watched over Blla in his absencs but that didntgo too wel Jacob wahted to say some things and it was pretty bad

Edward ends up throwing Jacob and it makes him trnsform into a wolf


Bella had to step inbetween them so they wouldnt figh and said that they couldnt hurt one another without going through her and that imediately stopped them both from atacking it made jacob sad and again you get to see in Jacob's eye and you can tell hes sad and he backs down and just sighs and runs off and thats the last you see of Jacob.

Edward and Bella talk about ho she wants to be a vampire and edward pretty much says shes gotta wait 4 years and Bella is like hell no so Edward tells her if sh wants to be a vampire there is one condition.

She has to marry him.
and Edward slightly preposes to Bella and thats how the movie ends!
the wholecrowd in the theatre was pissed off and was like "WHAT!"

and they all left the room.
the end of the whole entire movie after all th credits passed an rolled up stated that Eclipse will be comming out on June 30, 2010
and that is the whole movie in total.

I'm kinda mad they ended it so abruptly and it was just a pain in the butt I wish they could have added just a tad bit more to make it not so cut becasue he asks and then the screen goes black and the credits roll XD

So after the movie I end up coming face to face with this lovely poster ^_^


Isnt it beautiful!!!!!!

It made me happy as a clam ^_^

and that is my lovely New Moon experience

as of this point it will be safe to read whatI say here just becasue I'm gonna give you all my Opinion of the movie.

I hae heard alot of people say its slow for a 2 and a half hour movie I think it went really fast

I have also heard people say Bella is a Crappy actress and I don't think she was at all ummm i must say I don't like how Bella treats Jacob
and I am with the conversion crowd of team Edward to Jacob lovers I still love all the characters as equals and I do believe its still a good story I'm glad Chris Weitz follows the book perfectly and honestly I'm kinda bummed hes not in charge of Eclipse and much like everyone else I hope he omes back to make both parts of Breaking Dawn he wold do so well and I would love him forever.

I loved all the music that tey used to make the movie moe believable and I totally dug falling into the movie as much as I did.
I loved it more than twilight and I really hope Stephenie Meyer makes Midnight Sun and they have a Prequil to Twilight I think it would be so much more interesting from edwards perspective.

I also liked how they looked bck to Twilight and used some clips from that movie in New moon it was pretty awesome.

as a whole I would say New Moon was indeed the best movie ever and I its beyond Epic
there is just so much it gave to the audience and the actors gave alot tothis movie.

I thought the books were the only thingscapable of making me cry and show shuch emotion and I was wrong when it came to New Moon and for that I love it even more.

I'll have pics of Travis Mom and I to post later after I'm not so tired of typing I had alot to say so yeah.
Hopefully everyone likes my review.

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