Wednesday, December 15, 2010

¡someone tell me if im going insane!

It's been a long while since my last post andd to spice things up im gonna talk about the holiday season :)
there is always time for loved ones and god damn it if you dont have time for them MAKE TIME!

I have been a busy bee making the jelly my mom and i have made every year lol some traditions never fade away XD
im also feeling pretty good about my path in my personal affairs,
i finally found the gift to get lavitz lol little does he know i plan on getting him a few more items...
he has gotten me hooked on wow like mad (wow= world of warcraft)
i made a wargen and shes a super bad ass hunter :3 whatever the case may be he already got me a 40$ video game... mmorpg same difference...
he loves all the same stuff i do so idk and im not really concerned if he gets me anything else for x mas or not... sad to say but i got used to not getting showered with gifts after a few huge lies and broken promices...
so its made me more thankful of what i have vs what i think i want or need ie the cool items of odd i collect XD...
im actually as squishy as this sounds im more glad and content with finding what i hope or have a good strong beliefe of any way is the right man for me.
yeah granted things are a little off wack im older by a goodly gap but its all ok hes not like hella baby young unless 20 is the new 15?
whatever hes still a good person and after having a good long chat with jenn who knows...
maybe ill have finally gotten lucky and found the guy i can end up having my happily ever after with...

i havnt been on such a cloud nine in forever its awesome and knowing i can breathe and not have to worry about anything cuz he knows im his and vice versa so its a pretty comfortable thing...
am i going crazy or have i finally just found the ultimate in happyness right now?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

outcome of things in a spiritual nutshell

as of right now I would have to say I'm a pretty content person... not to say i'm perfect i still have faults but we all do I'm just trying to make the best of my time while I'm alive or spending the best of my time with someone who really seems to enjoy my company.
its a wonderful feeling to be wanted its really sweet and nice all the constant hugs and snuggles and the cute little kisses :3

as of right now I would have to say i think i finally found mr right and not just a mr right the frack now thing so i'm quite glad for that but I really dont want to look too much into it IDK whats gonna happen or what time will tell but i would like to think that we are happy... O_o

i found the right person that has no problem just kicking back and taking his time with me and just having fun, hes gotten me into mmorpgs and whats cool is we are waiting for WOW to come out as of right now but i'm already excited about it.

i finally finished my first video game with group activity help from mr "perfect" we shal call him lol XD
fable 3 has been mastered and was fun to have someone else to enjoy the video game with ^_^.

there has actually been a whole lot of things going on in my life if we all have been keeping to date with my fb much like i had on myspace with the photo a day i'm gonna try and atempt that again i was doing good then a bunch of crap happened again the same concept will apply all the photos will be taken of my phone but not all of them will be of just me and my vanity it will be whatever random pic i decide to load that day which reminds me I need to set up a new mobil folder to do that or delete or move the photos I got right now.... otherwise we will have issues with past stuffs...

ummm idk what to get my boyfriend for x mas i was gonna make a scrap book but he doesnt like pics so i'm kinda like wtf sheesh dunno what his deal is but i think hes quite cute but meh maybe hell warm up in a few LOL XD
in any case I'm at his house right now we were playing a really cute new mmorpg and i'm getting ready to pass out i'm sleepy so woot good night kiddies
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